Georgia Tea Party Group Denounces Racist Flyer

6 Aug

Amana Academy, black politics, african american politics

Renee Greene, Your Black World 

A racial slur-ridden flyer circulated Wednesday morning by a group calling themselves “The Milton County Tea Party Patriots Citizens Council” was denounced by the official Georgia Tea Party Patriots, who claimed the group was not connected with them and is not officially recognized by their organization.

“We are very suspect of this flyer,” states Tea Party spokesperson Julianne Thompson in a prepared statement. “We believe it is either a group of local extremists afraid to use their own names… or it is an attempt at character assassination…Either way, we strongly condemn this type of flyer, its disgusting language and intention…This group is in no way permitted to use the name of the Tea Party Patriots.”

The main context of the hate-filled flyer is opposition to a Fulton County charter school named Amana Academy, which teaches students language classes in Arabic. The flyer refers to the school as a “terrorist training camp” and uses a number of racial slurs, a few of which refer to Muslims as “camel jockeys” and “ragheads.”


4 Responses to “Georgia Tea Party Group Denounces Racist Flyer”

  1. Alberta August 7, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    Though I am not a supporter of the ideology of Tea Parties I must commend this group for its’ prompt emphatic denouncing of this racist flyer regardless of who distributed it.

  2. Meanchick August 7, 2011 at 2:49 pm #

    When the Tea Parties first emerged, I knew there was an underlying racist mentality, maybe harmless, but since since when is racism completely harmless? Anyway, I saw this coming, extreme racists “hiding” behind a Tea Party and spewing hate. I have to laugh at these racists who NEVER want to be recognized for their so-called proud white heritage and superiority. I still blame the early Tea Parties for this. I’m sorry, but racist can spot other racists and that is why the Tea Party has a reputtation for being racist. TEA stands for- The Early America, you know, when whites had everything and we had nothing, not even our own names.

    • antoinette August 8, 2011 at 2:52 pm #

      exactly. the tea party is racist. now that they are being called out on their racist tactics, they are trying to backstroke. whether or not this group is associated with them, does not detract from their racist politics.

  3. ICADATRUTH August 9, 2011 at 2:55 pm #

    Many of us do not realize that there are two distinct parties, the original Tea Party which was founded on the idea that smaller government and limited tax increases and then you have the Teabaggers, which for the most part are ignorant racist. The latter has one goal, to get rid of President Obama at all cost…..damn the people who put them there. When people start calling all of the Tea Partiers racist, the original ones stood quiet until know. Unfortunately I believe that it is a little too late. There are too many TEABAGGERS infused into the Teaparty. So what started off as a good idea has turned into a battle of class, race and war of common sense.

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