Obama Issues Stern Demand for Congress to Pass Job-Creating Legislation

12 Aug

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By JasmineHughes, Your Black World 

This past Thursday President Obama discussed the job-creating potential of investing in clean energy. He took a tour of a Holland, Michigan factory that makes advanced batteries for alternative-fuel vehicles such as hybrids or all-electrics.

Obama talked about the benefits of spending money on producing such clean-energy technologies as advanced batteries, which would include more jobs and reduced consumption of foreign oil. He calls them “jobs of the future” and says the U.S. should lead the way in developing energy sources that pollute less.

The President’s Michigan factory tour became a stern discussion of the current state of Congress. Obama urged lawmakers to get to work in September and pass a series of initiatives the White House says will spur job growth, including an extension of the payroll tax cut, three free-trade agreements and funding for road and bridge construction. The only thing preventing some of these bills from being passed, he said, is the refusal of some lawmakers to put country ahead of party.

“There are some in Congress right now who would rather see their opponents lose than see America win,” he said.

Obama won Michigan in the 2008 presidential election and the economically battered state is crucial to his re-election hopes in 2012.

From Michigan, Obama flew straight to Manhattan for a pair of campaign fundraisers that were bringing in more than $2 million.

He attended a reception with about 15 people at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Battery Park that was thrown by Gary Hirshberg, chief executive of Stonyfield Farm, that was to be followed by his appearance at a dinner with 50 contributors at a private home, a Democratic official said.

Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and movie producer Harvey Weinstein are the dinner hosts.

The high $35,800 admission price is the legal maximum donation per person. Obama’s campaign keeps $5,000 and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) pockets the remaining $30,800.

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One Response to “Obama Issues Stern Demand for Congress to Pass Job-Creating Legislation”

  1. Clay C Pendarvis Jr. August 22, 2016 at 2:20 pm #

    this is something I wrote after a conversation with my brother on what needs to be done in this country when it concerns black leadership and lobbying which is non-existent at the present moment!

    A Call to Serve

    Brothers and sisters I’m sending out a call to serve
    From those of you who truly have means
    And show unwavering grit and a steel eyed nerve
    To rise up and step onto the political scene

    To create a lobby to represent all of us
    On a Local, State and Federal basis
    An organization that we can entrust
    To bring to the courts the many cases

    Of black men and women being snuffed out
    By corrupt cops with a tainted badge and a gun
    And the general disenfranchisement that’s all about
    My Black people this must and HAS to be done

    We’ll bring our economic power to bare
    And create the envy of all other lobbies
    An organization that actually cares
    About representing us within all political bodies

    Membership wouldn’t be exclusive
    All would be welcome from every walk of life
    Because the stated goal is be to be inclusive
    To all of those who are going through struggle and strife

    This African American lobby would be above reproach
    Because its leadership would be respected and wise
    They could go to these political committees and broach
    Black issues that the judicial system has stigmatized

    Like affirmative action and unemployment
    Just to name a few off the top of the pile
    Let’s not forget institutional racism that’s been a detriment
    To black efforts in this country for a long, long while

    This black organization also wouldn’t pander
    To special interest groups that buzz around like flies
    These pests would take a look and gander
    At a lobby that they will grow to despise

    Because throwing money at its members won’t work
    Our organization already has deep pockets
    Even if they send celebrities like Captain Kirk
    It won’t keep our cases off the court dockets

    Yes, this Black lobby would get things done
    In Washington and beyond the nation’s capital
    And many in power wouldn’t think it’s so fun
    That black issues have now become politically backable

    Obama can’t do it all by himself
    He’s carried the torch for almost eight years
    It’s now time for those who have tremendous wealth
    To step up because their efforts until now have fallen into arrears

    So once again I am sending out a call to serve
    To those of you who truly have means
    We as black people have always been behind the curve
    It’s now time for us to finally enter the political scene

    And create the Double A Double P
    Also known as the African American People’s Party
    And then the white establishment will see
    We might have been absent but now we refuse to be tardy

    Our collective voices will finally be heard
    In the hallowed halls of power
    And they will bear witness to more than just our words
    They’ll see our resolve which will make them cower

    Because the AAPP will be a powerful lobby
    That will not just be wished away
    And like a punch drunk boxer who is wobbly
    We’ll gather ourselves, knock out the competition and win the day

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