Does the GOP Prefer to “Firewall” Immigrants?

20 Aug

"Who you calling the I-word?"

by Renee Greene, Your Black world 

According to Katherine Archuleta, “The Republican presidential candidates are carbon copies of the congressional Republicans who have blocked common-sense change at every turn. In last week’s Republican debates in Iowa, the candidates talked about walls, as if higher and longer fences could magically resolve this complex issue.”

America’s immigration system has not made sense for a very long time, including the GOP insistence on deporting babies born in America whose parents (or one parent) still happen be citizens of Mexico. The Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice are taking a look into current deportation caseloads. They will be eliminating low-priority cases and focusing on illegal immigrants and others who come into the country through Mexico, Canada, Haiti, and other places who are actually caught and convicted of the commissions of crimes.

The strategy gets the immigration authorities working on keeping America safe, over and above bigoted immigration practices to get “illegals” out of the country due to nothing more than their ethnicity or nationality. America is a nation of immigrants? Indeed, some voluntary and some ‘historically involuntary’, but here now to stay.

S. Renee Greene is a former news clerk/staff writer with the Columbus (GA) Ledger-Enquirer, a biographer and historian, and is currently owner of GreeneInk Digital Media News Association, an SEO content and news aggregator company. GreeneInk also develops static websites for small businesses, and provides writing and ghostwriting services for individuals and companies.

3 Responses to “Does the GOP Prefer to “Firewall” Immigrants?”

  1. WizardG August 20, 2011 at 3:21 am #

    The GOP. Those Right-Wing conservatives are like one side of a two headed coin where one side plays bad guy and the other plays the good guys who can’t seem to do anything. It appears that this is what they want us to perceive of them. We are conditioned to believe the hype the lies, the make believe to the point that we keep going to the polls and voting when all along we are being fooled into believing everything is functioning fairly and justly. Those who fought and died for our right to vote had no idea that the elite-whites could switch the deck on us! Now voting in this fake government is worthless in many respects and they can easily tamper with tallies or in several ways as they have previously shown. They do these things in our face and we are still naive enough to forge ahead and believe their lies?

    We keep allowing ourselves to be fooled by this two sided con game of a fake government structure. Every time we take notice and focus on these criminals and fakers as it they are real and proper we are making fools of ourselves. They know we are fools and we keep confirming it by continuing to participate in their big con game which takes us nowhere fast. In fact the more we play along with these money grubbing lying politicians on both sides the easier it is for them to smile in our faces and snicker behind our backs and nail our futures and that of our children’s further into the ground of hardship and despair. Sure some of us will survive, but at the cost of the many and of course the biggest traitors of our people will walk away very wealthy.

  2. Leroy Avery Jr August 20, 2011 at 5:12 pm #

    This is not a dem or repub thing it is a law thing and it is illegal to come to america without permission. We are a nation of laws not feelings, if people from another country do not respect our laws they will not respect us. The president and the dems only want illegal hispanics for votes, but hispanics want to take over america. Black people are too dumb to understand that if Obama gives amnesty to 20 to 30 million illegals black people will forever be on welfare, out of jobs, and depending on the government for their life. Why do black people think illegals are our friends? Obama has been in office over two and a half years, what has he done for black people? why should black people vote for Obama, because he is black?

  3. JanetL August 20, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    It’s really sad when anyone think that the Immigration process has been stalled or ignored because the President wants it that way. That’s ridiculous!

    Democrats nor Republicans want to fix the immigration problem mainly because of “Cheap Labor”

    Leroy……………….Illegals can’t vote they are undocumented!

    This is all about cheap labor and voting on both sides to some extent.

    Republicans want the Hispanic vote and the Dems as well.

    Republicans are not looking to include minorities in their party they like it just the way it is basically all white males, women pay a very small role, no diversity

    Dems have women in major roles, they are inclusive of all races, and have given this nation Social Security, Medicare, etc.

    Republicans voted against all these programs

    And these programs are not free. The American people paid and some are still paying for them and have been for 50-60 years it comes out of you pay check “Automatically”

    All this talk about Social Security, Medicare ie; Entitlements being free or Republicans who are attempting to “Kill these Programs is tad amount to Theft!

    Republicans have no plans to give the American back every dime they have paid into these programs with interest.

    No Republicans just want to Kill the Programs

    Lets’s begin by Killing Republicans & Democrats $176,000 pre year Salaries, Kill their Health Insurance, Pensions, Life Insurance all paid for by you and me.

    Less implement Term Limits for everyone in Congress so they cannot sit on our payroll for 40 years doing nothing but playing hookey, collecting our paycheck, and spending their time running for re-election and being bought off

    Sounds like the beginning of a plan to me.

    Since congress can’t create Jobs, less take theirs since they only sit and argue and bicker and Republicans in particulary, goal to to say NO to every single bill in that town.

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