President Obama’s Team Buys a $1.1M Bus for His Jobs Tour

17 Aug

By JasmineHughes, Your Black World

President Barack Obama is traveling the Midwest on one of two new buses purchased by the Secret Service for $1.1 million. The vehicle channels something out of ‘Men in Black’ with its large size, all black body, dark tinted windows and flashing red and blue lights.

As Obama’s ventures and the expenses that accompany them continue to be questioned, Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan goes on record to emphasize that the bus wasn’t purchased solely for the president. He also said the agency has not previously had buses in its fleet and was overdue to get some since it’s had to protect politicians traveling by bus for decades.

Previously, the service has had to lease buses and retrofit them for specific purposes. Donovan said two buses were purchased and one is being used by Obama as he travels through Minnesota,Iowa and Illinois. Both will be used by other officeholders and candidates.

The Secret Service spokesman declined to comment on the buses’ design or capability, for obvious reasons, but he did say that the decision to purchase the buses was made about a year ago and had been under discussion before that.  He also added that the money was taken from a fund for transportation and armored vehicles.


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