Officer Shoots Black Man, then Named Officer of the Year

16 Apr


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by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University – Scholarship in Action 

The Pleasantville Police Department in New York upset the African American community by giving an Officer of the Year Award to the policeman who shot a young black college student in a racially-volatile incident.  Danroy “DJ” Henry was shot by officer Aaron Hess last year at a night club under questionable circumstances.

“The (Pleasantville Police Benevolent Association’s) Award is an expression of support for the dignified and professional manner in which Officer Hess has conducted himself throughout this ordeal,” wrote President Matthew Listwan in a statement.

Hess shot into Henry’s car on October 17 after the officer inexplicably landed on the young man’s hood.  Henry, who was 20 years old on the night he died, is accused by officers of being drunk behind the wheel and speeding away without stopping according to the officers’ instructions.  The family claims that Henry was following orders to drive away when Officer Hess jumped in front of the car.  Henry’s family attorney, Michael Sussman, says that firing at a moving vehicle and jumping in front of it are violations of state law and department rules.

Listwan says that Officer Hess fired at Henry “while desperately clinging to the hood of a car, and only after being struck by the motor vehicle driven by a highly intoxicated DJ Henry.”

“Officer Hess has been subjected to false and defamatory comments by some of the media and by irresponsible lawyers seeking to profit from what is a tragedy for the Henry family and the Hess family,” Listwan added.

A Grand Jury found no reason to indict Hess and an investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice has been on-going. 

“It just seems weird to us that they would honor him while he’s still under investigation by the Department of Justice,” Henry’s mother, Angella Henry, said.  The family has filed a $120 million civil suit in federal court.

I wrote about the shooting of DJ Henry earlier this year.  The case was disturbing for a few reasons, not the least of which is the fact that I couldn’t help but wonder why this intoxicated young man was behind the wheel in the first place.  The culture of drinking till you throw up every weekend is pervasive on college campuses (especially among athletes), and we must encourage our children to avoid these situations at all costs.  Additionally, we know the long history of bad interactions between black men and the police.  I am personally sickened every time I read about something bad happening to a black male in a night club after a long night of drinking.

With that said, I am saddened that the police officers union showed the gross insensitivity of giving Officer Hess an award for shooting this young man.  The fact is that the events surrounding October 17th are ambiguous at best, with different people giving various accounts of what happened.  Officer Hess is still under investigation and has not been fully cleared by the Department of Justice.  By naming him Officer of the Year and directly linking the award to the shooting of DJ Henry, the officer’s union makes the department appear to be incredibly irresponsible.  The death of a young person is nothing to celebrate.


Dr. Boyce Watkins is a Professor at Syracuse University and founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  To have Dr. Boyce commentary delivered to your email, please click here. 



14 Responses to “Officer Shoots Black Man, then Named Officer of the Year”

  1. DJ April 16, 2011 at 4:41 am #

    I agree 100% Dr. Watkins. This seems to be a common narrative coming from Rambo Police officers. I can’t even imagine a scenario where a officer clinging to the hood of a car would shoot the driver as a means of securing his safety or other people around a night club. It just doesn’t make sense.

  2. WizardG April 16, 2011 at 8:05 am #

    I’ve said this before. There should be a compiled account of all blacks in this country who are accosted, beaten, framed, hung, or shot by whites and the police agencies around this most racist country. Even when supposedly ‘black’ leaders are in fake political positions the number of abused, incarcerated, and murdered ‘blacks’ doesn’t decrease, in fact I would wager that the numbers are increasing. There is a special task force formed to make sure Jews don’t get abused in this country, but what we have for organizations are too busy kissing butt, and making unnecessary awards and shows. None of this has done the ‘blacks’ in this country very much good as far as the real help we need.
    We have no viable leadership, organizations, nor a president who will help us out. We are on our individual own and therefore up the proverbial creek without a paddle
    This is not the first time police or whatever have been awarded after murdering black people and it won’t be the last. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if another incident of the same magnitude occurs tomorrow!

    We have a so-called ‘black’ man in the office of president. So what? He doesn’t seem to be any real use to anyone who isn’t wealthy and powerful, he certainly talks a good game but that is all it is. Un-kept promises which appear purposely made, while knowing they will not be kept. And in the constant day to day suffering of unemployed discriminated against blacks, more go to the prison slavery systems and more are murdered in the streets by whites and confused others with licenses to kill. I’m not going to expound on the ignorant blacks fighting the illegal wars and who gets paid the lions share of war wealth. Who is really in power and in charge of ‘America’? Why the usual suspects of course!

    • Confused April 18, 2011 at 8:51 pm #

      I’m confused. Since I’ve been around all candidates for president make broken promises. It was ok for Regan, Clinton and the two Bushes to make all the promises they could while forcing the country deeper into a deficit that white america expects Barack Obama to clean up. How perfectly white of folks to continue thinking that black people are only good enough to clean up white america’s S—!Not this time AMERICA!

      • Pkraker April 20, 2011 at 9:28 am #

        So, You want a McCarthy type situation for those whites who obviously try to do their best in a country filled with Black Racists. I see white people doing all they can to try to fix racism on their own (as if that can be done anyway) while I see the blacks pick every thing they try to do apart as not enough. (Hundreds of thousands of soldiers who died for their freedom and equal rights was not enough?) It seems they can’t refute the authors who describe events that happened to them as trumped up anger usually fanned by the likes of Sharpton, the extremely racist Rev Wright (former Muslim who hates white Christians (How God-like is that?)), Farrakhan, the hater of all white people that are not Muslims and even most of those, Jesse Jackson (who has made his living either shaking down white-owned businesses with threats of doing all they can to shut it down unless they “pay up” or by demanding and getting special rights for the blacks. Apartheid? WE have a two tiered society now with whites at the bottom, even though damn near everything they like in this country was created or put there by some white people! (I also use the Toyota company as one of many examples. They finally paid Jesse Two Million as a starter and had to create many black programs including free homes for minorities which, by the way, is directly responsible for the housing mess that Obama, Dodd, and Frank are totally at fault for and as a way of taking responsibility, continue the same impoverishing program of giving away free homes to minorities and illegals (for God’s sake) and a few other Americans except for those who made the mistake of not being born black or anything non-white. Free homes with no financial proof is a totally racist/Marxist program as all the Obama programs are. Clean up the swamp that Republicans left? I am only 61 but I have never witnessed a more corrupt 3rd world type government than we have now. I am embarrassed that the Euros who thought we were so stupid in electing Bush now understand how much worse things can be run here. In keeping with the US constitution (No you cannot inject ideas from other countries. The rights and the taking of constitutional freedoms through government abuse is paramount in the constitution and NO it is not a living breathing document. It is more like the ten commandments as Moses received them – carved in stone and very hard to even amend. That was the whole idea of the constitution to make it so a bad governor like Obama doesn’t turn the presidency into a one man show as if he were king or allowed to inject all the Marxism he wants without even taking votes – unless he has already rigged them. The first two years of his presidency was an abomination only a really partisan leftist and anti-American person could love. WE have that man in the White House now.
        Too bad you just don’t like the image of Obama being a usurper to the throne. He would disagree with you, in different words (written by someone else that can actually write his own speeches, like most of Reagan’s and Bush the second were) of course. WE have no idea what Obama’s core beliefs are until you do the digging that people like Glenn Beck and the Heritage Foundation have done. The reason is because Obama is so secretive which, of course, makes people wonder what else he is trying to hide. How hard is it for YOU to come up with a birth certificate? Why would partisan democrats allow Obama to get away with the requirement of proving his parents were both American citizens as is the candidate Obama when they allowed no such quarter for McCain.? The press demanded and went over McCain’s proof with a fine tooth comb and allowed Obama to skip the requirement entirely. Why would you be surprised that there are those who do not believe he is a citizen who is, in all ways but one, qualified to sit in the oval office? He does not qualify NOT because he wasn’t born here but because his father was not a citizen as is required by our constitution – to keep out foreigners and foreign thinking people to run our country in their own image. Obama was reared in a country that hates America. He went to a Madrassa daily and can speak Arabic perfectly with no accent. Both his parents are devout communists and made sure that Obama was well schooled in those un-American kinds of politics. I would say his own actions bare that out. All he has done while in office is to party on our dime and accept other people’s work as his own. If it passes, he takes the credit. If it fails, it is the fault of Bush and the Republicans – even though Bush has been gone for two years and we are running totally on Obama’s ideas and plans of destruction to our workforce. He puts 10,000 people OUT of work in the Gul while, at the same time, giving ten billion to Petrobos (SP) to explore for oil IN THE SAME DAMN AREA! Talk about a charlatan with NO SKIN in the game, which was his own requirement for the rest of us! We have to accept (illegally) a socialist type of health care for ourselves, against out will, but not Obama and not 1000 other “friends” (The entire stae of Maine & Mass. and three others are only four of them (who he had made bargains with in order to get their votes to “pass” this monstrosity.) He had locked doors when coming up with these anti-American ideas so no Republicans would be allowed to participate. Anyone who takes the time to watch CSPAN or any other non-partisan station would know (becaue they
        SAW them do it) that he placed guards on the doors to the discussion; wanting NO Republic ideas to mess up his socialist program)and adding to the lie called Obamacare which was written for him long ago and was trotted out by Waxman opnce they had total control of both houses, the presidency, and with two communists in the Supreme court that weak Republicans let pass saying “well, they won the presidency and the unwritten rule is that he can pick his own Supreme court nominees – even though they “Bork” every one who even leans toward traditional America and her constitution as written. 2800 pages just to say, “You’re covered.” How come Bush could do TARP in just three pages and why did Obama expand that to another thousand pages of treats for him and other socialists – like the Unions and most of the democrat party and thousands of others?) If a person loves America, why would he want to “fundamentally change the way America does everything!?
        The guy is a sham and a con who has the help of the press which is easy to prove and billions of dollars in support from Europe and Soros who make his money destroying three currencies so far – ours is his next destructive idea. (How can any decent American support this guy and his unAmerican or foreign supporters) How about apologizing to the American people while he is at it? He seems to be apologising to people who are known enemies of the state and yet he gets 80% favorable stories written about him and the other 20% do not really ask anything at all that has any significance that would interest or concern the average American – even those who are so partisan that they cannot see the obvious if it doesn’t agree with a socialist type of government. Bush had the same numbers – only in reverse. Great press we have. How can any thinking person who really wants to know the truth even it it hurts him read with any faith the part of the press that has the monopoly on Obama interviews (who are only there to help him shape his ideas and make them sound mainstream when they are anything but. He has the public screwels teaching kids Marxism and keeping them from reading any history before the civil war or even knowing about it. (How else can one destroy a country unless you hide some truths and distort others while substituting their own ideas from Europe (Went Missing? Fir God’s sake, we can’t even use our own colloquialisms anymore, We have to use Europe’s now? Then it isn’t a colloquialism, it is a part of the English language – that defies all the rules of American English.) You can forget a government of, for, and by the people if Obama gets his way. We will only get what Obama and his leftist European allies (who also think America is bad – even though if is weren’t for America, they would have gone under water long ago) wants us to have and HE is the decider, not the people or the market anymore. This anti American ass is deciding things about business when he has never had to work where outcome is the main factor rather than intentions. Not even a Koolaid stand has this guy been a part of. He has practiced nothing that can be construed as American business because he is against us and all forms of our success – ostensibly because we hurt someone to get there. As if the thousands of exemptions from the horrible takeover of our country and even ourselves (and call it, “Obamacare” doesn’t hurt anyone. Instead of stopping spending, this idiot just keeps printing funny-money that isn’t worth much more now than the paper he used to do his counterfeiting – Obama Style I do not care what a he says he intended, I go by the actual results, if any. He still is very evasive about what it is he really wants for America. You have to go back to the Union films taken where he is a speaker to get that deep into who he actually is. Did you know that he wants $8 gas? I SAW him say it in a film. That is what Beck does that is so different than anything the dems do on MSNBC etc. He shows film clips of the person he is talking about and makes no unsupported claims. He doesn’t call someone one thing or another. He SHOWS that person speaking to a group and saying those things. That is the difference between Dems and Repubs, Intentions VS results. Conservatives only care about results – especially when spending other people’s money – unlike the democrat leftists. They rape our coffers for their own gain constantly and call it a plus for America. Oh really? In what way? Even when the program caves in totally, they start with the good intentions or hide the results with the help of the press by putting it in the want ads or some other area where almost no one will read it. The next year, it gets cost of living increases and because of the wonderful intentions it was suppose to produce, they pour even more of our tax dollars into it and plan to continue until America is on her knees, begging for help, where Obama should be. The “Help” will come in the form of a new Marxist type constitution and socialism will be our new form of government – even though it has failed everywhere and even Europe is running away from it as a really big failure. And they wonder why no one wants to read the paper anymore. I can lie to myself with no help from them.
        I am sick of the democrats (I used to be one until I grew up) always always always blaming someone else for what they did wrong – especially when they controlled both houses (as they did from 2007 until this year) and have a democrat president to boot now.) Had they played their cards in favor of America, he wouldn’t be worrying about his abysmal numbers for a god-like candidate who tried to turn America into a socialist country before anyone could throw out the bums with a new election. We should have won far bigger than we did in the midterms. Just goes to show you how easily today’s democrats can be bought. In that way (before they also had the presidency,) they could and did pass anything they want and when it exploded in their faces, they very easily blamed Bush for it – and still do, with the help of the government press like ABC, CBS, and NBC, the biggest stations to really push the Obama line. (I wonder if GE who owns NBC and MSNBC has an agenda other than the news? I wonder if GE still has the only rights to build and sell windmills that no one wants to the US? What a trade. You can make tens of billions off American citizens if you use your stations to support everything Obama does, good or bad. Seems like those NBC stations always see the good of energy that has to be subsidized by our money to “work.” They don’t work and never have. WE have more oil yet to be drilled than all the Muslim countries who hate us but their grip on us can only be had through presidents/congresses who will not let us compete on a level playing field with other countries. When Obama has dealt do many cards against us to the point of failure of OUR resource gathering, he blames a lack of oil and the big hurry to use our food supply and a form of fuel. WE are literally burning our groceries! We haven’t lived with Bush policies for two years and still these idiots blame anyone but their ridiculous choice for president. I can only feel sorry for the blacks that their first selection for president was such a miserable failure. I do not think Obama is capable – even with SEIU and ACORN as his armies to either beat up or pay off each and every voter to vote against themselves by electing an anti-American president who only likes to party and buy off the press (who love parties in DC)in the meantime with very expensive food (His party beef is $100 a pound!) Caviar and Dom for everyone! (that votes for Obama anyway) to further his aims and ends. I have never seen such a president-friendly press. When a Republican is in office, they claim to be the “fourth Estate” meaning they are the forth leg of our way of doing politics and business for America. They told us for forty years that it is their responsibility to ensure that all the other three legs acted constitutionally and fair. Now they are so partisan that they are failing and hoping Obama will pay to keep them in business. Oh boy, another failing business gets a pass and financial support from the citizens they are trying to propagandize. Who will be left with rewarding failure and taxing successful business that really can add to the job market? Government employees are not jobs created by the president (who cannot create jobs as a president. He can only help make the environment business friendly – unless you have another agenda than helping the job market.) That is the area that the congress and state governors are suppose to address – but not the president who has no means to employ anyone that doesn’t hurt us further. And he did it so he could pretend the unemployment figures are very minimal – way under 10% rather than the over 20% that is the reality. (I remember the left going crazy at almost perfect job numbers Bush helped create at 4%. That 4% include those who are sick or are already financially comfortable or those who do not want to work – like the thousands who enjoy other people’s money as generational welfare recipients. Hiring government workers at the further expense of the country are not the kind of jobs we need. It is just another welfare scheme. Government employees are liabilities to the rest of us and a sneaky way to build welfare ever larger and to help the idea of stealing from the successful to give money to those who really do not want to work. WE have to pay for these overpaid, undereducated people who can do nothing until they are shown how – yet make twice to three times what others make in pay and benefits. WE cannot afford it but somehow they can? On our dime? And we have to take care of these overpaid fools until they die? Why? NO one is doing that for me and I actually produce something useful. I am a CPA. I have saved many people tens of thousands of dollars. WE need accountants in DC, not money grabbing lawyers who look at everything as a way to fleece someone or their own country for as much as they can. AFter all, they write their own rules. Why can’t CPA’s also charge their clients 1/3 of all the money they won or saved the client? It is because CPA’s have more and better morals than attorneys. It isn’t that hard to become an attorney as long as you can pay for the schooling. If you went to college and studied anything other than being a teacher, you can easily pass the school of law. It was the easiest of the four tests given to CPA’s. WE also do pro bono work so why the extra money and the endless rights to get more from the citizens when no one else “enjoys” that kind of system? It cause the lawyers run everything – especially congress and they write the laws. WE need to stop electing lawyers to screw us.
        The only real promise breaker I have ever witnessed myself in politics has been Obama. He has done NOTHING he said was so bad about Bush and, instead, strengthened those rules you railed about, during Bush, for himself. Name anything accomplishment Obama can claim that most of America agrees with. I’ll give you two years to find something.
        The tens of thousands of jobs in the Government sector have to be paid far more than just wages like most of us work for, but benefits we are forced to pay for even though we cannot get them as well. We do not want them for anyone. WE do not want anyone to get them because it requires someone else to pay for them. This stealing from the rich to enrich himself and a few others that will vote for him has got to stop. We do not need a thugacracy or a Junta to rule us. I was doing fine within the constitution myself. Our constitution where it is the citizen who is at the top of the pile and not government thugs.
        You want jobs? Make something and sell it like everyone else does and quit waiting for Obama to steal from someone and give part to you. How unAmerican can doing otherwise be?
        You people are really the kind of American that I abhor. You want freedom to do what YOU want but will not allow another person to even smoke in his car if he wants to. I am sick of enjoying the only legal vice that has to pay for those kid’s medical and food in schools when I see nothing but fat people everywhere I look in America. Let’s tax those people so they don’t have so much money to buy food – like you did to other Americans you do not like, such as the smokers who did nothing but pay for children’s health care with the tax profits. Better yet, pay for the damn program yourself if you think it is such a plus for everyone. My rights have to be taken from me in order to do that program and that is about as communist and third world as I have seen. My folks just ran from communism 95 years ago and had no help from the big “G” when we got here. Quite the contrary. In fact, if they did not produce – they starved and yet were still happy as a clam to live like that as long as they were free and could try to make money in any way that was legal. We saw what government owned people were like and wanted no part of it. To go with the government meant that you had no rights or freedoms that you could enjoy unless they were given to you personally by the dictator and you’d better have papers to prove it (Dictators usually allow a little graft and stealing as a job benefit.) WE conservatives – the best Americans, traditionally) would rather live free – than in chains provided by the government for a small fee – like a welfare check of some sort. Can you be bought that easily?

  3. Stu April 16, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    Great article Dr. Watkins. Cops are out of control all over the country and some of them think they have the right to shot first and ask questions later. An off duty cop here in Tampa shot at a group of my students setting up for a field training event. This rouge cop shot at these students who were on county property without any warning what so ever. When the incident was reported, the sheriff’s deputy that came out to investigate tried to cover it up and wasn’t going to report the incident to her superiors or to the rogue cops police department.

    Cops trying to protect other cops and then they wonder why people have a dislike for the police who are supposed to be serving and protecting us from the real criminals. When I hear about the next police shooting, I’ll have to ask myself if the cop was doing the right thing and didn’t provoke the person into defending themselves.

  4. EJ April 16, 2011 at 6:54 pm #

    Maybe a few officers need to take a few shots of hot lead and they may start to realize they cannot continue to d this without consequence. Some may say I am talking crazy, but at some point the revolution must happen. We are fighting a lost cause. This is similiar to lynching a black 75 yrs ago and celebrating about it. Not much difference. I myself hate the police with a passion. As a kid you had the feeling ,when you heard the police were coming, that things were going to get better. Now when you here the police are coming, you feel like things are going to go bad and get worse. That is so wierd to me.

  5. quest4me April 16, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    This is a very, very sad case. This family and these people should be at an unrest

  6. Joseph L. Bass, Ed.D. April 18, 2011 at 8:34 pm #

    Having lived in South Central LA, I cannot vouch for the goodness of all police officers. But the information not included in Dr. Watkins article leaves many issues up in the air. Filling in the blanks would help us understand what occurred.

    “…inexplicably landed on the young man’s hood.” I have seen police officers move in front of an automobile with gun drawn and order the driver to stop. In every state I have checked, police are authorized to use enough force to control a situation, including moving in front of a car. As an armed security officer I had to do the same thing (except for the drawn gun) to prohibit a man from driving into a secure area; fortunately the guy stopped and didn’t run over me. I was glad of that.

    “Hess shot into Henry’s car on October 17 after the officer inexplicably landed on the young man’s hood.” Does this mean Hess was on the hood of a moving car when he shot Henry? If Hess had ordered Henry to stop and Henry hit him and threw him upon the car, in all probability Henry was not prosecuted and the shooting ruled justified because Henry feared for his life.

    [Henry] “…is accused by officers of being drunk behind the wheel…” It should not have been a great challenge to find out if Henry was “highly intoxicated.” There is no mention in Dr. Watkins’ article of autopsy results that can be secured through the Freedom of Information Act.

    “The family claims that Henry was following orders to drive away when Officer Hess jumped in front of the car.” How do they know that? Was there a family member or another eye witness that was present and knew what transpired?

    “Henry’s family attorney, Michael Sussman, says that firing at a moving vehicle and jumping in front of it are violations of state law and department rules.” I have not checked New York law, but, again, every state I know about authorized a police officer to use enough force to control a situation, including standing in front of a car and ordering the driver to stop. Not following an officer’s order is, in and of itself, a crime in all states I know about. Shooting into a car in self-defense is lawful for legally armed citizens and police officers. No law is going to prohibit self defense when attacked, including use of lethal force against lethal force. People are killed by cars every day and some of these killings are murders. If this thing went down the way government looks at it, Henry was attempting murder and Hess was the target, i.e. the victim.

    I recognize police officers lie even on official reports. I have seen it happen myself. But there are several things everyone needs to recognize. If you are going to charge any person with a crime, be it a citizen or a police officer, you have to have proof – speculation will not do. People charged with crimes do not, in America, have to prove themselves innocent, including police officers. What proof does the Henry family have that could result in a criminal charge against Hess? Everyone also needs to recognize that following police orders is not optional; if an officer directs to do something that seems wrong, you best do it regardless. And everyone needs to recognize that police officers and legally armed citizens can shoot and kill attackers without it being a crime.

    And scholars who write articles need to include the complete facts and not just include those that support what might be a biased point of view. Joseph L. Bass, Ed.D.

  7. Only The Truth April 19, 2011 at 11:06 pm #

    As long as we have the National Association for the Advancement of “Colored People” (NAACP) being the major buffer between the white racists, Republicans, and Tea Partiers of this country, we are a doomed people. It is way past time that we establish a new powerful Black Organization that will commit to the service and well-being of African-American people. The only people out there who are regularly on the side of, work for, and speak on behalf of, African-American people are Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan. No organization that is funded primarily by white people is going to serve the best interest of African-American people. The “Colored People” organization has been nothing more than a joke for far too long! More of our young people, and especially our young Black Men, will die if we don’t get additional, strong Black Organizations!

    • Pkraker April 20, 2011 at 10:33 am #

      How about if they just go to school and learn to be something other than a crook out in the streets? Think that might save a few young black men? You talk about it like it was a dying resource that is the fault of white people even though all I hear is, “That’s whitey’s way” when we try to teach them business – not just in America but as it is done all over the world.
      Our society is so full of black citizens that are victims – based totally on skin color takes away from those blacks who got off their butt and did something positive with their lives. If they can’t make it here try South Africa and see if it is easier than this horrible racist country. Now if we could get rid of racist businesses like the NAACP (How about a NAAWP. Are all whites over priviledged due to their skin – or hard work?) I maintain the real racism is locked up tight in the NAACP, Al (THE instigator) Sharpton (who will lie to get attention and always calls white racist – which is racist in itself. and Farrakhan? Are you kidding me? No wonder the country is falling apart – too many whiners who would rather blame anyone but themselves for their problems when at least 90% of their problems are self induced. It is the fault also of self-hating whites to feed into this lie. How about we just get back to being a nation of equal people and strive to maintain a country that is fair to all – not one who is trying to beat up slaveholders who were here for almost two hundred years before we even became a country.
      I wonder how many of the above leftists ever served in any organization like the military or the peace corps (without being a draftee with no real choice to do otherwise.) I bet most are professional victims who couldn’t make it without racist laws like “affirmative action” (NOT) that puts millions of poor whites to the back of the bus – simply because they were born white.
      Don’t pretend to have a handle on racism when it is obvious that it is coming mostly from you guys as I see it. I think that YOU think racism can only go one way. The blacks used to complain that they could not be racist because they do not have the power to enforce it (Rodney King the criminal who got millions even though he raced through the city at over 100 MPH and refused to obey the police and their lights anyone?) Well, we have a mostly black president who DOES have the power now and want to stick it to us in the worst way – if you believe anything that he wrote or there is a very good look alike out there who acts like a racist when he is at Union Meetings. For God’s sake – READ something other than outlets that already have an anti-American agenda – Like ABC and NBC etc. – ESPECIALLY MSNBC which is nothing more than a leftist outlet still fighting a president that was ten times as effective and who has been gone for over two years now. Quit fighting ghosts and start fighting this evil president who does NOT have you interests in mind in the least. It is all about him and his Marxist agenda. If you do not agree, all you have been listening to are his friends in the press. You know so little about the man (I lived in Chicago while he was there and he is an abomination to anyone but the horribly downtrodden South Side which he helped stay that way – while getting illegal sweetheart deal for himself.
      You guys are sick and it is no wonder why the country is being lost. It wasn’t being lost when whites were in total control, it is being lost because of a racist, Marxist president who is very racist by his own words – if you read one of his TWO autobiographies which he now admits were mostly made up – hence “two.” He even calls the people who took him in and raised him “racists.” What a JERK!


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