Tavis Smiley Breaks His Silence About Obama

26 Apr



Your Black World reports

Talk show host Tavis Smiley spoke publicly about President Obama this week on the Today Show, as he promoted his new book about how to overcome failure.  The host, Ann Curry, gave Smiley an opportunity to discuss his concerns about the Obama Administration, and this is what he had to say:

CURRY: Well as president then, since you bring it up, what do you think his greatest failure has been so far?

SMILEY: Well I think he’s got a, he’s got a full plate. But I think he’s gotta be held accountable for a number of different standards. I think he’s wrong on these wars. I think he’s given too much time, too much attention to the rich and the lucky, not enough attention to the poor. Not enough focus on jobs. Again, there’s a lot on his plate and I’m empathetic toward that. But ultimately are you gonna side with the weak or are you gonna side with the strong? And we gotta focus more attention on the weak in this country and less on the strong.

CURRY: You think this budget battle, this, this tangle-

SMILEY: I think-

CURRY: -is an opportunity for the President?

SMILEY: Yeah I think that budgets are moral documents. Budgets are moral documents. You can say what you say, but you are what you are. And when you put your budget on the table we know what you believe in and there’s some questions, some real questions to be asked. The Republican budget is no better, but budgets are moral documents. And it’s this budget here, says a whole lot about what our values and priorities are and quite frankly I don’t like any of them.

CURRY: One of the priorities needs to be about finding people jobs.

SMILEY: Absolutely. That’s, that’s, that is the message.

CURRY: So, so, so what is it that you think needs to be done? What’s your message to President Obama-

SMILEY: I think, I think-

CURRY: -and the Congress this morning?

SMILEY: I think the way to cut deficits is to provide jobs. That’s the simple answer. If you want to reduce the deficit, get Americans back to work. That’s true for Republicans and Democrats. Jobs, jobs, jobs. This country has to fail up as well.

CURRY: Alright. A man who never lacks for an opinion. Thank you so much. Tavis Smiley, the book is called Fail Up.


2 Responses to “Tavis Smiley Breaks His Silence About Obama”

  1. WizardG April 26, 2011 at 5:06 am #

    I’m sorry but all signs point to Mr. Obama taking orders from some powerful men who are truly the leaders of this country. Their agenda has nothing to do with the success of a better life for the many. Their concern is for the few! I think that Mr. Obama is not in control and cannot do anything substantial to better the welfare of the common people.

    All signs point to having men in control of this country who are doing what they do best, which is to take, take, take. Nothing good can come from this, and nothing good will come from the eight years of having a “black” man in a position that supposes power yet does not show proof of true power. As a matter of fact, all signs point to very bad things continuing down the line here, and abroad.
    Witness the lies and deceit as they unfold. Witness the sorrowful position the poor and working class will suffer without shame of those whose job it is to allow our tax wealth to help us. Instead they are creatively stealing our tax wealth along with the wealth and resources of other nations. Mr. Obama is their willing helper. For with his assistance of presence comes greater riches for his family.
    Stay close to him and support him, and some of the influence and wealth may rub off on you. Turn from him and speak against him and you may find yourselves targeted for devious deeds.

  2. MotownMusicLvr April 26, 2011 at 10:25 am #

    So, should we expect Tavis and Dr. West on a ticket in 2012? I pray not.

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