Mexican Town’s Entire Police Force Resigns After Attack

5 Aug

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An entire 20-man police force resigned in a northern Mexican town after a series of attacks that killed the police chief and five officers over the last three months, state officials said Thursday.

The officers’ resignation Thursday left the 13,000 people of Ascension without local police services, Chihuahua state chief prosecutor Carlos Manuel Salas said. State and federal police have moved in to take over police work, he said.

The mass resignation appeared to be connected to a Tuesday attack by gunmen that killed three of the town’s officers, Salas said.

But it wasn’t the first deadly attack on the police department this year.

In mid-May, police chief Manuel Martinez, who had been in office just seven months, was gunned down with two other officers on a nearby highway. The three had been kidnapped a day before police found their bodies riddled with bullets in the back seat of a sedan.

The town’s police force was relatively new.

Angry residents had led authorities to replace the entire force last September after the mob killings of two teenagers who had allegedly kidnapped a girl from a seafood restaurant. People claimed police officers were aiding drug gangs.

Martinez, with his new police force, had said he wanted to end the kidnappings and extortions that have terrorized the town where people grow green chili and cotton.

The new police in Ascension had installed a telescopic camera in the town’s plaza that rotated, giving officers at the station the ability to zoom on a site as far as the outskirts of town.

In addition, townspeople helped police dig a broad ditch around the town to prevent criminals from escaping on back roads.

Ascension is southwest of Ciudad Juarez, the border city across from El Paso, Texas, that is one of Mexico’s most violent cities. The state of Chihuahua has had the most homicides blamed on organized crime and drug trafficking since the government’s anti-drug offensive began in December 2006.

Elsewhere, the Defense Department announced that a 19-day offensive in northern states against theZetas drug cartel had resulted in the shooting deaths of 30 alleged criminals and a soldier.



One Response to “Mexican Town’s Entire Police Force Resigns After Attack”

  1. WizardG August 5, 2011 at 6:00 pm #

    If only certain ‘privileged’ people would stop purchasing drugs and other ‘privileged’ people would stop allowing drugs to freely enter US borders.
    American citizens have been paying dearly for fabricated wars, but the war on drugs is one of the most insane and fake ways to steal from the citizens while causing destabilization and death in South American/Central American countries among others.

    The same sorts who steal whole countries from the indigenous people and pillage the resources from weaker countries, and profited from slavery are the same that profit from drugs and death. They are the same that control our political system etc.

    What is Obama saying about this? Well nothing worth mentioning if anything at all because he belongs to the Anglo-Elite who wield great power and manufacture devastation across the globe. And to think the most unaware and ignorant can’t wait to vote the useless flunky back into office. That’s absolutely retarded!

    All of this is a great indication of how insane the human race is. It is such a shame that people believe in ‘God’ in the face of great human agony, pain and needless death, but as long as each selfish individual thinks they are blessed, then that is all they can see. Lunatics! I cannot stand to see the depth of man’s inhumanity to man. Such lunacy is overwhelming! The great ‘White’ devil-dogs count on the masses worshiping a ‘God’ because it helps them murder and pillage under the guise of religion and deception.

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