Colin Powell Is Upset about Dick Cheney’s New Book

29 Aug

colin powell, black politics

Your Black World reports.

Colin Powell may no longer be Secretary of State, but he is still being attacked by his former colleagues at the White House.  Powell accused former Vice President Dick Cheney of taking “cheap shots” at him in a newly released book.

The book, called “In My Time,” focuses on Cheney’s experience in politics and the Bush Administration.  Cheney said that he thinks that Powell was attempting to undermine President Bush by criticizing the policies of his administration to those outside the government.

Powell contradicts Cheney’s assertion, stating that he simply gave the president the best advice he could.  Cheney says that Powell’s resignation was “for the best,” while Powell says that he was planning to leave the administration anyway.

Powell also says that Cheney’s remarks about Condoleeza Rice were condescending.  Many believe that Powell is using code language for the fact that Dick Cheney has been accused of being racist. 

Observers also speculate that Powell was the scapegoat used by the Bush Administration during the ill-advised wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  It was the public trust Americans had for Powell which led to his convincing argument that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.  No weapons were found and many believe the evidence Powell presented had been fabricated. 


6 Responses to “Colin Powell Is Upset about Dick Cheney’s New Book”

  1. WizardG August 29, 2011 at 3:21 am #

    Colin Powell is upset about his fellow republican’s book and I’m upset with Colin Powell and his role in helping the CIA and military elite etc. purposely dump crack cocaine into our communities.

    A top level government official involved in helping to decimate people is not a hero nor someone to overlook as a criminal and traitor against the people let alone “blacks”.
    We are thoroughly fooled by many of these culprits which makes their deviously evil and deadly actions against us that much easier to pull off!

  2. WizardG August 29, 2011 at 3:33 am #

    Weapons of mass destruction were not found because they were never there. We are lied to on a continuous basis by politicians and government officials who do not have our best interests at heart. They are serving themselves as well as the elite.
    The inspectors had cleared Iraq long before the attacks on them. The Iraqi people were left with a decimated country long before the lies were used to bring greater terror to them. Nothing is as it seems in this country that is run by white supremacists with dire intentions and deep hatred for people of color and others difficult to control.

    Saddam was made a scapegoat by these lying maniacs and the people here who are so conditioned and brainwashed were all too ready to believe these demons. People like Powell have gained fame and fortune from doing their bidding. These people can’t possibly believe in the ‘God’ they pass off on the populace because if they did they wouldn’t be able to do these very evil and vile deeds against humanity on a constant basis. You can’t rationalize your way out of such evil against your fellow man!

  3. BBYRD August 29, 2011 at 9:39 am #

    Colin Powell has to take his ” blows” too. He was a part of it so don’t try to slip out of the back door now. Back door? Ops!!!

  4. Nothing But The Truth August 29, 2011 at 2:07 pm #

    Dick Chaney is a “War Criminal” who now wants to go back and change history. He and the worst President in the history of the United States, george bush, gave Secretary of State Colin Powell, an honorable man, false information about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction, and then put Secretary Powell out as the scapegoat for their dirty deeds when no weapons of mass destruction were found. George bush and dick cheney are “War Criminals” who should be brought to justice as other “War Criminals” are brought to justice! Are Americans who commit crimes against humanity better than other “War Criminals” who commit the very same crimes? No, all “War Criminals” should be brought to justice whatever their nationality! Are Americans privileged “War Criminals” just as white people commit all kinds of criminal acts and get probation, or extremely light sentences, while black people commit those very same “criminal acts” and get harsh and extremely unfair sentences?

  5. naadabee August 29, 2011 at 2:57 pm #

    Colin Powell was probably threatened by the Bush administration to get on board with the whole Iraq Was thing. He may have been the face, and WMD’s thing but that was a tactic to scare the American people,play on our misguided pride that we are the best and ain’t no one gonna blow up somethin in our yard and not pay for it. This was an opportunity for Bush machine to solidify 4 more years in office, which he got. Colin Powell kept pressing the president and the in positions of influence that we need to make sure we actually have proof of the WMD’s before we launch an offensive. Saddam was mocking us and let’s face it Iraq was in some hell long before all of this. Why the other Arab nations who loved to call him an infidel and all allowed him to jeopardize the safety of fellow Muslims for as long as he did is…… UN resolution 1449 (?) was something that he kept referring to. He was waiting for the Germans and others on the fact finding commission to say what they found. They dragged their heels. The found nothing but we later found out that they were receiving money form the Iraqis to cast doubt, well I am not sure now if it was money but the were vested in oil I believe, and were either getting breaks or oil product at a reduced price. When the US went on in to invade Iraq that is when Powell bowed out. I believe it was one of two things…He was either given an ultimatum to ride or die or he went with his better conscience and said I have told this man (George W.) what I think is in the best interest of the country and of the Iraqis and new he could no longer compromise himself for the misguided, pride fuel vision of a few people, so he broke out. I also believe that Condoleeza Rice was the scapegoat that Powell wouldn’t be to some extent but I also believe that his number was the one she called late in the midnight hour to gain some real prospective in dealing with GW. I am sure they knew that and made her job very difficult

  6. wildn0102 August 31, 2011 at 1:12 am #

    I watched that interview in it’s entirety with Bob Scheiffer and I still can’t figure out where General Powell became “Upset.”

    I recall him saying that, “for a man who held such a high position in politics and society (Veep), I find it interesting that he would say that ‘heads in Washington will explode.’ Well, my head hasn’t exploded and I don’t think any other heads have exploded as well.”

    Again, this is “YBW” way of misleading to a story.

    Btw, General Powell has accepted what he did. He has apologized profusely as well. For a man who served in Vietnam and his entire adult life in the US Army, I would expect a little more respect from you clowns who are accusing him of passing the buck!

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