Is President Obama Being Supportive of the CBC Jobs Initiative?

10 Aug

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by Ayvaunn Penn, Your Black World

For the initial CBC jobs initiative report courtesy of the White House Office of Communications, click here.

The Congressional Black Caucus launched its 5-stop tour on Monday starting off by taking thousands of job opportunities to Cleveland, Ohio. Many unemployed citizens are excited about the new job opportunities the CBC has worked to make available with their Congressional Black Caucus “For the People” Jobs Initiative. At the same time, some are wondering why President Obama is not showing more support for CBC efforts. Further more, some are just unhappy that Mr. President is going off on his own job initiative mission in the middle of the CBC jobs initiative campaign. The Washington Post reports:

“…as the CBC launches its most public and coordinated jobs campaign so far, the president is notably absent from the lineup. Instead, the White House has dispatched Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan, who is white, to the event and announced that Obama will embark on his own jobs tour….[a.k.a.] his own three-day “listening tour” through the Midwest that starts this weekend, with a stop in Iowa on Aug. 16. That same day, the CBC will be in Detroit for the second of its five rallies.”

In response to President Obama’s seemingly reserved stance in the CBC’s jobs initiative campaign, Michigan Representative John Conyers says “We want him to know that from this day forward…we’ve had it…We want him to come out on our side and advocate, not to watch and wait.” Likewise, Caucus Chairman Emanuel Cleaver says, “What the president is doing is not the same as what we’re doing…We have real jobs to give real people who are unemployed.” According to reports, the job fairs facilitated by the CBC jobs initiative tour are making readily available 10,000 job opportunities from over 200 companies. Rep. Cleaver proceeded to say, “This is not one of those deals where we go around and talk about jobs and hope somebody gives us some press attention.”

Whereas black lawmakers direct some of their frustration towards Republicans who they say have blocked over 40 bills for creating jobs for African Americans, a portion of that frustration is also directed at Mr. President. The Washington Post reports, “The unemployment rate for African Americans is more than double that for whites and higher than the rate of any other racial group, according to government data.” Having this in mind for some time, black lawmakers disagree with President Obama’s belief that the most efficient way to help black communities is by healing the economy as a whole. Although this is the case, it is worth noting the following. According to The Washington Post, “A recentWashington Post-ABC News poll found that a majority of blacks still approve of Obama’s handling of the economy, though that number is down from more than three-quarters a year ago.”

Ayvaunn Penn is the founder of Your Black Poets and an award winning writer completing her degree in English and philosophy. To inquire about her freelance editing services, click here. To like Ayvaunn on Facebook, click here.


2 Responses to “Is President Obama Being Supportive of the CBC Jobs Initiative?”

  1. Bob Lee August 10, 2011 at 5:57 pm #

    A terrible mistake is in the notion that any ‘head’ (B/W) can or will make the condition of the ex — slave populous a primary concern. It is even more disturbing that as we witness the treatment this president is receiving by the very constituents he was commissioned to preside over, we have reserved ideas as to what we want him to do ‘for us’, when his hands are hog tied behind his back. That’s not fair.
    We must do what we have to do for our selves, and so much as rely on ‘government’ to do anything more than it has done over the past 300 years (outside of stopping its crazy citizens from wantonly killing our people without warrant), and get back to minding our own business. Look like they all should read the late Dr. John Henrik Clark’s last book; “Notes for an African World Revolution, Africans at the Crossroads”!

  2. Anonymous February 6, 2012 at 6:09 am #

    u get what u vote for i wish u well

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