NCAA President Agrees that Athletes Should Get Just a Little Bit More…Oh Really?

30 Mar

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse UniversityScholarship in Action 

Every now and then, some families get to experience “that intervention moment.” This is when the uncle who’s been getting high, drunk and abusive every single day finally admits that he might have a problem. Of course he still minimizes the significance of his issues, but he has at least opened the door to getting the help that he needs.

For the American justice and economic systems, the NCAA is the addicted uncle. But rather than being hooked on drugs, the NCAA is addicted to the highs of capitalism and corporate greed. By being able to skirt the legal and moral parameters of our society, this professional sports league has been able to extract wealth from student athletes and the African American community to the tune of several billion dollars.

The NCAA’s new president, Mark Emmert, shocked the world when he admitted that it might be time for student athletes and their families to share in the massive revenue streams being generated by their kids. Emmert has admitted that he would like to “explore” the issue of modestly increasing the scholarship limits of student athletes in revenue-generating sports, primarily football and basketball. While remaining far from admitting that there should be significant changes, Emmert has confessed to the fact that the financial asymmetries might be a bit uncomfortable.

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One Response to “NCAA President Agrees that Athletes Should Get Just a Little Bit More…Oh Really?”

  1. WizardG March 30, 2011 at 8:30 pm #

    So this man has spoken out when thousands of powerful men in that area have not. This means that he has either cut his own nuts off or those in the upper-echelons of this manner of slave labor have given the go ahead to slowly and cautiously transition to a more humane capitalistic design.
    College/NCAA/Elite Wealth Gains Through Athlete form of Slavery.

    The ‘Elite’ who’s fingerprints are all over just about anything which concerns the accumulation of wealth and power are obviously far above the colleges and NCAA spectre. These people sit in congress, the courts, high law enforcement and lastly college boards. You name it they own it.

    That being said. It took war to supposedly abolish African slavery. What is it going to take to abolish this brand of slavery, or all the other brands such as sweat shops, and the conquests of sovereign nation resources

    The people who run this country gain greater and wealth and power at the people’s expense it has been this way ever since the country was overtaken by the British and the disconnection thereof by the ‘British’ Elite using France’s help. The people of this country are deceived into thinking that anything was done in their favor. What we are now seeing is a total disregard for all human health and welfare. The is easily done by keeping people divided in any and every possible way.

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