Enter the Clowns; Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner Join Forces

13 Aug
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One broad watermelon smile deserves another.  So when I read on Yourblackworld.com that Steve Harvey had joined Tom Joyner in using his Benson-eque platform to both defend the White House and malign Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, surprise was not an emotion that befell me.

Both Harvey and Joyner are much too enthralled with their own proximity to power, too lost in the glow of gator tuxedo shoes, too bewitched by engraved invitations to President Obama’s 50th birthday bash to actually think before crowing about Smiley and West.

These two self-styled  soul hipsters would have us believe that they have somehow magically transformed themselves from low brow entertainers to thoughtful political pundits. They haven’t.

And what we are now witnessing are the after effects and wreckage caused by men who doggedly refuse to engage in any meaningful self-reflection or collective race reflection. They don’t understand – or own- the fact that black suffering and the accompanying poverty are part of our inheritance and as such, must be dealt with in a meaningful way.  In shorthand, this means that Steve Harvey’s purchase of a new lime green suit doesn’t benefit the whole.

Smiley and West are merely making the argument that President Obama hasn’t used the ample resources available him to redress wrongs caused by those who engineered this crisis. Obama hasn’t put forth any meaningful plan to address how the poor will make up the gains lost by the recession or how they’ll regain their footing, let alone any hope of joining the narrowing middle class.  That’s the crux of it. Harvey is free to offer an alternate view, but offhandedly dismissing Smiley and West as Uncle Toms just doesn’t pass muster.  And neither does passing off misinformation as a thoughtful critique.

Here are a few examples of the nonsense that now passes as serious black commentary on black talk radio:

On his syndicated talk show, Harvey asked ““Who in the hell got 2-3 days for your ass? I ain’t got time to sit down with your monkey behind for two, three days, let alone the President of the United States. We got three wars going on, the economy crashing and we going to sit down with Tavis ass for three days?”

Here’s another quote, this one from the White House, “On  Monday July 11th and Tuesday July 12th, the White House will host a Hispanic Policy Conference, bringing community leaders from across the country together with a broad range of White House and Cabinet officials for an in-depth series of interactive workshops and substantive conversations on the Administration’s efforts as they relate to the Hispanic community.”

Compare the 2-3 days the White House spent with leaders of the Hispanic community to the ½ hour Obama afforded NAACP’s Ben Jealous and the Urban League’s Mark Morial. I can only hazard a guess that either Steve Harvey is o.k. with this disparity or he wasn’t aware of it. But if you’re going to be about the business of offering a political critique, a thorough examination of the facts is required.

Speaking of facts (or lack thereof), Harvey blusters on that Smiley and West   “don’t have any real basis behind your dislike for this man…you keep masking it saying it’s not about hate. Then what is it about? Poverty existed before January 20, 2008. Where was your damn bus then?”

But this discounts the fact that there were an ample number of liberals, especially black ones, who made it their business to criticize the impact of Bush and Clinton’s policies on poor people. Now however, the chorus of black and principled activists has largely dissipated due to the pressure imposed by folks like Joyner and Harvey. So, in effect, Smiley and West are filling a void left by a once principled group that abandoned their principles in favor of Obama absolutism.

It should also be noted that West wasn’t kind in his criticism of George W. Bush. It was West who described hawks in the Bush administration as “evangelical nihilists — drunk with power and driven by grand delusions of American domination of the world”. The idea that West is a Johnny come lately of sorts who only recently jumped into the political fray just doesn’t hold water when viewed within a full political context.

Don’t get me wrong, I admire Steve Harvey’s philanthropy. His work with young men is a standard that all black male celebrities would do well to follow. But we’re at the crux of something huge now.  The top 1% are administering, almost daily, devastating blows to the poor and middle class, and the question we’re all asking is whether Obama will hold us down while they strike the final blow or stand up to the bullies on our behalf. If Harvey and Joyner have something to add to this discussion, I’d love to hear it. But if they’re content to just clown Smiley and West with the rhetorical equivalent of “yo’ mama” jokes, then they should get back to their day jobs. The world of serious commentary just doesn’t need them.

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153 Responses to “Enter the Clowns; Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner Join Forces”

  1. John Taylor August 13, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    I agree that Harvey and Joyner need to continue to be comedians and stop offering their uninformed oppions on the President ,if they are happy with the weakness he’s showing in office as he cave in to the neo-nazi mentality of the repulican tea party then they need to continue being entertainers as not offer their political oppions.

    • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 12:02 am #

      Right on! Furthermore, Cornell and Tavis are multiple steps above Tom and Steve when it comes to intellectiual capacity. So my advise to them is not to take to heart anything a couple of minstrel clowns say. There are three groups of people one must never argue with: Children, Seniors and Fools

      • theprovider August 15, 2011 at 1:28 pm #

        I disagree, Smily and West are sell outs. While I agree that the president has caved on a few issues, the republicans will sffer at the polls for their unwillingness to compromise. However, the president must show some strength when dealing with enemy.

      • Anonymous August 22, 2011 at 11:05 pm #

        I agree in part with the article. Harvey is a joke, however Joyner has been more than fair to Tavis and Dr. West. I do not like Tavis he is self-serving. I respect Dr. West,he is true to the cause. To Mr. Taylor, its America Harvey and Joyner have a platform and the right to speak on whatever issues they choose. We Need Dr. West,Smiley,Joyner and Harvey to close ranks and re-elect Mr. Obama. Mr Obama was dealt a bad hand and has played it better than anyone else could have….. Look across the isle ,Do you really want those Clowns to run this country? I did not think so.
        So get out your walking shoes,open up your wallets ,go to rallies and vote the President back into office!
        usaf .retired

    • Anonymous August 16, 2011 at 9:00 pm #

      Let me help you out with your spelling a little…it’s Republican and the last time I checked everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can call our President weak but did you vote for him? Did you bash Bush? So many people are politically ignorant. People automatically assume that the President has the power to do whatever he wants to do but that is not the case. And you seem to be offering your political opinion, what is your profession?

      • John Taylor August 16, 2011 at 10:59 pm #

        Anonymous you must be one of those who think their profession and education make you better than everyone else ,I know it’s republican have you ever heard of a wrong key

  2. WizardG August 14, 2011 at 6:47 am #

    Don’t believe the hype. This is not the place you are led to believe it is. They are not your friends! You can tell who your friends are by the sacrifices they are willing to make for you.

  3. WizardG August 14, 2011 at 6:49 am #

    Obama means nothing to us! He does not represent us and in fact represents more racist harm to African people across the diaspora!

    It’s easier for the white racist-elite to screw us if they position a ‘black’ in their seat of leadership! The seat of President has long been a facade but ignorance prevents most from recognizing this.

    Obama used “friends” to climb to the top. Some of his friends male and female have stated how he now ignores them altogether after getting them to support him and collect contributions for him. Doesn’t that tell anyone something? Obama moved through the political spectrum at lightening speed first to U.S. Senator, then President. What white person has done that in such a short time? Doesn’t that tell you something? Obama was given a million dollar handshake in the form of a ‘Peace Prize’ even after he began to send more troops to war. Doesn’t that tell you something? Obama is now very wealthy and powerful with no connections to either the descendants of African slavery or the African-American poor (besides marriage). Doesn’t that tell you something?
    Obama is doing everything the Anglo-Elite would have a ‘White’ president do and more against our population and to ‘blacks’ around the world. Doesn’t that tell you something?

    It should tell you that Obama is a “Made Man”..Like in the Mafia. He is a ‘black’ made man in the “White Man’s Mafia”. The things he represents does no good for the populace but everything for the Anglo-Elite Wealthy and Status Quo.

    The working class and poor who support him are ignorant and misguided beyond belief!
    Obama is not working for you, he is not your friend and he will do nothing to repair the damage the rich and elite are purposely doing in our country, and against the wishes of all of the common citizenry! Obama shows us every day that he is a con-man of the highest degree yet many are unable to fathom the deception and it is exactly what the Anglo-Elite counted on and why they so slyly and spiritedly foisted Obama into our lives. (Obama: The man we should love to hate).
    When Obama walks away from the white man’s White House we will be much more shattered than ever and the Africans across the diaspora will be annihilated in ways we cannot imagine, Many will never be able to perceive the nature of the ‘era of Obama’ as it is, but of course the Anglo-Elite know exactly what they are doing.

    So Obama can do as he pleases, because it is what the wealthy do and he will not benefit ‘black’ people ever! In fact his face in this Anglo-dominant country makes us more vulnerable to the evils that the white shysters have in store for our people!
    Black people seem too lovestruck to comprehend our dilemma.

    • Anonymous August 14, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

      You’re totally on point Wiz. The degree to which our people (especially over 40) drink the kool-aid is astonishing. They become very agitated and combative when you attemt to make any cogent critique of Obama’s policies (even if the facts support you). I do think Obama will be reelected and things will be worse for Americans (blacks in particular). When our “leaders” go before the next President with demands, I am afraid response in so many words will sound like this: You niggers had your boy for 8 years and you let him F*** you over so don’t ask me for sh**.

      • theprovider August 15, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

        You must be in the 9.1% or the 16% because you sound very delusional. His next four years will go down in history as the best in our generation.

    • John Henry August 15, 2011 at 5:08 pm #

      Powerful stuff, brother. I, like so many, was bewitched by Obama Fever! I can no longer abandon the philosophy of Malcolm X or MLK which said an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere, and as I see it, Obama is continuing to wage the white man’s war against the brown and black brothers and sisters of Libya, Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, and Yemen murdering millions.

      • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

        I hear your point Brother, this president has literally stayed in sync with the skin color based, wicked policies that were in place before Bush, yet Bush took those race based policies to a New World Order level, and it’s so sad that our president has further pushed those policies even further. Who would have thought that B.O. would follow the same foreign policies as G.W. Bush? Then again, when we look at 100 senators that don’t represent us in identity, thought or culture we have to go back to what Malcolm X said: “The white man likes to deal with one black man at a time.”

        PEACE & LOVE

    • baileyd2815 August 16, 2011 at 12:50 am #

      A lot of fancy words from a fancy fellow. You really sound like a white guy writing under the guise of a black politician. First; let’s remember that Pres. Obama is the President of the United States. He was elected by a majority of America, of which Black people are not. True, that the majority of Black people did vote for him, his first priority is to ALL of his constituents.
      No disrespect to Smiley or West, but just like the Republicans and Tea-Partiers they seem the expect the President to come with cure-all plans for everything. The President is not supposed to come up with plans. The CEO of companies don’t come up with plans, he hires people to come up with the plans and he decides which plans will work and how to best implement them. Same for the office of President.
      What may better serve Black people, with Smiley and West leading the way, would be for them to create a viable plan and present it to the Administration. Riding buses and causing dissent and division AND giving the Opposition more ammo is not too wise. Why sell whiskey to the Indians and tell them it’s the best way to get off the reservation?

      • CW August 26, 2011 at 5:43 am #

        Then Why did we get only 1/2 hr, while the Hispanic community received 2-3 days? Smiley and West’s criticism of Obama is right on target.

        Don’t add insult to injury by schooling us on what the duties of the president are – we know what is required of him in the oval office.

        All we’re asking is for a FAIR foot under the table; why aren’t we allowed that?

    • ebonyeyes August 16, 2011 at 9:01 pm #


    • ddorr August 17, 2011 at 1:02 am #

      i totally agree with u wizardg, it would appear that my people who r in strategic positions, r still mesmerized by the fact the president is black and can do no wrong. This causes them to remain in celebration mode and prevents them from thinking critically on the major issues that not only affects blacks, poor people, and the middle class but everyone on the planet. im reminded back in the early 90’s there was a prophet who came to our church and actually prophesied that there would be a black president, but he would not be able to do much for the people because he would be a puppet. (imgaine that!)

  4. John Taylor August 14, 2011 at 12:54 pm #

    I agree hold heartedly with WizardG on their assetment of president hankerchiefHead
    and he will not get my vote again.

    • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 3:10 am #

      WOW!!!— Brother (handkerchief head [?]) that’s deep! You said something that could very well be a fact… I have not yet come to that conclusion but I’m leaning more & more towards reaching that same analysis..

  5. john brown August 14, 2011 at 3:59 pm #

    keep your a** at home on election day and let gov rick perry/ and sara palin backed by the tea party in the white house! i wonder how many of you working on a racist job and a 90 day probation period would act a fool before the probation period ends…not many. obama is no different, he cannot act until his second term no differnt than the other presidents. when the racist repubs/tea party win, the message is to all black people that they are as they say”taking our country back” they are not talking to obama people, they are talking to all people of color. they must destroy the image of obama to destroy generations to come. he who control images, control minds, and he control minds have nothing to fear from bodies, fredrick douglas. watkins, west and smiley don’t hide the morning after the election when obama lose to the racist and our people are pissed, sad and confused thanks to you. thank you steve harvey!

    • Anonymous August 14, 2011 at 7:09 pm #

      What’s obsurd is the thought that whoever is in the white house matters. The president of the U.S. is a midde manager at best. You need to do you homework and find out who put Obama in the white house. It wasn’t you nor I. Find a little bit about Henry Kissenger, Zbignew Brezinski, George Soros and others of that ilk. Ask yourself why Obaman is surrounded by so many of the architechts of the deregulation of our financial system. When you start putting pieces together you will see some things that may hurt at first, but you will understand the truth if you look hard enough.

      • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 4:01 am #

        The Brother that responded was right on the money! It doesn’t matter who’s in the w/house the same elite/US constitution/policies will remain in full force. We don’t have enough votes to put O.B. in for a 2nd term and we did not have enough votes to put him in the w/house this 1st time. The whole idea was to put a Black face in the w/house to make it appear as if America isn’t the race based, racist white supremest country that it is! When you look at the “timeline” from our Reparations Argument, which was gathering an overwhelming amount of steam in 1999 & 2000 too the Florida vote (11-2000), which was a lie too 911 (09-11-01) another lie, however Bush made a well thought out attempt by making an appearance at an all Black elementary school in Florida to cover up “that lie!” And we also have to take into account how this extremist group (repubs) finagled the Michigan vote to allow Bush a second term. John Kerry is a distant cousin of the Bush’s therefore the whole campaign was more than likely “theater.” Until we wake-up, unite and take control of our own destiny for our children’s sake, we’ll continue to be lead on bridges to nowhere!

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 12:40 pm #

      John Brown did you understand or comprehend anything that WizardDog said? You are one of those Negroes that Wizard Dog is talking about who is brain-drunk.

      • Pudding August 15, 2011 at 4:39 pm #

        John Brown has more intelligence in his little finger than you have in your whole family. He understands political dynamics and I don’t you can even spell the word. If you want to sit your ass at home on election day (which I am sure you did in 2008) Please do. Why are you so intent on convincing others to do so ? Is it all that money the rich white folk are paying you to be a troll ? If you are indeed black (and I doubt you are), you must be the person they envisioned when they coined the word ‘nigger’.

      • john brown August 19, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

        would rather be the negro than the nigga, because niggas like you is the reason why we cannot unite as a people. you’re the type of nigga that talk all that militant black shit, but when black men like mlk, obama win a political fight that will benefit your angry dumb ass you quietly extend your hand as though you were always in support. you remind me of those niggas in robert townsend movie hollywood shuffle. talk all that shit about what black people should be doing, but the minute you see an opportunity to better yourself, you take it. you never have solutions, other than we need to unite. you’re doing nothing but talking shit, being negative due to your self- hatred and slave mentality to bring another black man down because of your jacked-up life. i have been listening to niggas like you talk shit for over twenty years. are you talking that militant black shit at work…hell no! are you running for office to unite us…hell no! are you turning down any of the gains made by our so called sell out black leaders..hell no! what are you doing…nothing but talking shit to make yourself feel good. until you give solutions on what we should do other than talk shit…stfo niggas and let the black people take over. i’m still waiting for one of you to tell us your plan since you advocate no need to vote and let the tea party take over because it will not impact us as black people. please tell us your plan, you big dummy!

  6. wanda August 14, 2011 at 4:08 pm #

    I am getting a little tired of all the criticism of the President, he is “never” going to please everyone. Why is it that the fact that under his watch, Osama Bin Laden was killed, under his watch GM and Chrysler were saved, and both my parents who worked for GM 50+years middle class pension was saved and GM paid back their loans 5 years early. In addition to the employment benefits were extended to alot of unemployed middle class pharmaceutical reps just to name a few. What did Bush do under his watch? When we critique our President, lets be balanced and fair, otherwise “we” are being Uncle Toms.

    • Anonymous August 14, 2011 at 7:15 pm #

      You must think a Osama Bin Laden did 911 in the first place. Stop drinking kool-aid. Bin Laden (aka Tim Osman) has been a CIA asset since the 80’s. Stop watching CNN and start reading a bit more. Otherwise folks will think you to be uneducated.

      • Pudding August 15, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

        You are more than uneducated, you are STUPID !!

    • beverly August 14, 2011 at 7:19 pm #

      You are aware of what is truly going on. The people that are being critical of President Obama, have not done their research.

      • Anonymous August 14, 2011 at 11:24 pm #

        True that…In fact many of his critics are part of the same system and contribute greatly to the level of confusion and disinformation.

      • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 4:32 am #

        Research?? When you do the research you’ll find that this president has bowed down to every policy the repubs wanted! Further, what happened to the “change we could believe in?” Why are the super rich still “tax exempt?” Why is it that ppl with degrees can’t find jobs? B.O. talked a lot of talk, made a lot of promises and assured the entire country he was going to stop these wars but instead he leveraged more military spending while Black ppl are being shut out of the job market in record proportions and our young men are being slaughtered by white racist cops at an alarming rate! Is this “change we can believe in?” I think not. The only change we can believe in is when we stop following this corrupt system and bring our ideas to the table and make an intelligent decision on what we’re going to do for our future and most importantly our children’s future! This system cannot provide us with the answers we need to provide ourselves with a better “social and economic well being!”

      • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

        Come on Bev. you can do better than that. Bring forth some factual information for us to consider in your defense of the tan puppet in the Oval Offfice.

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 12:48 pm #

      Wanda did you understand anything that WizardG said in his critique of Barack Obama?

  7. Really? August 14, 2011 at 4:38 pm #

    I want to see this sight offer an Obama supporter the opportunity to write an article. The last several authors who have offered their opinions are Dr. Boyce & others who think like him. Healthy debate means hearing both sides. But this site seems to want to slant peoples thinking their way.

    I appreciate hearing the facts. But I don’t care to hear personal attacks wrapped around big words. That’s what the author of this article has done, which takes away from what she tried to say.

    And Obama has sat down with African American leaders and political affiliations, on several occasions. So please don’t let an author with missing facts skew your thinking.

    At this point, we don’t need another article that’s full of insults and name calling. All we need are the facts, and the information on how to take action with others who are trying to take action. Anything else does not belong on a site where you’re trying to engage intelligent and intellectual individuals. And also educate and inform individuals.

    • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 4:58 am #

      OK, I hear your point but the truth of the matter is, since the president has been in office he has only met with the Congressional Black Caucus 2 times, for 1 hour each time. The man campaigned on being a former “community organizer” which doesn’t match up with what he has manifested so far… My take is, Black ppl are sick and tired of the usual political lies. In other words, we’ve had enough of being told things like “change we can believe in,” but when it’s all said and done we find that “change doesn’t start from the bottom up.” Or does it?

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:03 pm #

      I thought this article was very well wriiten and researched. You win arguments with facts not personal opinions.
      When Obama took office the Dems controlled both Houses of the Congress and Black unemployment was lower than it is presently. Also note that Dems had control of the Congress in 2006 and they permitted the rogue Republicans to run rough shod over the people’s interest.
      Please read WizardG’s critique of Obama and the Presidency.
      Thank You

  8. For_The_Masses (@For_The_Masses) August 14, 2011 at 5:36 pm #

    Preach it Wizard!! Well said!

  9. Tychalla August 14, 2011 at 6:49 pm #

    I am not staying home on election day, but I do have the right to hold this president and any other public servant accountable.You told me you were going to fix my plumbing if I hired you. I hired you and gave you half of your fee,why are you at my neighbors’ house and they didn’t even pay you a dime?And you are using my parts to fix their pipes.You people better learn your self worth.I did not vote for this guy because he was black and looked good in a suit and shades.I voted for him because of policy,not personality.

    • @YvetteDC August 14, 2011 at 8:54 pm #

      Well said…

      Yvette Carnell

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:12 pm #

      Tychalla: We as a country and race of people can ill afford to have four years of Obama’s fraudulent Presidency.

      • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:14 pm #

        The country cannot afford to have four more years of Obama’s fraudulent Presidency.

      • john brown August 19, 2011 at 5:43 pm #

        you are good at giving your opinion on everything, but not once have you offered solutions. so if we cannot afford 4 more years of obama, please tell us who black people should vote for or your plan if we should not vote at all.

    • pierced August 15, 2011 at 6:42 pm #

      Great analogy Tychalla!

  10. Tychalla August 14, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    Steve and Tom need to stick to Chittlin humor and those loud azz suits and clothes and leave the intellectual heavy lifting to the big boys and girls.This stuff is not relative to these professional coons’ stations in life.They need to get over themselves.

    • Kay August 15, 2011 at 12:26 am #

      Not sure if you’re aware, but both of these ‘chittlin’ comedians have done so much for the black community, and both are college grads.

      • John Taylor August 15, 2011 at 1:26 am #

        A collage education don’t mean intelligence it just means someone who thiks more of themself than they should,and less of everyone else.

      • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 5:43 am #

        I’m not trying to shed a negative light on Tom and Steve but a college grad doesn’t make someone smart, intelligent or special by any figment of the imagination. Some ppl with college degrees are “stupid, ignorant and flat out insane!” So don’t think that just because someone has a college education that they’re all of that. G. W. Bush has a college degree and he’s a perfect example of a “typical idiot!”

      • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:27 pm #

        My great great grandfather who was educated at Biddle University, which is now Johnson C. Smith said “Son there is no fool like an educated fool.”

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:16 pm #

      Everything that you say is true in reference to those two stone house servants Negroes Mr. Joyner and Harvey.

  11. Steve Broome August 14, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    Obama panders more to hispanics because they’re the largest minority now, the same thing being done in many other areas across the country. The point lost in the “first black President” thing is that in order to get to be the first black President he probably is a very cunning politician. That means he probably knows he doesn’t need to do a ton of stuff specifically for blacks because people like Harvey will always defend everything he does as long as he’s making up nonsense like “black music month”. Meanwhile Obama’s doing little to nothing about all of the felons in this country illegally, b/c he can’t jeopardize losing all those votes.

    As an aside it’s after “effects”, not affects.

    • @YvetteDC August 14, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

      Thank you for the “affect” vs. “effect” correction. Duly noted.

      Yvette Carnell

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:22 pm #

      That ‘s why he appointed Sonya Sotomayor to the United States Supreme Court. Note Sotomayor only gave a favorable ruling to one African American who came before her on the Appeals Court in Title Seven Cases. So what does that tell you?
      Obama chose Sotomayor to court and curry favor with the Hispanics voters which he felt would enhance his reelection chances. But many Hispanics also see Obama for the political fraud that he is.

  12. me August 14, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    Good for you Wizard!!!
    President Obama is a joke to them and a great disappointment to the black community! When will we ever get the opportunity to hear him once say “Black America”? We’ve heard gay, latino, asian-not African-American so much as come out of his mouth! As far as Steve Harvey-whats hilarious is that he has convinced himself that he’s even intelligent enough to enter into a forum with Dr. West and Tavis Smiley. Steve has the vocabulary of an inner city 3rd grader. If he was invited to sit @ the table with President Obama, Dr. Cornel West and Tavis Smiley his stupid a#* would start doodling or excuse himself for the men’s room 1000 times! He would not be able to keep up. I was a long time Joyner listener. When he decided to use his show for petty name calling and inappropriate insults on Tavis, I stopped listening. I hate the divide but Tavis hasn’t changed its sad that Tom has.

    • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 6:05 am #

      You made a strong point Brother… The last thing we need at this moment is to use the air waves to down each other. These four brothers need to reach out to each other and formulate some positive ideas that’s going to bring positive change for all of us! I honestly thought Tom and Steve were much stronger. We’re living in some serious times and we don’t need to allow Satan to keep us pitted against each other over silly stuff… Steve and Tom need to direct their negative remarks to the “extremist” that’s throwing B.O.’s rhythm off on a continuous basis. Oh, I forgot, we’ve been taught to hate ourselves and love the master. What’s going on, in my opinion, is a perfect example of the latter.

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

      President Obama need buffoons around him like Mr. Joyner and Steve Harvey around him to massage his false ego. Obama is nothing more or less than a political opportunist who has permitted the movers and shakers in the ruling class to pimp him for their own self interest.

  13. charlie balam August 14, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    Tavis supported and still do support hillary,who made the statement why campaining in penn. about those “good hard working white americans there” slick willy said “a few years ago obama would be serving us coffee” to his white counterpart. wake up clinton lovers.

    • @YvetteDC August 14, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

      But Clinton is no longer President. This is about the rightness or wrongness of Smiley and West’s assertions. I don’t think past associations matter much here. If Harvey supports Obama, then he should be able to make that case based on Obama’s policy initiatives thus far.

      Yvette Carnell

      • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 12:26 am #

        Right on! The truth is Steve and Tom lack the scholarly erudition to defend Obama’s foreign and domestic policies. Anyone who is not disengenuous would look at the Obama track record and clearly see that this administration has picked up where George W. left off.

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:35 pm #

      Anyone that has a modicum of intelligence knows that Bill Clinton is nothing but a closet racist.

  14. Gilda Rogers August 14, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

    Wow this is what we’ve succumb to , name calling, hate bashing in the name of what, certainly not unity. We are so in the wilderness as a race that we don’t even know how to have decent debate and conversation with one another. Some of the comments I’ve read are appalling to say the least. This is bigger than Steve Harvey, Tom Joyner, Cornel West and Tavis Smiley. We can agree to disagree but when it becomes downright undignified and ugly. As far as President Obama goes, as opposed to the others who are running on the Republican slate, President Obama can count on my vote.

    • Really? August 15, 2011 at 3:06 am #

      I think the author of this article set the tone for the name calling. And it’s just shameful.

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:42 pm #

      I have cousin named Gilda who lives in West Philly but you can’t be her. Have you ever heard of the “Kitchen Sink Strategy.” Everything in politics is fair game even the debate.
      Gilda you haven’t seen nothing yet just wait to campaign heats up.

  15. Kevin Watkins August 14, 2011 at 9:32 pm #

    As always, we as African Americans need no one outside our own race to critcise, degrade and belittle us, we do an excellent job of it ourselves.

    • @YvetteDC August 14, 2011 at 9:53 pm #

      We are not monolithic. Of course we criticize each other. That’s to be expected.

    • Steve Broome August 14, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

      Can you please point to these other races that have political discussions without disagreement and name-calling? It’s universal. Please put the violin down.

      • CW August 26, 2011 at 6:04 am #

        Mr. Broome, your statement is good!

    • Choclet August 15, 2011 at 3:37 am #

      Amen! Crabs and crawfish!

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

      Brother you really need to read. Have you read everything that Malcolm wrote? Have you read all of Fanon’s works? Have you read anything on Dr. Kenneth Clark’s evaluation of this racist society. Have you ever read the Soul of Black Folks?

  16. Anonymous August 14, 2011 at 9:46 pm #

    The definition of divide and conquer- A policy of maintaining control over ones subordinates by encouraging dissent between them. This lesson should have been recognized and learned by these so called heavyweight thinkers along time ago. I’m disappointed when I observe well intentioned men and women spend precious time clashing over strategy and tactics attempting to attain mutual goals.
    Our objective has always been to get America positioned in away to up-lift the entire nation. African Americans will no doubt benefit from a stronger America if the economy is solid and unemployment drops. If anyone black or white thinks that a republican government can or will achieve this better than the democratic government. You are wrong! so let us rally around our president and offer our support and stop blaming the president for all of Americas problems.

    • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 12:34 am #

      Wake up. Take a few econ classes. Jobs are not comming back. You must realize that an economic system based on fractional reserve banking will collapse without a manufacturing base. Pretty soon there won’t be enough people to afford all the cheap azz Chinese crap. So get over it… Obama’s not going to put Americans back to work becasuse he can’t.

    • John Taylor August 15, 2011 at 1:42 am #

      I agree that the republican [neo nazi] party will not do anything for our economy except plunder it for their own benefit that why I find it pityful when poor working class americans support the because they think the democrates our out to help the black race,they feel that we as a people support Oboma because we expect him to give us something.Let us face it face reality the majority of the whit race only car about money and being in control,both parties disrespect the president every chance they get in ways they never disrespected the idiot that got this economy in the mess its in,and the party that continues to keep us in it.

      • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 7:25 am #

        I totally agree, this country has allowed it’s manufacturing base to leave to Mexico, Canada and China. As quiet as kept one of the main reasons they’ve done this is because most of the resources used to make electronics, for example, including cell phones and computers come from our homeland Mother Africa. This is why most of your electronics (TVs, cell phones, computers, gps systems, etc.) are made in China because it’s easier to ship raw materials from Africa to China and they’re also able to keep Black ppl in the US blind to what’s really going on. The truth of the matter is, the resources extracted from Africa propel 2/3rds of this world’s economy and it’s being controlled primarily through a transportation system that we don’t own. We need to look at companies like: Microsoft, Dell, Apple, HP, Toshiba and others who are raking in billions from natural resources coming from the African continent while our ppl in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (where 80% of the world’s coltan exist) are basically living in poverty. It should be clear to us that the above mentioned companies fail to hire Black ppl on an adequate scale after the products (cell phones, i phones, computers, etc.) are manufactured in China and shipped to the US. So we have to really take a serious look at Africa, our homeland because most world’s most valuable resources are in Mother Africa. There’s enough resources in Africa to provide an upper middle class life for every Black person on earth!

    • yourblackresources August 20, 2011 at 8:03 pm #

      Well said Brother.. However the problem I still have with the prez is that he leaped out of that bully pull-pit, quickly to support gay rights, as well as allocating funds to put a legal team together to fight for them having the right to serve openly in the military which has caused all of us with “moral values” to ponder and question what could possibly be going on in the first Black prez’s mind to reach out UN-hesitantly to amend the concerns of gays??? Such a gesture, or move, was clearly a blatant slap in the face to Black men, women and a terrible blow to Black children who’ve always suffered disproportionately compared to others, confirming why we as a ppl are as “dependent” as we are today… This race based/white supremacist system has a documented history of strategically attacking are “psyche” when we’re young and in most instances we’ve passed our traumatic experiences down from generation to generation which has interfered with us coming together and pursuing the “independence” that’s imperative, if we desire to have the life that the creator intended for us to have.

      My point, in a nut shell, is we have to take a serious look at why did this first Black prez spend time to allocate gov funding to put a team of lawyers together to surmise the issues concerning gays while Black ppl are still excluded from the job market, are not getting the free education that WE deserve and our argument for BLACK REPARATIONS, which gathered an overwhelming amount of traction in 99′ and 00′, has been swept under the rug as if it never did happen! So the question remains, why is it that the rights of gays came before the concerns and the struggles for equality waged by Black ppl for nearly 400 years?

      We have no other alternative than to build our own party and move forward with our own agenda. Until the foregoing occurs the majority of us will continue to be treated “inhumanely.”


      • CW August 26, 2011 at 5:45 am #

        Well said!

  17. btweenstates August 14, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    This is the problem with you Obama loyalists! You misinterpret criticism as being nonsupportive. If you understand accountability than you understand that anyone -no matter their race- who sits in that chair is subject opposition. When will African-Americans understand that we are individuals as well as community? My political views and personal needs can be different from my neighbors-I AM NO LESS Black nor is Tavis! It is not wrong for African-Americans to expect the promises that the President offered.

    • pierced August 15, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

      Hear! Hear! Btweemstates. It’s not about non-support, it’s about critical analysis of this administration’s policies. Leaders (whomever they are) are to be held accountable.

      • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

        Both btweenstates and Pierced are totally correct. It’s called taking a moral stand! It’s unethical to stand idly on the sidelines and not remind ppl that what they said is a contradiction to what they’re doing. Tavis and Cornell are merely bringing more truth to the light and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Where would be right now and how could we get where we want to be without TRUTH?

  18. Thomas Holmes August 14, 2011 at 11:12 pm #

    I really sick of sell-out black people who feel some urge to exercise their accuser tongues on President Obama. Steve and Tom have the right to voice their opinion just like Tavis and Cornell. The truth and the facts are that most of the negative comments about President Obama reflect the fact that many of you are no better than Fox News vicious attack on the first official black president.

    Many of you do have the capacity to do thorough unbiased research, have an informed awareness of how the structure of our legislative body has changed dramatically over the last 40 years (to the corporate elite at the expense of the middle and lower classes) and have audacity to play the house Negro and sellout our president with your ignorant assessment. What have you done for our people our lately? Our movement towards equality, economic freedom and equal opportunities has always started with each us individually by working in our communities collectively. It is not top bottom change comes from the bottom up and not on a bus. You sellouts disgust me.

    • CW August 26, 2011 at 6:22 am #

      Sell out black people? You’re joking right? Black people have EVERY right to criticize Obama’s presidency. It’s our right to discuss, disagree, ponder and bring ideas to the table when other ideas fail.

      I want to ask you, honestly. Do you think it’s fair that Obama has reached out to the gay and Hispanic communities and not reached out to us?

      Let’s take the AA equation out of the picture for a moment. He’s extended the war in Afghanistan, he has capitulated on making sure the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes and he proposes cuts to much needed social programs.

      So I ask you, WHY wouldn’t I have the right to criticize this man? I’m a hard working AA woman, married and raising three sons in a world with very little hope.

  19. Nora Martin Ph.D. August 15, 2011 at 5:01 am #

    President Obama has many accomplishments that affect all people, Black & White. Never in my 70 years have I witnessed a US President catch ” HELL” from everyone. He must be doing something ‘Right’ because, So many people appear to be in the “Fox / Michele Bachman etc fashion which simply says ” He will get just ONE term! nothing about what THEY will do to fix the Economy etc. Why can’t we all siimply support and respect the “Office of President of the United States” And don’t give the haters more fuel to light a fire with. Everyone do your research on the Accomplishments of this administration, they are MANY!!! ie equal pay for women, reorganization of the credit card situation, health care reform, ( it is beginning to sink in for some people , more3 to come in 2013 and beyond, The capture of Osama Bin Ladem who was claimed to be behind 911, reducing troops in Iraq and Aghanistan, I could go on and on. Even with the new ” KKKK ( The Tea Party) on his back everyday, President Obama nevers degrades etc. Let’s Support, and pray for this man, He , HIS FAMILY AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DO NOT DESERVE THIS mESS that is being dumped on our National Leader.

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 2:04 pm #

      Dr. Martin: You had many positive and noteworthy comments in that they were I believe not only well- meaning and well informed but courageous, non-politically motivated, nor orchestrated by the status-quo.
      Dr. Martin I would for you to read Dr. Ron Daniels article titled : Dr. Daniels: The Huff, Puff and Puff of the Obama administration To The GOP.

      • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

        Dr. Martin I would like for you to read Dr. Ron Daniel’s article on Obama’s weak leadership titled: Dr Ron Daniels: The Huff, Puff and Bluff of the Obama adminstration to the GOP

      • Darnell Kirkland December 23, 2015 at 7:52 am #

        Everyone can say what they like about President Obama. He may have not have done the things you wanted him to do concerning race relations but there is no denying that we are finally having discussions about it in public. Also, remember this this, you can only offend me if I care about what you think!

    • CW August 26, 2011 at 6:26 am #

      Then I ask you to tell your president to reach out to the AA community in the same way he has to the Hispanic and gay ones.

  20. HamiB August 15, 2011 at 8:19 am #

    Dear Ms. Carnell, thank you for having the guts to call a spade a spade. I heard Rev. Sharpton state on 60 Minutes that his job is to stop Blacks from criticizing the President, so it is apparent that 6-figure salaried Blacks like the Harveys and Joyners will come after anyone who is not a member of the President’s who great thou art choir. Keep up the good work Sister.

  21. Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 1:49 pm #

    Wow some great points for and against President Obama, I agree that President Obama has not done all he promised, for Africans in america in particular. However, what politician does? Not to excuse any of them for accountability, but that is the way it goes in the u.s. any way. I will vote for President Obama again, Tavis and Cornell are keeping us from going to sleep and making President Obama aware that some of us are watching him and will speak on it, which we should. Now Tom and Steve both need to stick to comedy or voice their opinions without the name calling. We can all agree to disagree, and behave like intelligent adults.

    • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

      Very good point… We’ve always been lead down the path of negativity when it comes down to politics in the US. Until we have the resources to do for ourselves we’ll always work for those that could care less about the future of our children. We have to come together, as a ppl, not just in the US, but throughout the diaspora and the world! As long as we keep drinking alcohol, doing drugs and partying with our enemies we’ll continue to fall. “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” by John Perkins and “Powernomics” by Dr. Claud Anderson are 2 very enlightening books that I strongly recommend that all of us check out.

      PEACE & LOVE….

  22. PEPPA August 15, 2011 at 1:54 pm #

    smiley and west have obviously turned into uncle toms. i am sorry but i have always been told by my mom and dad that you do not talk about family outside of family. when i watched those two clowns on fox, i was so appalled at how they were smiling and acting like tpuppets eating right into their hands. Talking trash about the president is not the way to go. hat was wrong with them sending him a letter instead of denouncing his policy on live TV. West’s daughter needs to sit her tail down, and allow her Uncle Tom father to defend himself.

    • Ronald B. Saunders August 15, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

      PEPPA: Have you ever read the book Uncle Tom’s Cabin?

    • CW August 26, 2011 at 6:31 am #

      You have a right to your opinion, but wow, you are truly misguided. Dr. Cornell West in particular is a man who was highly admired by President Obama, until, Dr. West’s criticisms turned on him.

  23. Walter Simmons August 15, 2011 at 2:22 pm #

    It is sad that many of us who emotionally express ourselves without understanding the negative affect it will have on the overall concept of the upward mobility of a people. One don’t whip their children in public because it’s not the public’s concern. It is not always what one does as much as it is how it’s done. You must realize that there are those on these public airways who are specifically vocal to destroy what progress is being made and insure that truth is always mixed with falsehood. Peace and love

  24. Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 3:32 pm #

    It might just be me… but i don’t care for the author’s tone of this article. Tom joyner was active in politics while in IL, so to support the President now is nothing new. he supported him before he was the elected by the deomocratic party…
    I tend to agree with many others, it’s not what done but how it’s done – something should be kept within the family – trust every republican didnt support Bush but you didn’t hear them blasting him in public for all to know that they are truly divided. And again to agree with Steve, who has 2-3 days to give to them… I’m not the president or remotely close and I DO NOT have a day let alone 3 to fgive to them!!!

    • Yvette Carnell August 15, 2011 at 6:12 pm #

      But how does my tone impact the discussion. Again, either Smiley and West are right or they are wrong. If you believe that they are wrong, and that Obama has implemented policies which positively impact black and poor people, then you should be able to support that supposition with actual data instead of radio rants.

  25. Don August 15, 2011 at 3:35 pm #

    I respect Joyner and Harvey’s point of view along with several others, but the name calling needs to stop. Tom Joyner gets on the radio and clowns and gets paid very well, Harvey does the same thing. Stop kissing butt, simply because you enjoy the limelight, the president is being criticized out of love. Dr. West and Mr. Smiley have a right to do so, President Obama does a lot of “compromising that doesn’t do poor people any good. And Mr. Harvey if you go back and do your research “Uncle Tom” was the man that saved a lot of slaves from getting the “crap” beat out of them. When I see or hear an alternative that Mr. Joyner or Mr. Harvey has to offer then I can respect what they have to say. But for now all you are doing is” talking loud , but saying nothing.”

  26. loverboy August 15, 2011 at 4:58 pm #


    • CW August 26, 2011 at 6:33 am #


  27. David August 15, 2011 at 5:55 pm #

    Black folks were so enamored by Obama winning the White House that the verse of the song’ its been a long time coming,but a change is gonna come rang in their heads and hearts. Unfortunately the hope and change did not turn out the way we as a people thought it should or would. It’s like President Obama at quarterback and every pass he attempts he is either intercepted, thrown for a loss, or incompleted and he looks some blocking (democratic congress) but the line is no good. The Republican cheerleaders shake their pom-poms jubilantly because for three quarters their defense is stifling and the last quarter (2012) the game is theirs.

  28. Keith Nelson August 15, 2011 at 7:31 pm #

    “Yes we can,” was not ‘yes I will” everyone seems to step aside from the WE the man talked about and want to leave everything up to leadership issues. We is the leaders we seek, just like we are the change we seek. Not I or you or them or us…WE! Get up, stand up and walk! The only person to blame is yourself and the delusion is thinking that somone will will it for you.

    • Descendant Of Ham August 15, 2011 at 9:39 pm #

      Amen Well said United…….. we stand……. divided…… we fall!
      We are all going to have to come together and be on one accord.
      President Obama is not the savior of the poor and afflicted. Jesus Is. Mr Obama’s time has not come, when it does he will do what he was put there to do. Until then We will have to do like the rich do “stick together” .I lost my Job in 2008 after being there for 12 years. I was kinda shocked but saw it coming, I knew I couldn’t continue working for this company making the kinda of money I was making. They had been looking to downsize me for years, I was a manager and most times the only African American in the room. I knew their plan and knew one day I would be let go because of it. so I put a plan in motion, and Got my business license after all I ran their place for 12 years making them millions. I knew how to run a successful Restaurant and business. I stayed until they let me go,I didn’t quit, I built my business when I was not working for them. It was bumpy at first, I was so afraid of failing but with God’s grace and my husband help, I own my own business! I went back and got some of the supervisors that worked for me, that they had also laid off and we are all coming up. I live within my means and as i grow I will hire more people and reach back to get the jobless, poor and afflicted. The only way we will come up as African American’s is to pool together and help one another. We are brilliant, smart, loving and kind people,we will overcome this system, and we will not perish! be blessed

      • John Taylor August 16, 2011 at 12:03 am #

        Well done descendant of Ham if only we could get more blacks thinking like you we woeldn’t need the government ,if we could get these football,baseball,basketball,movie stars,music stars ,to come together and create jobs reach back into our decaying communities and try to help those who want help and not handout,realize that the only time we should look down on someone is if we are helping them up.

    • yourblackresources August 16, 2011 at 7:27 am #

      Mr. Nelson the campaign slogans were yes We can & change We could believe in. We (the ppl) backed him based on those slogans. We got him in, or at least that was our intent… Policies, as you know, are determined and drawn up by politicians, legislatures, law clerks, writers etc. The president uses his discretion on whether to sign off on those policies or veto them. The problem, which was mentioned in the article, is B.O. has reached out to gays, Hispanics and Asians and while he attained 99% of the Black vote he has not reached out to us. So you go into deep definitive details on “we” and “us” and “I” well it’s very simple… If you’re telling the young, the poor, the minority groups, the less fortunate things like “yes we can and change we can believe in,” what you’re saying is I’m inclusive with you! I am you, “we,” I am a part of you “we.” He claimed that he was a fighter and you would think that he would have known full well that he was going to have to fight for change that was going to have an effect on the social and economic well being of poor ppl, particularly Black ppl. The bottom line, which most have missed, is the very foundation that the US rests on at this very moment was built from the forced labor of Black ppl from the western hemisphere of the continent of Africa. Or to say it in another way…, “our ancestors were physically and mentally tortured into performing labor deeds for free (without pay or any other tangible compensation) ultimately leading to building the foundation of the US while the profits made from the forced free labor of our ancestors was used to establish companies such as: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Kellogg, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Chase Bank etc., which eventually gave birth to what is known as ‘Wall Street’.” So the question is, where are your values? Do you stand firm with gay rights, Hispanic wishes and Asian desires or do you have moral compassion for those that fought tooth and nail to elect you into the w/house, the same ppl whom are the descendents of those, that share your blood, that were forced into free labor which built the very foundation that this country was founded on?

      • pierced August 16, 2011 at 9:24 pm #

        I feel what you’re saying Yourblackresources, but did you consider that President Obama did not descend from American black slaves (albeit, he is of African descent)?

        Maybe there is a disconnect in his thinking.

      • yourblackresources August 17, 2011 at 9:56 am #

        Pierced– I understand your thoughts on the disconnect which is factual to a minute degree… It’s unfortunate but the “disconnect assumption” played a significant role as to why he was selected by the elitist group whom hide in the background conjuring up schemes on how to continue their “skin color” based campaign of world domination, also known as The New World Order… However, based on B. O. being connected to M.O., and (formerly) connected to Rev. Jeremiah Wright, African History Prof Henry Louis Gates, Micheal Eric Dyson and Cornell West in addition to Kenya being colonized by Great Britain from the late 1800’s until the early 1960’s…, there’s a connection. The question is, when will that connection be acknowledged? And when will that acknowledgement be acted upon? Lastly, all of us must never forget that historically, the entire continent of Africa was colonized at one time or another, including Egypt, while a few countries are under colonial rule to this day… For instance, Gabon is still colonized by France and as quiet as kept, Canada is still being colonized by England. From a global perspective, England continues to be the leader in “colonial rule.”

        PEACE & LOVE

  29. shaka zulu August 15, 2011 at 9:15 pm #

    to the author, yvette c…..

    it’s not what west and smiley are saying, it’s why are they saying it! it’s no secret that they have a personal (petty) vendetta against the president. if they were doing it for the love of black people, then there criticism of the president would be justified. but to go on fox news and criticize the president under the guise of poor people to conceal their personal hate is disingenuous to be kind. like most, i’m very discontented with president obama and his policies. but i refuse to support the actions of west/smiley when it’s documented they have a personal issue with the man… even if they are speaking the truth, and so is steve harvey! You called his comments a rant, I listened to the video and agreed with everything he said about west/smiley. If you truly love black, you have to be objective in criticism. In this case, steve raised a lot a questions that you ignored in your article. Like steve I would like to know who is paying for the bus tour ! would you support west/smiley if the tour was being paid by someone from the racist tea party? although they are speaking the truth, you have to kill the message because they speak with fork tongues.

  30. nospin August 15, 2011 at 9:28 pm #

    Steve Harvey’s point cannot be disputed. Which was — Why would Smiley and West make demands of this President’ that they did not make with the previous 43 Presidents?

    Harvey’s point was also valid in terms of the fact that the accomplishments of this administration provided the most benefits to the black and minority communities and he pointed out that all anyone had to do was to simply look at the legislation and the existing programs to figure it out for your-self. He cited a few examples: i.e. Healthcare, Education etc.

    Harvey pointed a finger at himself when he said; Smiley (just like him) gives speeches and writes books for money. Period. He went on to say couldn’t see them (West/Smiley) reaching in their own pockets on behalf of poor people. That statement had some weight because I have yet to find any accomplishments made by Smiley and West in terms of implementing any programs/initiatives moving the black community forward.

    So Harvey’s point was what is all this fuss really about? Who is paying them (Smiley/West)? Harvey pointed out that when you objectively look at the facts, there was no rationale behind the level of hatred West and Smiley has shown toward this President. Again good points and valid questions.

    As an aside – Tom Joyner has consistently put his money where his mouth is in terms of supporting our black communities and Joyner was a good friend to Smiley. There are some who make the case that West and Smiley have a right to criticize the President (even though the criticisms are based less on facts than emotion). That may be true however; Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey also have the right to level criticism against West and Smiley. Difference is their critique against West and Smiley is based on proven facts that can be found by a quick Google search.

    You said “One broad watermelon smile deserves another.”
    Not sure what that statement was supposed to mean.

    You also went on to say “Both Harvey and Joyner are much too enthralled with their own proximity to power, too lost in the glow of gator tuxedo shoes, too bewitched by engraved invitations to President Obama’s 50th birthday bash to actually think before crowing about Smiley and West.”

    (The Gator Tuxedo Shoes analogy seems more in line with the description of West and Smiley’s picture they posted of themselves on twitter. http://weeseeyou.com/2011/08/12/you-just-cant-make-this-stuff-up-caption-the-pic-please/)

    You yourself said you respect Harvey’s philanthropy in our community. We know what Joyner has done in support of our community. We can find tangible proof of their support. What has Smiley and West done for our community?

    You also said “Smiley and West are merely making the argument that President Obama hasn’t used the ample resources available him to redress wrongs caused by those who engineered this crisis. Obama hasn’t put forth any meaningful plan to address how the poor will make up the gains lost by the recession or how they’ll regain their footing, let alone any hope of joining the narrowing middle class.”

    I respectfully disagree. President Obama has accomplished a more for the Middle Class, our young people in terms of education, women and our seniors etc… All it takes is an objective look at the legislation.

    You wrote, “the question we’re all asking is whether Obama will hold us down while they strike the final blow or stand up to the bullies on our behalf.”

    That tells me you are not listening. The answers to your questions are clear. The only folks standing between the middle class and the poor are President Obama. VP Biden, Pelosi, and a few other Democrats. Don’t take my word. Look it up. I am sure you are already doing the following but just in case . . . Recognizing that the President cannot write laws and that there are three branches of government to it is not enough to say, PO has to do X,Y or Z. We (citizens) need to climb into the muck and get involved in the process. This means the President can use your help. He cannot do it by himself. In order to move our agenda forward, we need to lobby our representatives and hold Congress accountable and make sure they are writing bills that are in our interest and that can be placed on POs desk for signature.

    Start with whitehouse.gov. Sign up to participate in the weekly conference calls with the administration and the President based on areas that you are most interested. Attend the meetings with your officials in your state and local community. Get involved, Get on the mailing list. Check out the AA website on Whitehouse.gov. Call your local officials and if you still have questions, send the administration an email. On twitter? Follow BarackObama.com. Write to your Congressmen and women. Sign up for emails from the House and Senate so you are aware of pending legislation and watch CSPAN so you can see for yourself what is happening.

    We know that we won’t agree with every policy decision however, it is critical that we/minorities have better insight into who is fighting on our behalf and that we make the commitment to actively engage in the political process knowing that there will have to be compromise. But because of our history we understand that things take time, we celebrate every movement forward, anticipate setbacks but continue to push for what we want to achieve. This isn’t new.

    Joyner and Harvey are right on this one. West and Smiley’s issues have nothing to do with President Obama’s politics or his policy. They simply don’t like the man and that is quite clear. Sad really.

    Anyhow, First time coming across your site. Very interesting piece, I don’t agree with most of it but will certainly check you out in future.

    • myteeafrodytee August 20, 2011 at 3:07 pm #

      A well spoken rebuttal, sir! Factual with real clear cut suggestions. Not emotional-driven tirades. We all know times are tough but this economic apocalypse we are mired in was not arrived at overnight. Eight years of Republican policies and deregulation has compromised our economy and environment. It is not reasonable to expect that our President can reverse those effects in three years.

      But know this, the Obama’s Department of Justice used the Recovery Act to secure $2 billion for Byrne Grants, which funds anti-gang and anti-gun task forces to replace money cut during the Bush years.

      The Obama Treasury Department implemented a $2,500 tax credit to help offset the cost of tuition for the debt-burdened families of those seeking a college education.

      Through the Omnibus Public Land Management Act of 2009, Barack Obama put more than two million acres of wilderness, thousands of miles of river and a host of national trails and parks under federal protection–the largest conservation effort in the last 15 years.

      And he did all of this within the first 100 days that he took office!

      In the 11 years Barack Obama held public office in Illinois, he sponsored 800 bills out of which 233 bills were in the public health and health care sector, 128 bills were for public assistance, 112 bills for corrections of crime, 97 bills for economy business and finance and 62 bills for education. Obama’s accomplishments extend to the protection of community interests in Chicago in regard to landfills, the winning of playgrounds, services for employment training, school reforms, programs for after-school and other amenities for the public.

      A program for housing for the lower-income families, a bill to amend the Higher Education Act of 1965 to improve higher education and a bill directing the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to make sure that there are established procedures and guidelines which are going to be necessary for controlling, tracking, and accounting nuclear segments and fuel rods are just some Barack Obama’s accomplishments as a senator.

      Let us not forget health care reform, which no President has been able to pass since FDR, multiple extensions of unemployment benefits, etc, etc, etc…Do your research don’t rely on sound bytes from public figures with private agendas to form your opinions. The purveyors of chaos are hard at work to divide and conquer.

      Don’t sleep on Barack Obama. He is a chess player. The conciliatory tone he has taken is strategy. And while I will concede that Obama is a pragmatist who errs to the side of caution, I also know that compromise is essential to get anything done in Washington. And he is forced to navigate the most divided partisan-driven Congress the country has seen in years.

      And remember this, a second term President is beholden to no one. Think of all the damage the Bush Administration did in those last four years. Imagine all the good Obama could do in his. And then on election day, be a pragmatist. Because I mean what are your options, Romney, Perry, Bachmann? Or sitting on your asses and doing nothing so you can have another four years of complaining about “The Man?”

  31. me August 15, 2011 at 9:40 pm #

    This is probably the most distorted comment yet! Tavis Smiley doing nothing for the community? You’re joking right? Why don’t you log on to his website because obviously you’ve never followed his works. Steve Harvey
    – man of mass deception has written 2 books on how black women can get married yet he’s cheated up to his third! He talks about haters but he should know-he hated on Bernie Mac up until his death. He throws us a few bones and we behave as though we’ve never eaten. His help to young black boys is new! He’s not funny nor is he intelligent enough to know that his stance fuels the divide that has separated our community-it’s called the I’ve got mine, you get yours syndrome! He should stick to what he does best-whatever that may be.

  32. D.a.g August 15, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    Although Tom Joyner’s commitment to H.B.C.U’S is stalwart, his text titled I’m Just Dee Jay is. substantive to this discussion; furthermore, Harvey’s penned How to act like a Woman But Think Like a Man. Neither of these text speak to the comprehensive, structural, and cyclical economic probls besetting America in general and Black America in specific. Dr. Cornel West is raising the far too long overlooked segment of the richest nation in mankind’s history in the face of (criminals) Wall Street plundering economic status of Black America with complete impunity. Smiley has consistent raised a wide variety of discussions on his radio program for years.

  33. Bob Lee August 15, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    If the man is anything, he is brutally honest. Unless, of course, I only imagined hearing the man say; ‘this government is flat broke!’ Or, ‘a government that is broke, can not maintain’. Then, I must have been half asleep, when I heard the man declare; ‘those poor communities he worked with are beyond repair’! He called into question a certain government that is so powerful that the whole “United Nations” are powerless to stop their archaic and most racist behavior and character. (Shaking my head)
    I hear his plea to those who would prefer to hide in the shadows of a ‘dark past’ to walk with him, on that straight and ‘narrow path’ toward real ‘democracy’ (or human dignity).
    Let me relate to you all a story. One I contemplated most of my life. It involves the infamous nature of a/the “devil”, “lucifer”, “satan”, or any other name for a lying, stinking, son of a serpents venom; (his wickedness) said, “I will not submit to this ‘supreme being’ that YOU (God) made from ‘hollowed’ Earthen, and from wet dirt in manifest form”. (His Greatness) said, “get out of here, I reject you too, and curse you till eternity. (His wickedness) said; ” alright beloved – yep, the devil loves God too! It’s humans he’s got a problem with – your call, but let me try all of them, every generation, until they ‘wake up”. (The Most High) said; you got it Brother, until that day. (That demon) said; since YOU put them before me, I will make everything wrong look fair to them on Earth, I will lead them all astray! “Except Thy Chosen Servants (not offspring) among the Humans, who walk straight. Any that follow your Seven deadly sins’ will find themselves heated to a boil.
    Sounds like what’s going on in the world today? Don’t be so rash in your assessment, or quick to judge the ‘man’. We see whom and what he’s up against. Help him lead the way to a ‘straight’ road, not this ‘rocky road’.

  34. John Taylor August 15, 2011 at 11:51 pm #

    after giving some thought to my posting earlier,and reading some of the other posting I realize that for us to blame any one person for not doning what we think he should do is as wrong as the tax break for the super rich,my problem with our president is that he allowed the neo-nazi party to bluff him into a compromise that allow them to continue to gut the poor.i’m not sayiing that they should be taxed more than everyone else,but they should have to paythe same as anyone else,all their tax breaks seem to create is jobs in other countries

  35. wildn0102 August 16, 2011 at 12:43 am #

    For the life of me, this author has never pointed out that it was Cornel who started with this “Black mascot” business. So I’m guessing in her mind that this was perfectly OK.

    Listen, this president is hanging on for dear life! The smart ones know that if he is re-elected for a second term, changes will be made for the better. Hence a “Brand New Deal!” The only thing he’ll have to lose in his second term is his life! I pray that day will NEVER show it’s ugly face! I knew before he was elected when all the Blacks were saying, “it’s going to take him more than 4yrs. to fix this mess. He’ll need @ least 8!” Well, I’m given him his 4 years, plus 4 more if I have anything to say.

    He’s laying a trap for the republicans and tea-party as I type. He will introduce a “jobs bill” knowing that the republicans (and some democrats) in congress will reject. Or, they might just go along with it (since the 2012 election is coming) and do a 180. Either way THEY ARE DOOMED! If they reject, the American people will blame them for impeding any job legislation. If they approve the funds, the unemployment numbers will drop drastically leading into the 2012 election.

    Last, will you all stop complaining about who is getting more time with this president. Do you really think that this man will leave this WH without doing more for the Black community? After all, he’s done more, as a community organizer, for the Black community than any of you non-believers has ever done in your lives! Also, do you think Ruth Bader-Ginsburg will allow a republican president to replace her on the SCOTUS? There is a woman in Atlanta, Ga. (Chief Justice Leah Ward-Sears Ret.) who is waiting in the wings. But, to this miserable author, I’m sure she’ll post an article saying, “What took him so long to appoint a Black Justice?”
    Open your eyes and minds, Black people. There won’t be another Black president in this country for a long, long time……..if we help the other side see that he fails!

  36. me August 16, 2011 at 12:56 am #


    No genius-I’m a black woman NOT a white man. Now, you’re excused from your entire post.

  37. baileyd2815 August 16, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    A lot of fancy words from a fancy fellow. You really sound like a white guy writing under the guise of a black politician. First; let’s remember that Pres. Obama is the President of the United States. He was elected by a majority of America, of which Black people are not. True, that the majority of Black people did vote for him, his first priority is to ALL of his constituents.
    No disrespect to Smiley or West, but just like the Republicans and Tea-Partiers they seem the expect the President to come with cure-all plans for everything. The President is not supposed to come up with plans. The CEO of companies don’t come up with plans, he hires people to come up with the plans and he decides which plans will work and how to best implement them. Same for the office of President.
    What may better serve Black people, with Smiley and West leading the way, would be for them to create a viable plan and present it to the Administration. Riding buses and causing dissent and division AND giving the Opposition more ammo is not too wise. Why sell whiskey to the Indians and tell them it’s the best way to get off the reservation?

  38. Tony August 16, 2011 at 1:28 am #

    Great post. For all of the millions Harvey and Joyner both receive from sponsors of their commercial radio and television shows they could eliminate poverty in at least their hometowns but they would rather spend their power making fun of efforts to raise awareness about the poor this country – most of whom are probably within their listening demographic. They are the new version of the shock jocks but this time the joke is on black folks. They don’t have to agree with Smiley and West or even like them but show me what you’re doing if you think this is so bad – you have the power of the airwaves.

    • baileyd2815 August 16, 2011 at 1:55 am #

      Tony man you can’t be that out of touch with Tom Joyner and Steve Harvey and own a computer. Just Google them and see some of the foundations and causes that they are pumping money into. They ARE doing things in their communities. Not just raising awareness.

  39. Ty Sherman August 16, 2011 at 3:49 am #

    “Enter the clowns, Watermelon smile, Benson-eque platform, gator tuxedo shoes, soul hipsters, new lime green suit.” These are but a few of the words used by Yvette Carnell to describe Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner. In an online commentary posted on http://www.yourblackworld.com, Yvette Carnell felt the need to perpetuate the retard journalism that has become the norm in the 21st century. Retard journalism being that of, if you don’t agree with what someone, then you, have the right, neh, the obligation to bash them, and resort to name calling.
    The term crab in a barrel readily springs to mind. Are you Yvette Carnell a “supposed” professional are you in such a state to make a name for yourself, that you willingly or even anxiously denigrate these men. Joyner and Harvey are successful Black men, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Now with that being said, they are first and foremost entertainers.
    I take it, Yvette by your dogged defense of Tavis Smiley and Dr West that you are a fan of theirs. They too are good men who will be remembered on some level for their works in the community. However, their very public rants about what President Obama is not doing for them, (which Is the point that Steve Harvey was trying to make) is not only wrong, but reverts back to your style of journalism (crab in a barrel). I find it interesting that you will go after entertainers whose main goal, is to make people laugh and feel good. OK, Yes, they give their political opinion and may even make serious allegations about some of the political players, but they are not out to influence the masses in a negative way like say….oh I don’t know, RUSH LIMBAUGH.
    I have yet to read any article written by yourself or anyone else on the YBW staff, that directly challenge, call out, or attempt to address the radical, racial, and harmful rhetoric of say a Rush Limbaugh. Are you scared of Rush because he don’t wear lime green suits? Are you afraid or Rush Limbaugh because he doesn’t have gator tuxedo shoes? Or are you intimidated by Rush Limbaugh because he’s white? We know that you can denigrate Black Men, we know you will without hesitation call out successful Black entertainers. Now will you call out the enemies of the Black community? Will resort to name calling of those who want to do serious harm to your family and my family simple because of the color of their skin?
    I ask you Yvette leave the “clowns” alone and address the real enemies, unless you’re scared.

  40. Natasha August 16, 2011 at 4:47 am #

    Hmmm let’s see, a case of professional Baffoons criticizing (possibly sellout) Educated Intellectuals… The pot calling the kettle? mm mm mm smh.

    I say, Black people need to stop “supporting” Obama just ’cause he’s black, & look closely at his policies & agenda. Don’t ya’ll know that when its time to slaughter the sheep, They send the wolf in wearing sheep’s clothing!!???

    • shaka zulu August 16, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

      i agree black people should not support obama because he is black and ike you i’m dissapointed in his leadership. (unlike west and smiley my disagreement with the prez is on his policies and not due to a personal issue…but i will still vote for him). my issue with you–to think a comedian is ill-qualified to criticize an intellectual is asinine. have you heard of dick gregory…he was a comedian-activist and was far from a buffoon? i don’t recall nat turner and harriet tubman needing an education to speak out for black people. hell they both put their lives on the line…i don’t see anybody trying to kill west or smiley! come off your high horse as though your education make you intellecually superior than the next black. have you ever heard old folks say, so educated you become stupid! go listen to the video on what steve said and let us know what you disagree with in his analysis of the bus tour. i willing to bet most of the people on the site have not taken the time to listern to the audio which leads to misinformation and confusion for our people. i can explain it to you but i cannot understand it for you!

  41. flavawear August 16, 2011 at 12:02 pm #

    You sis Yvette, Cornel and Smiley are the problems. Just because a man is a comedian doesn’t mean he can’t have an intelligent thought and what he’s saying is right. What does a bus ride around the country, spouting rhetoric and hating on our president accomplish. It doesn’t give us jobs, teach us anything. It only causes division. Our people stand for absolutely nothing and we can’t even come together to stand behind the first black president of the USA.
    That’s their goal (other’s), to divide and conquer and we African Americans fall for that same Willie Lynch proposed syndrome every time. When will it stop. Blacks have always been used to go after blacks, from protecting Massa’s house to cooning for the white man on the front line (Cornel & Smiley). They should use that bus to go around creating jobs and talking about the president’s accomplishment and show what’s he actually gotten past and how it affects blacks. Of course you wouldn’t talk about that. You just dog the brother’s who are making a difference and praise those who are making a fool of themselves. I’m just saying

  42. D August 16, 2011 at 4:12 pm #

    Not Clowns! The Kingfish and Andy!

  43. doverdavis August 16, 2011 at 7:42 pm #

    You, West and Tavis have carelessly and incorrectly judged the President. It is sad that you take this position.

    Let us talk about race…….
    Why should the president talk about race when black women get on the internet and talk black men down and white men up? Why should the president talk about race when rappers like 50 cent make millions selling racist CDs to white racists and their children? Why should the President talk about race when rich blacks don’t help poor blacks and don’t associate with poor blacks. Tavis and West did not talk about racist rappers. They did not tell these rappers to stop their racist activity. Tavis and West never spoke about the racist things black people do to support racism. Now race is an issue.

    Let us talk about poverty….
    President Obama is our only hope for reparations. You idiots are messing that up. That is his long range plan for Black people. So shut your mouths and support the President.

    One last thing, Yvette, “Is your boyfriend or husband Black.”

    Dover Davis Jr.

  44. me August 16, 2011 at 7:53 pm #

    Did you sit down with President Obama and get that insite or have you ASSumed it?
    Tavis Smiley has long addressed the problems with rappers and labels that exploit African-Americans-let’s catch up!

    “One last thing, Yvette, “Is your boyfriend or husband Black.”-whether you were posing that as a question or a statement or a question it’s ridiculous! Who cares about her personal life? Its her position as an African-American who is pressing the questions towards our first “Black” President that counts! You’re as hateful as summer days are long-move over Harvey and Joyner a new clown has been added to your show!

    • daddy rich August 16, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

      hey me:

      i sense you havn’t listened to the steve harvey audio. other than the uncle tom remark, could you tell us what steve said about west-smiley that makes him a clown?

  45. CHICAGO 11-7 August 17, 2011 at 10:18 pm #



  46. flavawear August 18, 2011 at 12:45 am #

    Its funny how Tavis and Cornel have been around for so many years, and never felt the need to speak out against a president in the past, but now that there is a black one and he hasn’t cow towed to them, they are up in arms. Blacks have always been at the bottom, have never had equal rights or liberties. Where was the tavis’s and cornel’s then. They was making money off the backs of the blacks with their book deals, speaking engagements, tv deals etc. They weren’t offering help or assistance to blacks then and they’re not offering it now, just show boating for massa!

  47. Sule Moyo August 18, 2011 at 3:57 pm #

    I wish Black People would realize that Africa has had many Black presidents and leaders, which the majority have ignored, screwed and otherwise hurt and even killed their own people. Why is it hard to believe that Obama is capable of the same?

    Obama represents America, which has more slaves (prisoners) today then during enslavement 1600’s through 1800’s. Obama is bombing and killing Black people in Libya, Somalia and Yemen at this very moment for no reason. Obama will release a jobs plan in September, did he think that it wasn’t needed before then, it was needed the first day he was elected but he choose to rescue the banksters, corporations and the wealthy. He has surrounded himself with Goldman Sachs folks, do you really think he cares about poor people or Black people…Goldman Sachs surely don’t!

    Black people stop listening to these stooges (Harvey, Joyner and Sharpton) on the radio and start reading and thinking for yourselves!

    • CW August 26, 2011 at 7:03 am #

      Love your comments!

  48. doverdavis August 19, 2011 at 1:29 am #

    Hey Me,
    You are as hateful as summer days……That does not make any sense. Is that a metaphor or a simile? That is a question and do you know the difference? That is another question. You sound like WizardG. When I asked the question, “Is your boyfriend or husband black?”, I asked that question because so many black activists talk about black issues but don’t associate with black people. Do you now understand? That is a question.

    WizardG, you don’t sound like a Black person. I think you are a white republican tea party member. Right!!

  49. doverdavis August 19, 2011 at 1:39 am #

    Hey Sule Moyo,
    You have been misinformed. President Obama is an American President, not African. He must protect the interests of America. This African Diaspora notion is stupid. Do you remember Jerry Rawlins, the first black president of Ghana? The Bush administration persuaded the Africans to overthrow him. They took him into the jungle at night and left him there to be killed by wild animals. So, you should get off of this African, Diaspora foolishness. The Slave trade is over. Black people belong to America, not Africa. It is up to us to claim our entitlements and build our own foundation. Some Africans, not all, see Black people as white.

    • CW August 26, 2011 at 7:05 am #


  50. me August 19, 2011 at 2:08 am #

    Are summer days long? The answer is yes. So that’s how hateful you are. Get a clue or even a life-which ever one doesn’t take as long as you have with your response. One would think as long as you took it would have made an ounce of sense. SMH

  51. Naomi Stroud August 19, 2011 at 6:48 am #

    Interesting article and to the point. Love the heading.

  52. Norma Williams August 19, 2011 at 10:02 am #

    You would do well to take a good look at the double digit years ( I stopped watching after 10) that smiley and west held their state of blacks in america symposiums. I felt really bad when I finally realized that these negroes and their intellectual cohorts weren’t “doing anything all those years” but setting a stage so they could razzle dazzle black people with their superlative educated prowess. Pumping ostentatious platitudes of placating oratory over their slippery silver tongues on subjects of education and the socio-economic failures of black people, to black people who are living this reality everyday, waiting on a black messiah to pull us together and save the day. They sat back after every symposium and WATCHED it get worse. Somebody needs to tell tavis you can’t have a covenant unless both entities AGREE!

    Well there is no messiah coming, black people need to learn how to navigate the law and politics, learn how to get referendums on the voting ballots and stop putting orators, celebrities, sport figures, hip hop moguls and the rest who have absolutely nothing in common with regular people on pedestals!

    And somebody ask them jokers what took them so long to get a bus! Black people already know they’re poor we don’t need nobody to come tell us we’re poor! A really dumb and condescending bit of ego mania!

  53. baileyd2815 August 19, 2011 at 5:23 pm #

    Now; that’s common sense.

  54. Ms Sheila August 20, 2011 at 2:37 pm #

    What I’d like to know is, out of all the comments made, the one question that was ask several times of Anonymous, Ronald Saunders and Wizard, as well as others who feel that the President is missing the mark. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION? WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE THE PRESIDENT? how would you all handle a trillion dollar defiits, unemployment, healthcare. tax cuts WAR! I mean you all have your opinion, but they are not HELPING our people. SO WHAT WOULD YOU DO? Nospin, me a good point, and that is if we ae so disgusted with our current President, stop talkin ad be about a change, get to work doin those things she listed, But I notice none of you address her comment. Hmmmm

  55. gjamescadreusa August 20, 2011 at 4:15 pm #

    GOP Activist Engage Black Dems Political Confusion…

    The escalating black American political controversy that is orbiting President Barack Obama’s leadership style is now raging, following the remarks by comedian Steve Harvey that Cornel West and Tavis Smiley are “Uncle Toms.”
    Specifically, Harvey was critiquing the Poverty Tour organized by Tavis Smiley and Cornel West, as well as their vociferous criticism of the president’s leadership, as it relates to the needs of the poor in particular.
    Referencing Tavis’ suggestion that the president should sit down with him and West for two or three days to discuss poverty in America, Harvey said, “Who in the hell got two or three days to sit down with your ass? I ain’t got time to sit down with your monkey behind for two are three days, let alone the President if the United States. We got three wars going on the economy is crashing, and we going to sit with Tavis’ ass for three days?” Harvey also alluded to a more sinister motive for the West, Smiley Poverty Tour asking, “Where are you getting the money for the buses?”
    The black political rift began many months ago when Tavis Smiley and Al Sharpton traded political barbs on their respective radio shows, and it quickly escalated into a public confrontation on the radio airways. The rift between the two men centered on a critique by Smiley that Sharpton was carry water for president Obama, and was letting him (the president) off the hook concerning advancing the “black agenda.” Sharpton responded in kind to Smiley’s political critique, and the controversy quickly became politically airborne.

    Read more http://www.votersanonymous.com/?p=519

  56. Rose August 21, 2011 at 1:29 am #

    In the next election, I can only hope that America sends a message to all in leadership by voting them out as soon as they can. The republicans were so busy fighting President Obama, nothing of value got done. Congress stopped working and I wish there was some way we could dock their pay for this last session. Then after accomplishing nothing, they took a 5 week vacation. They are public servants, we pay their salary and they determine how much they get. We do not get to vote on their salary, I am so over all of this . We need some people in Washington DC in leadership positions that care about us as Americans. The ones up there now only care about themselves. I believe that President Obama honestly did not know what he was getting into. Please everyone, read the history of banking and the history of the Federal Reserve so you can see who really runs things. If you think it is rough under President Obama, wait until the next one gets into the Chair. We will have to stand together as a People and demand change. Tavis Smiley, Cornell West, Steve Harvey and Tom Joyner need to get with the Black Reps in congress and help us find a way to really liberate the Black People of America.

    • CW August 26, 2011 at 7:13 am #

      I concur, what a well thought out statement. You’re right, the history of the federal reserve is scary, but I can’t believe Obama didn’t know what he was getting into. However, you could be right. It’s all very scary to learn who really runs this country and the world.

  57. John Taylor August 21, 2011 at 10:54 pm #

    This is by far the best comment i’ve read on this subject ,which I feel has played it’s sellf out let’s move on to something more constructive.regardless of what we think of the president I don’t see no one who can do better it is not a one man job,we need to send a message on election day .

  58. DAD August 22, 2011 at 3:33 pm #

    What I do not understand is why there is so much negativity and divide when we need all of our forces aligned with one another to make a change. I would like to know what forums and what plans are being put in place to turn our nation around within our communities. What are we doing to implement plans, structure, reengineering, growth and developement in our own communitiies together. What is working and what can we emulate to make a difference.
    While we continue to call each other clowns and talk about what our president’s have not done, other countries are taking back their lives by fighting the regime. I do not want to read 20 – 30 comments about who is talking about whom. Our President may not be 100% but he has done a lot more than many. It is up to us as a people to come together to do the rest.

  59. John Taylor August 22, 2011 at 3:56 pm #

    thank you for a comment that really address the situation it’s up to us as a people to make a differance not the government,there is too much money in our community for us to be at the bottom of the social and economic status,we more than any other people should be acting and dealing as family not enemies.

  60. Let's talk about the issures at hand that they all should be addressing if they have commen August 23, 2011 at 6:38 pm #

    What we should be asking all of them is what are there contrubutions to our people? Examples how many blacks do they employe? What are there salaries? What are there organizations doing for our people? How many black people are they trying to help? Let’s talk about what they are doing for the black people? When they can give you some information on that then they will have the right to sit down with the president and offer some suggestions.
    If they are not doing anything for us then they need to go to sleep.
    We all need to send a message to the politicians and cut their pay and benefits and jobs will be created.

  61. Anonymous August 26, 2011 at 8:41 pm #

    So many words but so little to say. I think that all of the principles involved in this story have let their opinions be knows and no one can be faulted for that. I tend to come out on the side of Harvey and Joyner in this matter because of their gravitas when it comes to supporting their communities. Both Smiley and West are primarily commentators and do not tend to go much farther when it comes to their community involvement.

    I also think that many in the media are hypersensitive when it comes to being critical of the President because of how it is done. We have to learn to disagree without being disagreeable. I have seen many who have a bone to pick with the President use those who are his allies and the things they say as a foundation for negative comments. In the end I think that Steve and Tom realize (as many others do as well) that this issue of having the first lack President is bigger than them. This is the primary reason that I have been more impressed with Al Sharpton in recent years.

    I often wonder if those who are overly critical of President Obama think that African Americans would be better off if he lost his bid for re-election. I am sorry to say that there is no one in the GOP that would benefit the black citizen more than Obama and since there is no Democratic primary the choices we have are either Obama or one of the GOP candidates.

    I wonder how these black icons (Tavis and Cornell) would feel if due to their actions Obama lost his bid for re-election. Then they could be lumped into the category with those in the conservative wing of the current congress. This is a group that would rather see the country go to hell in a hand-basket than to compromise with the President. These two men would rather see Obama lose the election and us have a Republican President just so they can get their pound of flesh.

  62. Errick August 26, 2011 at 8:43 pm #

    So many words but so little to say. I think that all of the principles involved in this story have let their opinions be knows and no one can be faulted for that. I tend to come out on the side of Harvey and Joyner in this matter because of their gravitas when it comes to supporting their communities. Both Smiley and West are primarily commentators and do not tend to go much farther when it comes to their community involvement.

    I also think that many in the media are hypersensitive when it comes to being critical of the President because of how it is done. We have to learn to disagree without being disagreeable. I have seen many who have a bone to pick with the President use those who are his allies and the things they say as a foundation for negative comments. In the end I think that Steve and Tom realize (as many others do as well) that this issue of having the first lack President is bigger than them. This is the primary reason that I have been more impressed with Al Sharpton in recent years.

    I often wonder if those who are overly critical of President Obama think that African Americans would be better off if he lost his bid for re-election. I am sorry to say that there is no one in the GOP that would benefit the black citizen more than Obama and since there is no Democratic primary the choices we have are either Obama or one of the GOP candidates.

    I wonder how these black icons (Tavis and Cornell) would feel if due to their actions Obama lost his bid for re-election. Then they could be lumped into the category with those in the conservative wing of the current congress. This is a group that would rather see the country go to hell in a hand-basket than to compromise with the President. These two men would rather see Obama lose the election and us have a Republican President just so they can get their pound of flesh.

  63. Douglas August 27, 2011 at 8:18 pm #

    I think it is rather naive of many of our people to think President Obama would solve or focus on most of the ills plaguing the black community. As a few others have already stated, the President is President to ALL Americans, and not just to a particular race of people. His challenge as President is even more compounded when one takes into account the history of this nation. Racist wicked white people are determined to destroy his Presidency by putting all kinds of obstacles and traps in his path so he may stumble and fail, so they can then sit back and claim a minority was given the chance, but proved incapable of stepping up to the job. It is not even a hidden agenda. That has been the goal from the minute President Obama, then candidate Obama became a viable contender for the oval office.
    Not too long ago, SC Senator Jim Demint said his goal was to break Obama. People, that is/was the language and mentality of slave masters and former plantation owners. After the campaign of calumny that the Republicans and tea-party have fiercely lauched against this President, it is rather disappointing to see black people toe the same line here and in other forums in their grandiose attempt to demonstrate their so called ‘independent thinking’ and independent views. Such self delusion!!!!

    This is exactly why we never get ahead as a people. When one of us attains a position of significance in this country, while others are ganging up to destroy him/her, some of of join to tear down that brother or sister. We immediately find all kinds of fault in that person while ignoring the competing forces wielding so much influence and power around that brother or sister of ours. Sadly, many of us are unwise. The enemy still controls the mindset of many of us. It does not take much for us to turn on our own and that is pathetic. This Hispanics would never sellout one of theirs like we do ours.

    Yes, the President is not perfect, but even as a President, he has limits. Expecting him to change everything to our liking is stupid. Those who keep talking about him doing nothing, was it not this President who signed the Health care and Education reconciliation Act which actually targetted Historically black colleges by providing for them $2.55 BILLION dollars in mandatory funding? That is money designed to be used to renew, reform, and expand programming to ensure that students in these black institutions are given every chance to rise to their full potentials. President Obama was criticised for this by the hatefilled rightwingers because they saw this as a handout to blacks.

    Black folks be careful how you conduct yourselves. We talk way too much and are never tactical in our actions. Those that have decided not to vote for Obama in 2012 never wanted to vote for him in the first place (that is if they actually ever voted for him) In their senile minds, the better alternative would be voting for a candidate from the Republican field who has no respect or concern for black people, our plight in America, or even our history. Right before our eyes, these folks are revising our history and telling us slavery was not really a bad thing. Dumb and ignorant black folks are not so concernd about people spewing such rhetoric. They are more concerned with demonizing President Obama. Shame on them.

    in our community. all or most of our problems or even appear preferential towards black people.

    • Errick August 28, 2011 at 5:09 am #


      I agree with your assessment of the situation. The only change I would make is that you would temper your delivery. I understand how upsetting it is to see or hear those who should be giving Obama the most help be his most vocal critics, but do not allow yourself to sink to their level because of anger. Of course you can never think that everyone will see things the way that you do, but one can always hope that people are willing to look a little bit further than those with an ax to grind tells them. An even bigger issue for me in this particular instance is that the rhetoric and hyperbole appears to be coming from those that like to refer to themselves as the most enlightened among us.

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    Steve Harvey missed judged just how smart Donald Trump is,with all his talk about why Trump should not be elected and I’m sure Trump’s been informed about it.so what did he do? he invites Steve Harvey to to the tower give him a job to shut him up,and instantaneously becomes a White HOUSE NIGGER.yes people Trump is smart for real. I hope Steve reads this.

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