The Story You Should Know–Black Babies Were Once Used as Alligator Bait

8 Aug


2 Responses to “The Story You Should Know–Black Babies Were Once Used as Alligator Bait”

  1. PghRich August 8, 2011 at 2:33 pm #

    Where is the story ?????????????????

  2. WizardG August 9, 2011 at 2:42 am #

    I wouldn’t put it past this country full of the most racist and hateful whites whom were seeking democracy and freedom for themselves while enslaving Africans and treating them like livestock.

    The saddest thing is that blacks are settled into a white supremacist society and are quite happily raising their children to copy the white Anglo-social spectrum and eventually to hate themselves as whites hate them. We are in a difficult place and our minds will never prepare us for this strange country which preys on us across the African diaspora. In fact our children help them destroy us. Just as whites help their elite destroy them. It’s a catch 22 for the whole of the country, and the slickest tool the Anglo-Elite has is the ability to confuse, miseducated, divide and conquer.

    If they were inoculating black men with diseases and claiming that they were only withholding medication. They lie! If they drop heroin and crack into our neighborhoods and claim that they didn’t infuse our people with heroin and didn’t bring the crack itself in they lie. If they are still shooting our youth in the streets and have a million incarcerated, and dropped a bomb on a building full of black families in Philadelphia and bombed a black town in Texas etc. They lie and they abuse us on a daily basis. They have placed a ‘black’ face into their white house to trick the people here and across the globe and many of us still don’t get it!
    Of course slave owners and racist haters used black babies..Whites are the most vile creatures in the world with some exceptions of course. Many of them sit back and never utter a word when they realize that we are being abused on a grand scale. They want to be your friend but won’t lift a hand to make the changes that only they seem to be able to make to insure freedom and justice for all in this country and around the world!
    We can protest until our bodies are once again torn and tattered but nothing ever changes until white people stand up and say enough!!! And they aren’t saying anything about anything.

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