Julius Kane: What You Should Know about the Martin Luther King Memorial

22 Aug

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Travelers visiting the National Mall searching for the founding fathers will soon be getting an unexpected surprise; the face of a black man. A monument honoring Civil Rights Pioneer Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. will soon sit among those dedicated to former presidents Lincoln, Washington, Jefferson and Roosevelt. Thousands of people from around the country will travel to Washington D.C. on August 28th to witness the unveiling of the long awaited memorial. Since King’s assassination in 1968, many feel that such a memorial was long overdue.
King is one of several leaders who literally changed the social and political landscape of America during his lifetime. His leadership along with thousands of others led to The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banning discrimination in public places, jobs and housing. It also led to the Voting Rights Act of 1965 prohibiting discriminating voting practices such as poll taxes adopted by southern states after the Civil War.
Born Jan 15, 1929, the son of a Baptist Minister, King followed in his father’s footsteps and became one of the most influential ministers of the 20th century. King’s appeal, leadership and fiery sermons allowed him to organize one of the largest demonstrations in American history. Over 250,000 people gathered for the March on Washington where King delivered his now famous "I have a dream" speech to protest segregation and inequality among blacks.

King was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964 and his birthday became a federal holiday in 1983; fifteen years after his untimely death. This new memorial is a fitting tribute to the legacy of the non-violent movement King spearheaded.  According to an Aug 4th USA TODAY/Gallop Poll 99% blacks and 89% of whites approve of the memorial. Visit julius kane at: The Unexpurgated Truth


5 Responses to “Julius Kane: What You Should Know about the Martin Luther King Memorial”

  1. Harold L Carter August 22, 2011 at 7:52 pm #

    I attended both the original March on Washington for Jobs and Equality in 1963 when I heard Rev Dr Martin Luther King give his “I Have a Dream” speech as a college student and the Memorial March twenty years later in 1983. Yes, it is long overdue and I am very pleased, excited, and look forward to the August 29, 2011 dedication ceremonies and the huge crowd anticipated to be present. Hopefully, it will enhance or enabled further progress towards jobs and equality under our first African American U.S. President in U.S. history, Barack Obama.

  2. WizardG August 22, 2011 at 8:23 pm #

    Martin the man, the martyr, the lover of mankind suffered the greatest penalty for his sacrifices for African-Americans (“blacks”) and the US society in general. His biggest mistake was speaking out against the Vietnam war which was another war of Anglo-Elite pillaging. His ability to reach and influence millions of people was a direct threat to the checkbooks of the elite!

    Obama means nothing to us! He does not represent us and in fact represents more racist harm to African people across the diaspora!

    It’s easier for the white racist-elite to screw us if they position a ‘black’ in their seat of leadership! The seat of President has long been a facade but ignorance prevents most from recognizing this.

    Obama used “friends” to climb to the top. Some of his friends male and female have stated how he now ignores them altogether after getting them to support him and collect contributions for him. Doesn’t that tell anyone something? Obama moved through the political spectrum at lightening speed first to U.S. Senator, then President. What white person has done that in such a short time? Doesn’t that tell you something? Obama was given a million dollar handshake in the form of a ‘Peace Prize’ even after he began to send more troops to war. Doesn’t that tell you something? Obama is now very wealthy and powerful with no connections to either the descendants of African slavery or the African-American poor (besides marriage). Doesn’t that tell you something?
    Obama is doing everything the Anglo-Elite would have a ‘White’ president do and more against our population and to ‘blacks’ around the world. Doesn’t that tell you something?

    It should tell you that Obama is a “Made Man”..Like in the Mafia. He is a ‘black’ made man in the “White Man’s Mafia”. The things he represents does no good for the populace but everything for the Anglo-Elite Wealthy and Status Quo.

    The working class and poor who support him are ignorant and misguided beyond belief!
    Obama is not working for you, he is not your friend and he will do nothing to repair the damage the rich and elite are purposely doing in our country, and against the wishes of all of the common citizenry! Obama shows us every day that he is a con-man of the highest degree yet many are unable to fathom the deception and it is exactly what the Anglo-Elite counted on and why they so slyly and spiritedly foisted Obama into our lives. (Obama: The man we should love to hate).
    When Obama walks away from the white man’s White House we will be much more shattered than ever and the Africans across the diaspora will be annihilated in ways we cannot imagine, Many will never be able to perceive the nature of the ‘era of Obama’ as it is, but of course the Anglo-Elite know exactly what they are doing.

    So Obama can do as he pleases, because it is what the wealthy do and he will not benefit ‘black’ people ever! In fact his face in this Anglo-dominant country makes us more vulnerable to the evils that the white shysters have in store for our people!
    Black people seem too lovestruck to comprehend our dilemma.

    • Teiko-Kootse August 23, 2011 at 12:05 am #

      Over 250,000 people gathered for the March on Washington where King delivered his now famous “I have a dream” speech to protest segregation and inequality blacks.

    • The African August 23, 2011 at 8:46 am #

      WizardG, comments like yours give life to the theory: “The Black race doesn’t need outside help to destroy itself. There is sufficient hatred within to cause it to self-destruct.” Yea, such twisted, irrational thinking, as expressed above, shows why we are where we are. We can’t celebrate each other’s success. Now I am not suggesting that a Black brother be given a pass just because he’s black (even though, by and large, the other races are more accommodating of failures within their communities) but I am talking about this kind of hateful, undue critical spirit (crab-in-the-barrel mentality) that would drive a man to essential see his brother as a traitor. It’s pathetic.

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