Jesse Jackson has something to say about the death of Mark Anthony Barmore

27 Dec

The Rev. Jesse Jackson said a “miscarriage of justice” was performed by a Winnebago County grand jury Wednesday, when it decided two Rockford officers were justified in fatally shooting an unarmed man inside a day care.
The civil rights leader and his Rainbow PUSH Coalition has taken up the cause of Sheila and Marissa Brown, both of whom were present Aug. 24 when 23-year-old Mark Anthony Barmore was shot and killed inside the House of Grace Day Care, a part of the Kingdom Authority International Ministries at 518 N. Court St.
The grand jury made its ruling Wednesday without hearing testimony from the two witnesses, who are out of town for the Christmas holiday.
“I’m extremely disappointed,” Jackson said Thursday. “We were hoping that the outstanding facts of the case would prevail over politics.
“An unarmed man shot in the back is justified homicide? This is a miscarriage of justice.”
Jackson is expected to announce at a 3 p.m. news conference Saturday at the Kingdom Authority church that the Browns’ next course of action will be to seek a federal probe into the investigation.


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