Hispanics Now Surpass African Americans in College Enrollment

27 Aug


hispanic students, black students



One Response to “Hispanics Now Surpass African Americans in College Enrollment”

  1. yourblackresourcesY September 16, 2011 at 11:27 pm #

    It’s always good to better yourself whether through higher education or vocational skills training. A major problem I see with Black ppl and Latinos is instead of working together to make futuristic difference they’re constantly working to better themselves to be accepted by this white supremacist “corrupted” system that is not as fair, in any way, as the former and the latter have been lead to believe it is. So called minorities of “color” need to focus their learning towards separating themselves from this “white is right skin-color based system.” Why? Because it’s wrong!!! When the devil is counting who’s ahead of who from a race based perspective it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where he’s going, when he’s controlling all of the resources “both groups” need to survive!!! We must all be aware that Black ppl nor Hispanics control enough resources to provide jobs for all of their ppl, so Satan’s mission is to pit Blacks & Hispanics to compete against each other to work for him! In California it’s a known fact that Hispanics account for almost 70% of all of the jobs because it all fits into the devil’s plan.

    Did you know that the US’s original economy started from the enslavement of our ancestors? Did you know that the US economy began under the name: Plantation Economy? Their idea or plan is to nurture Hispanics through education and economics to position them to be the “new Plantation Economy.” It’s a reality in Calif. at this very moment. Our problem is we don’t have the resources that we desperately need to provide for ourselves, especially our children. The foregoing problem is real because we’ve been led to hate ourselves which has led us to being divided which allows the dominant white culture to further control our future, which is not GOOD!!!

    This system has an overwhelming fear for Black ppl and this is another reason why they’ve allowed Hispanics and others to come here and it’s been going on since 1903!! From the great European migration beginning in 1903, which gave birth to the infamous Ellis Island, they learned that as long as they provide others (non-Blacks) with the resources to make and raise families the Pan African population will continue to spiral downward. This “schizophrenic system” is designed to keep Blacks and Latinos like crabs in a barrel, divided against each other based on skin color! So we have to always question everything Satan does because he’s got a strong track record that says whatever he does there’s always some form of deception, trickery and corruption involved. My message to Blacks and Latinos is: Do not allow him to deceive you into believing everything is normal when he’s controlling most of the world’s resources through “theft, lies, criminal behavior and global mass murder.”


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