Black Political News: Man Gets Exonerated After 33-Year old Rape

5 Feb

Rochester, N.Y. – Thirty-three years after his wrongful conviction and 28 years after he was released on parole, Freddie Peacock, 60, has been exonerated with DNA testing at a Thursday hearing in Rochester.
It’s all part of something called the “Innocence Project,” which is affiliated with Cardozo School of Law. Project Co-Director Peter Neufeld and Peackcock’s other attorneys were in court with Peacock.
Peacock, who is mentally ill, was convicted of raping a Rochester woman in December 1976. At that time he told the officers about recent hospitalizations, but they continued to interrogate him until he allegedly confessed to the crime.
He was sentenced to up to 20 years in prison. He was later released on parole in 1982.
A state judge in Rochester dismissed Peacock’s conviction Thursday afternoon.

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One Response to “Black Political News: Man Gets Exonerated After 33-Year old Rape”

  1. jaymes wesley February 5, 2010 at 4:46 pm #

    Well, here WE go again -All young black people WE need to major in criminal justice to help attack this on going bias with ALL local police & the courts. The struggle continues from Pittsburgh Pa. to Pittsburg, Ca. if black YOU are guilty until proven other wise !!! Quote: My PhD was the secret of my success,” When I was younger, I was Poor, Hungry, Determined “

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