Obama Aide Calls Criticism from Black Leaders Bullsh*t

31 Aug

When members of the black community accuse the Obama White House of behaving disrespectfully toward the black community, this is what they mean:

“Is President Obama finally ready to bite back and throw down with black leaders who have ridden him nonstop for the past few months for his lack of attention to black America? Politico quoted an Obama insider as saying, “The whole thing is bull-[bleep] … We have met with [black leaders] more than any other group and we are increasing our outreach.”


If the mere injection of the African American community into a conversation prompts you to use swear words, then not only are you unsympathetic to the needs of the African American community, you’re openly combative.

I thought this White House was led by the only grown-up in the room? Much to the disappointment of many liberals, the Obama administration has never gone gangsta on anyone. They didn’t call bullsh*t when they were inexplicably held hostage by the Tea Party, but mention the African American community and watch the nasty words fly.

As I noted previously, President Obama recently met with the Urban League’s Marc Morial and the NAACP’s  Ben Jealous for all of half an hour. Compare that to the two to three day conference the White House assembled to discuss issues important to the Hispanic community.

And regardless of whom White House staff met with or how many times they met with them, the issue is one of results. What are they doing over there at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. to follow-up legislatively on the sparse discussions they’ve had with concerned members of the African American community?

It seems only fair that the reporter from Politico would follow up on concerns articulated by Smiley, West and others. It seems only natural that the White House would have on hand a canned answer to address such a question. Apparently, however, a discussion about the black community wasn’t the discussion that the White House official had in mind. In fact, a conversation on black issues is never the discussion that Obama and his surrogates are desirous of having.

If a reporter were to question a member of the Obama administration about an issue that impacts disabled veterans, Hispanics, or the Tea Party, one seriously doubts that “ bullshit” would’ve been the reply. These aforementioned groups are highly respected by the White House and deserving of a deliberate and well-considered acknowledgment of their concerns. African-Americans? Not so much.  We’re expected to be happy with the symbolic victory of having a black man, however far removed from traditional black values, in the White House. Any assertion that issues impacting the African American community be addressed with the same seriousness as those impacting other communities is met with unmistakable anger and condescension.

Obama and his surrogates must begin to make peace with the fact that the African American vote is all they’ve got. According to the August 30th Gallup poll, President Obama’s approval is at 40 percent. He has an approval rating of 44 percent among Hispanics, 32 percent among whites, and a whopping 83 percent among blacks.

I know it’s a hard pill for Obama to swallow, but he’s been largely unsuccessful at brownnosing his way to majority approval. A nice smile and goodwill only goes so far. The Tea Party and independents aren’t impressed with a President who stakes out the position of lackey-in-chief.

If President Obama has any hope of being reelected, he’ll need to play to his base instead of alienating his base. Feeding the hand that turns you away and biting the hand that feeds you (and votes for you) is, well – bullshit.

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3 Responses to “Obama Aide Calls Criticism from Black Leaders Bullsh*t”

  1. WizardG September 1, 2011 at 3:57 am #

    So now some blacks are starting to realize that Mr. Obama is nothing more than a stand in for the ultra powerful ultra-white-supremacist descendants of slave-masters and “Indian” killers. They took this country, own this country and nothing can live, eat, sleep, drink, survive or think without their greedy hands in it. Surely power trumps the wishes, hopes and dreams of the people. Politicians with power are a whole different breed of scoundrels. They are much like mafia bosses with their attitudes, bodyguards, arrogant pushy postures and an evil slant to boot!

    Mr. Obama can do nothing to help our suffering community, but he probably wouldn’t if he could. I don’t think he’s wired with the compassion he is good at faking. The people around him are just as treacherous and conniving and they’ve got their minds on their money and their money on their minds. Of course they are going to curse at our genuinely concerned leaders because they realize that their BS is not as easily accepted as it was before. And sitting back behind all this BS are those same old Anglo-Elite who would enjoy nothing more than seeing us either all dead or all behind bars. They had tried to ship us all to African once but their efforts failed and their control, manipulation, pillaging of Liberia is typical of what they do to any country where the ‘people of color’ are weaker and unable to stand up against a brainwashed military machine filled with desperate people who are ignorant of the facts of their political predicament.
    Look at what they’ve done to Haiti. In our face! And there is very little we can do because we have no power, no unity, no proper education, no proper state of mind and no financial unity among so many of the things that the ‘Jews’ do possess. We were screwed when our ancestors were brought here and we’re still getting screwed now!

    Our good leaders can talk to Obama until they turn blue in the face and soon they will have to realize that Obama was put into that position to do just what he is doing which is the opposite of what we want and need him to do. Just the opposite of what the common people of this whole country, and indeed the world, wants or needs. He is helping the Anglo-Elite pillage the world and decimate people of color!

    Sure we could retract our support for Obama, but something tells me that none of what we say or do matters any more, if it ever has. Talking about BS? This whole social structure is nothing but BS.

  2. WizardG September 1, 2011 at 4:23 am #

    The latest news from Save Dafur:
    Dear WizardG,

    “History is repeating itself in South Kordofan, Sudan. And the same man that destroyed the lives of a generation of Darfuris is getting away with murder again.

    Sudan’s president Omar al-Bashir is slaughtering people in South Kordofan and doing everything he can to keep the outside world from finding out. So far, his strategy is working. Why? Because the U.S. government and the United Nations are quite literally choosing to ignore his brutal attacks.

    A report released yesterday by our friends at Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International related this disturbing news: “The relentless bombing campaign is killing and maiming civilian men, women, and children, displacing tens of thousands, putting them in desperate need of aid.”[End quote]

    With Mr. Obama in place the Anglo-Elite are pressing forward in a genocidal tidal wave against Africans like never before. They will want Obama for a while longer so that they can continue their diabolical strategy. You will understand better when you see who they choose when they are done with using Obama. Will it be another black’s face?

  3. Destiny Adams Jackson September 2, 2011 at 4:33 pm #

    Let’s stop alienating ourselves with this Black America stuff. I agree I am of the Black American culture but first I am Human, Then I am American who is Black. This man got Osama, the 911 terrorists when others could not. He appointed the first Asian American as an Ambassador to China, appointed Hispanics, women and other minorities to places in government. If one is mad because they are unemployed, can;’t get a business loan, or house mortgage, look at your own credit score and realize that we allow Big business to keep us down. I say let’s petition to get rid of these credit agencies because they are nothing but pimps. Let’s teach out children Latin, Geography, True History and Economics and then let’s have a debate on Politics. If you don’t understand the stock market, the fundamentals of business or let alone what countries surround the one you live in; then be like a mime and shut up… Oh yeah that right, we, in America as American have the 1st Amendment for the Freedom of Speech, Press, Religion, the right to Petition and Assemble. P.S. “Where is my bailout?” We gave it to the banks and now they won’t give it to us. That’s who we should be mad at.

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