Renee Greene: In Spite of the Downgrade, Gotta Give Obama Credit

6 Aug

barack obama, black politics, renee greene

by Renee Greene, Your Black World 

Vote: It’s what our ancestors fought, and died, for.

…even if we take away America’s credit rating. He stays on message, even if he has to shift gears from time to time.

The one thing we’ve seen is that he maneuvers very well in opposition traffic. Though some of his moves have been about as frightening as jumping on a roller coaster while it’s moving, especially considering all of those who keep trying to derail him and get him off-message, the one thing I’ve notice since I jumped on the campaign coaster in mid-2007 is that he keeps saying the same thing over and over, ad nauseum. And the opposition? Well, they apparently are threatening to make the President look bad in the public eye, even to the point where they will kill themselves to get it done. It’s very personal for them, and he’s not letting them go there, and it’s driving them mad. With the President, I noticed, as long as you don’t mess with his wife, his girls, his aunt, his grandma in Kenya, his mother-in-law, or with Bo-bama, he’s fine. That gets his dander up and he’s not so Mr. Cool any more.

I can ask only one question: How many times is he going to have to keep repeating himself before the nation “gets it” and gets to work on the everlasting theme of his initial message? Remember “Yes We Can”?, we being the operative word? [i.e., Change is not a spectator sport.]

I stopped listening to him for awhile because I kept hearing the same undertones in his message even when he had to change verbiage to suit the status quo. They got so accustomed to driving the bus in Washington, and taking for granted that it was never to going to change hands, that they never saw him coming. Until it was too late. Whew.

A little recent collective history: Back in the 1980s, Wall Street started hiring young boys to run the country’s money. Most of them were fresh out of college, had no experience, and weren’t even all that good at math — let alone the economics of finance. They didn’t know how to understand the Gross National Product (GNP) and words like “recession” and “inflation” they’d only heard listening to the nightly news. That specialized ruler economics calculator? It had buttons on it that they couldn’t push because they didn’t know how to.

To hear Michael Lewis and Steve Eisman tell it, we saw all of this coming back when Ronald Reagan was in office deregulating everything. The United States has not really had a AAA credit rating since the 1980s.

We can thank Reagan for deregulating the banking and mortgage industries and allowing these businesses to go buck wild bilking middle class America out of billions of dollars. And we also have the bulk landholders, the ‘capital gains’ folk, who did the devil’s business with the middle eastern richest, then used the money they borrowed to pay Standard & Poor’s and Moody’s under the table to A-rate bad mortgage bonds, debentures, default credit swaps, and CDOs. They just started having a “joy ride” putting astronomical zeroes behind ones when they knew America didn’t have that kind of money at the time and never would. When they said they wanted to be “richer than God,” it meant even if they had to drain America, and the rest of the world’s economic systems, dry to do it.

The problem with the Wall Street capitalists using the average American and international worker for an ATM machine? Middle America is situationally related to all of the poor people in this country–that’s where most of us “came up” from.

Now the Middle Class has gone all but dead broke while simultaneously ending up taking care of their poorer relatives. In the meantime, billions of taxpayer-paid corporate subsidies and write-offs and shelters got shoveled into overseas banks where it couldn’t be taxed. The Wall Street moguls, in saying “f- the poor” were actually f-ing their middle class relatives. Problem is that it was the middle class that was footing the bills for their billionaire status.

Even Bill Gates and Oprah had the sense enough to know which side their bread was buttered on, so they started shoveling it all back into America – gave a lot of it away, reinvested plenty, in America. Where it belonged.

The Wall Street folk apparently thought all of their money was coming from other rich people and didn’t take the time to remind themselves that it’s the everyday working Joe Blow out here, the guys and gals who pay their taxes and their monthly bills that were feeding them — in the form of mortgages, car notes, utility bills, college loans, gas, groceries, the whole middle-class schmack.

So, quite frankly, no one should really care if Wall Street ends up with a ZZZ credit rating and closes shop for good. The United States never needed Wall Street. Good riddance.

In taking everyone else’s credit ratings down the tubes, and it was intentional according to those who used to walk on Wall Street water, they can now feel the long-term effects of their wrong-doings. It’s almost like knowing what it feels like when an innocent black man goes to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and no one is listening to his side of the story. They are feeling the edge of their own turmoil, or in layman’s terms what it’s like to apply to rent an apartment and get turned down over a bad credit rating when the two really have nothing to do with each other.

This is the only time that black people, average typical working-class Black Americans, get to push back; and get to do the hiring and firing (with their votes); and are helping to push the wheels of bad credit ratings back where they belong–to those who created the bad debt in the first place. Maybe it’s high time the Wall Street elite know what that feels like; and understands that they can’t run ramshod over the middle class and expect to survive it.

I can appreciate President Obama’s presence in office. If they like using hit-and-run “racist innuendos” tell them to try calling him the Maintenance Man. We can only hope and pray that he runs the over-bloated corporate fatkats out of business, for good. Maybe their attempts to push their own bad debt off on America won’t work this time. President Obama, the hardest-working president this country has ever known, is working hard to give it right back to them and make them pay their own bills. They made those trillion-dollar bills with other countries, we did not. Let them pay it off themselves.

In the meantime, when they talk about how the President is over-spending to make “our” children pay for future bad debt, we have to know by now that the bad debt was there all along…and when they speak of ourchildren and future debt, they are most assuredly not talking about yours or mine. Had they been talking about all of our children, the debt – by the pursuit of Jeffersonian and Madisonian politics – would not have been there in the beginning.

We've always been American.

God bless America. Indeed.


10 Responses to “Renee Greene: In Spite of the Downgrade, Gotta Give Obama Credit”

  1. Wilma August 7, 2011 at 12:01 am #

    When you put it like that I agree! We will vote him back in along with plenty of prayers because these demons want him out!!! So they can try and continue to push the helpless down further. I still got fight left in me. I’ve worked since I was 13 now I’m 54 out a job, disable, can’t get help no where. So I will fight for all that is right and good!! God bless President Barack Obama and God bless America!!!

  2. Mike Smith August 7, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Nah. Sorry, Renee. The Republicans and Teabaggers have been incredibly racist to Obama, sure. But it was HIS decision to give them so much importance and work so hard at building false consensus with them. No one has done more to resurrect the Republicans after their 2008 ass-whuppin than our very own President Obama. Please read here about how Obama personally served hot cookies to white Republican Congressmen at the White House just to get them to vote for the stimulus package.

    None of them voted for it by the way.

    This is what our POTUS does. He works very hard to get his adversaries like him. He doesn’t try to get what the American people need. He tries to find some imaginary compromise that does not deliver what we need. Obama thinks compromise and consensus is the answer to everything even when he negotiates with political and economic terrorists.

    This is not about him being black. This is about him being the guy with the hammer. Everything looks like a nail. All he knows is to keep hammering at everything.

    All Obama knows is to attempt compromise when he really should not. When it’s against the nation’s interests to do so. Even when it’s against the interests of poverty-stricken black Americans to compromise.

    When you compromise with the Devil over selling your soul, you’re not really compromising. Even if you have sold ‘only’ a part of your soul instead of all of it, you’ve still lost a part of your soul. It’s not a victory. It’s a net loss.

  3. Andre August 7, 2011 at 12:53 am #

    black people my people it is time to get off the sidelines and in the game!It is time to let our voices be heard from the highest mountain top.Remember the Lord is the strength of our life of whom shall we be afraid?when the wicked even our enemies and our foes came to eat of our flesh the stumbled and fell psalms27:2amen Be blessed God bless america!

  4. Kevin Coppage August 7, 2011 at 2:03 am #

    President Obama jumped in bed with them devils…..when he traded unemployment benefits for giving in on the Bush tax cuts for the super rich

  5. Pudding August 7, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

    Amen, Renee. I am so sick of black folk sitting on their ass waiting for Obama to save the race. Obama stated during his presidential campaign that it would take “ALL” of us to effect change. Change does not happen by sitting back and criticizing. It occurs through ACTION. So unless you have done something to help Obama since he was voted in, you forfeit your right to criticize.

    • WizardG August 7, 2011 at 11:29 pm #

      @Pudding. You sound as if you should be committed into an institution for the seriously retarded. You haven’t read enough books written by great black men about our efforts. You don’t know what kind of powerful force we’re up against..Hell even white people can’t understand our dire situation and are relegated to siting back watching their children have their futures snatched from under them.

      Even in England the whites hit the streets because the Elite are taking their freedoms and their children’s futures.

      Yes you have no idea what this whole country is up against and you sure don’t know who Obama really is and that he has no real power. (He knows who he is and it ain’t your friend)!
      White people control the power in this country and the Anglo-Elite control Obama and all of government. At least you have enough mental capacity to read these blogs and maybe if you’re lucky you will find some enlightenment. Read some more books please!

      • Pudding August 10, 2011 at 4:42 pm #

        WizardG: You are far from being a wizard. Just so you know, I read more books before you were born than you will read ’til death, little boy. I notice that you seem to only read books written by great black ‘men’. That’s your problem. Start reading some great material written by black women and maybe you can catch up before you die.

        And who the hell are you to question my intellect or my sanity ?! You chauvinistic black male morons get on my last nerve. Your own comments support the position I presented about people taking responsibility and getting involved. Those people in England didn’t sit around waiting for Queen Elizabeth to ‘save’ them. They are taking their protest to the street. And what are you doing except criticizing and sitting on your lazy ass making assumptions about other people, pretending to be a black male ‘intellectual’. Negro, please ! I wipe the streets with people like you.

        So when you crawl out from between that white woman’s legs, show some respect to your mama and at least act like you have an ounce of sense. (Poor woman should have had access to birth control).

        Just saying . . . . . .

  6. WizardG August 7, 2011 at 11:21 pm #

    The Anglo-Elite own Obama. It seems they always have! I don’t think black people are living in any kind of actual reality. We have been mired in fantasy for so long (just as most people in this country) that we can’t see the obvious before us.

    The Anglo-Elite have flipped the game a number of times but this time they are running the biggest con of the decade. As usual the black masses will be the last to understand the game.

    Just let me say this. You can vote for your politician ‘Obama’ all day, but in the end you will all be still stuck in the white man’s world begging for scraps..Because the white man’s got the game fixed like that people..Oh come on now please snap out of your religious/ignorance induced fantasy.

  7. Shawn Franklin August 8, 2011 at 5:21 pm #

    @ WizardG. Who will you be voting for, Mitt Romney or Michele Bachman? Come on now. This is not about who owns who because GOD owns us all, even you. It’s about our struggle as a people to gain some form of dignity, respect, and liberties promised to us under the Constitution. You are taking this conversation to a whole new level. I have heard these type comments from African Americans, of which most did not vote, and those who did are ignorant and stuck in a slave mentality. Obama is not here to be our saviour, he is the POTUS. Did you put this type of expectation on the previous white presidents? Bet ya didn’t. I believe Obama is trying and is working hard in this so-called “white man’s world” to keep American strong. It is not just about you or me, it’s about Black folk, poor folk, old folk, young folk, and hell some white folk. It’s about an attempt to change the ideology of American, even if it don’t work, hell at least he trying. Tell me, is this what you are teaching our young? If it is, then we as a people are surely on the verge of an even further downgrade as America’s credit worthiness.

    • Pudding August 10, 2011 at 4:30 pm #

      Amen, amen.

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