Detroit Activists are Protesting Healthcare Short-comings in America

11 Aug
black politics, barack obama, health careRetirees for Single Payer Healthcare Reform still on the march.

Retirees for Single Payer Healthcare, Detroit MI, are still hard at work fighting to keep the light of national health care reform lit. With their slogan “Everybody In, Nobody Out” the activists lead the national pack withHR 676 (sponsored by MI Rep. John Conyers Jr.) to show America that anti-patriotic assaults on health care reform will not go unanswered or unchallenged.

A few of the goals initiated by Retirees include giving every resident of the United States and its territories access to all medically-necessary health services including vision and dental with no co-pays or deductibles regardless of income, employment and health status; expanded coverage of medical services through federal and state funding; and shared responsibility of insurance premiums by employers and employees.

Physicians for a National Health Program is also on a mission to help promote Single-Payer National Health Insurance. Often called “socialized medicine” by Tea Party advocates, many of whom are recipients ofsocialized (taxpayer-paid) medical care themselves, the initiative introduced by President Barack Obama was made into law in March of 2010 as The Affordable Care Act. However, the final bill was nothing close to the one that was originally introduced in the House of Representatives under former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and does not appropriately cover all Americans. Many of the opposition stated that those who want federal coverage should apply to work for the federal government; however, that statement belittles and undermines the fact that everyone who is paying federal and social security taxes off the top of their paychecks do, in theoretical fact, work for the federal government.


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