President Obama Blames “Politics” for the Problems of America

14 Aug

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President Barack Obama continues to outsource the responsibility of job creation to congress, imploring voters to press their elected representatives to “pass bills that will create jobs.”

Speaking at a hybrid car battery plant in Holland, Michigan – an endeavor made possible by the stimulus package – President Obama says that there is nothing sub-par about the United States:

“There is nothing wrong with our country. There is something wrong with our politics,” he said to a city ravaged by a 9% unemployment rate, down from 13% in 2009.

Obama pointed to such economic stimulants as a payroll tax cut extension, a road construction bill and free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, as legislation that was “ready to go,” but was still being held hostage by a GOP controlled congress.

“You hear it my voice. I’m frustrated,” Obama said.

Yes, Mr. President, we do hear it in your voice. Your frustration that congress will not make your job easy is very apparent.  However, it is past time that you start playing offense and use all the strength that you possess to get out of the corner you have been backed into.

MSNBC’ s Rachel Maddow said it perfectly on Meet The Press:

There is one party who will not negotiate — the GOP — and there is another party who only wants to negotiate – The Democrats. The GOP has solid, non-negotiable things that they want and they fight for them. They will not cave. The Democrats don’t come to the table with what they will not cave too, they just want to “compromise”.

It is true that Democrats did not come out and vote during mid-term elections, instead waiting on the excitement and adrenaline surrounding the presidential race before once again letting their voices be heard.  It is also true that the GOP, fuelled by the Lipton Liars, has acted like terrorists, as VP Joe Biden claims, andhostage takers as well, as accused by Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), in the debt ceiling negotiations.

But that same unequivocal firmness that President Obama uses to fight counter to his party’s mission  – excessive military action in Libya and Afghanistan, refusal to stand firm on reproductive rights or LGBT equality, extending the Bush tax cuts and such intrusive policies as the Patriot Act, throwing the social safety net of millions of American citizens in the fire during debt ceiling negotiations – is the same firmness we should see when he is forced to wrestle control of domestic policy away from the GOP.

Yes, President Obama can point to a myriad of reasons for the dismal state of the economy. He can even throw in a George W. Bush reference or two for good measure. The fact remains, though, that he is the Commander-in-Chief, not the Observer-in-Chief, and his refusal to fight against the stranglehold the GOP has placed on his presidency – and the livelihood of vulnerable U.S. citizens — has weakened his legacy.

Mr. President, that is something that congress cannot change; only you can.

Click HERE to watch President Obama’s speech.

Kirsten West Savali is a staff writer with Your Black World.  Based in Los Angeles, California, her provocative topics explore the interconnectivity of race, gender, politics and culture. Kirsten’s commentary can also be found on,,,, The, and others. She is also founder of The Nomadic Poets Oasis, a website dedicated to the elevation and exposure of Poetry and Spoken Word.  Connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter: @KWestSavali


8 Responses to “President Obama Blames “Politics” for the Problems of America”

  1. John Taylor August 14, 2011 at 12:58 pm #

    the President needs to get a bachnone and stand up for something an represent those who have no representation in the government namely the majority of the people.

  2. John Taylor August 14, 2011 at 12:59 pm #

    backbone is the word

  3. Shereen R Hart August 14, 2011 at 3:20 pm #

    President Obama can’t “change” jack — not by himself. He said it when he came out of the gate and he’s been consistently saying the same thing ever since. Only the American people can do that; that’s what he said from Day 1 and I heard every bit of it. Like some folks, I wasn’t jumping on the “Yes We Can” party train at the last minute; I was on it not long after he threw his hat in the ring. If his party (yellow dogs, blue dogs, whatever) had had some “backbone” and not left him hanging on healthcare reform, he’d have been a lot more leftist and not so prone to move to the center. But if I was him, I’d have done the same–you don’t back up people who you go to bat for after they leave you dangling alone. For those who thought Obama went into the White House to walk on water on make miracles of sickness and death, you should have voted for McCain. Change is not a spectator sport. I watched that man bust his arse from Day 1 and the people who were behind him until he sat down at the Resolute desk disappeared … I can imagine he looked out the windows of the Oval Office, and one of his advisers said “Okay, so where’s all of your backers now?” Gone home and thinking you can run the country without them, that’s where. He alone can’t do jack – it is up to Congress and it is up the people of the United States … he’s maintained that from Day 1. Anyone who thinks “he alone” can do anything at all doesn’t know how the Constitution works or what Congress is supposed to do. That’s not Pres Obama’s problem, that’s a lack of knowledge on the part of the American people. And that’s what they have Constitutional law classes for. Attend.

  4. kierre kaiser August 14, 2011 at 4:44 pm #

    President Obama’s responsibility is to LEAD…to direct and show by example, the American People the way or path to take that will help us reach our common goal. That also involves teaching, motivating, inspiring and encouraging- which he does so well and are easier tasks for him. More importantly though, it also involves chastening and disciplining those who divert or distract the American People from seeking and pursuing that ‘COMMON GOAL’ that we are supposed to have as nation. Unfortunately, there are three barriers to him being able to do this: 1. We have no clearly expressed common goal as Americans; 2. Capitalism is allowed to operate as an unchastened and undisciplined entity in America; 3. President Obama must examine and ‘come to himself’ to recognize the extrodinary need to pray for the COURAGE, CONFIDENCE AND RESOLVE to stand for what he knows that common goal should be for Americans…no matter what he must sacrifice or endure to keep us focused on it. THIS IS AN ENORMOUS TASK for anyone to have…but as the President of The United States Of America…it comes with the territory. Let us pray for President Obama, his family and those of us that support him for this is not something he can do alone and it HAS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE A WAR!

  5. WizardG August 14, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

    The ultra-wealthy Anglo-Elite who run this country made Obama their front man, and we are caught up in a big and continuous fraud.

    The government is not being run by the people you are led to believe run it. Obama is not the leader of this country and if you think that the ‘whites’ who stole and own this country would allow a ‘black’ to actually lead it you are nuts!
    Just look at the big picture, think about what’s going on all around us. You can’t possibly be fool enough to believe that Obama has control over the power and direction of this country. Can you? Are you stupid or something?

    The Anglo-Elite have done a miraculous job of fooling everyone! The saddest issue is that even when we know what the White status quo is capable of, many of us still fall for the overall BS! What will it take to make you understand? Why can’t you see how our detrimental situation is connected to these Anglo-Elite schemes? Obama is part of their brilliant package of plans and schemes. They have built their fortunes and power on these sure-fire schemes. You would do well to disbelieve the load of bunk they have harnessed us with and you would surely do well to forget about Obama altogether.

  6. That's Right August 14, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Excellent post…I completely agree. Obama needs to grow a backbone, learn how to lead, and stand up for his constituents (especially black people). I’m truly disgusted by many aspects of his performance.

  7. Pudding August 15, 2011 at 5:33 pm #

    All of you who are shouting that President Obama should show some backbone, where is YOURS ? How many senators and members of congress have YOU called or written in an effort to get the ‘party of NO’ to say yes to some of President Obama’s ideas, nominees, plans ? How have you used your political weight to get the debt ceiling raised ? What political organizations have you contributed time or money to that will help the cause ? What’s that ? NONE ! Then sit down and STFU !!

    • Anonymous August 15, 2011 at 6:48 pm #

      Pudding, you must note we are not the LEADER of the freewhole either.

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