News on the Heather Ellis Trial: New Prosecutor Has Confederate Flag on His Book Cover

11 Nov


Should we be concerned about this?  Our rally is in Kennett, MO on November 16 at 11 am.

Visit for more information.


One Response to “News on the Heather Ellis Trial: New Prosecutor Has Confederate Flag on His Book Cover”

  1. Charlie Bell November 12, 2009 at 5:56 pm #

    I am not sure why the book cover would be a concern with the rally? The confederate flag has been on a multitude of book covers over the years especially when the book is about the Civil War in the south. The fact that it was written by the prosecutor in that area isn’t surprising. The Heather Ellis situation on the other hand certainly makes me believe what was said on her site. Where there is one cockroach there are others nearby. I am not a racist at all. I was born and raised in a Democratic family in California. Pro civil rights conversations were a constant in our family during the 50’s and 60’s. This situation with Heather sounds like it came right from that era. Unbelievable! Just the fact that the other kid was burned with gasoline not far from there while the perpetrator was yelling “burn nigger” tells you this part of the country didn’t pay any attention to the Civil Rights Movement. Someone from our government has to investigate this situation and break up the good old boys politics that must still exist there.
    It is to bad that these people still exist! There are so many good non-blacks who live in the Southern states that don’t agree with what has happened here. Still, the Southern states carry that brand because of the people who are racist. I don’t know that the Civil War and slavery will ever be a non-existent brand on the South. The confederate flag certainly does not help that mark to disappear. All of this is a stain that we are not able to rid ourselves of, and that is a shame.

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