Economic Policy Expert Claud Anderson Writes Open Letter to President Obama

7 Sep

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2 Responses to “Economic Policy Expert Claud Anderson Writes Open Letter to President Obama”

  1. Destiny Adams September 8, 2011 at 12:29 am #

    Lets invest in our youth through adequate education. Have the students learn Economics, Government, Latin, and cultural and social History along with Math and Science. Yes, let’s invest in American owned business and stop giving the grants to non Americans. Bring customer service for American back to America. Support our country by eliminating the Credit Bureau if banks do not have to have to abide by the same rules. Eliminate the Inheritance tax. Let’s stop whining and take our country back from paperwork and people who are not qualified in the high end positions they obtain because they have friends on top.

  2. Christian September 8, 2011 at 2:28 am #

    Raise the Rich Kids Tax (i.e. the inheritance tax). The Rich Kids’ Inheritance Tax should be 90% for all estates valued at over 10 million dollars. Inherited money monopolizes opportunity. It’s easy to be successful when you’re born on 4th base. It is far more difficult if you’re born on home plate. They may seem like the same place, but they are not. One is a guaranteed score, the other is a mere chance to score. Worse still is those who are born in the batter’s box, or in the dugout. Their struggle is made almost impossible by entrenched trans-generational wealth. The answers to our economic woes are simply.

    1) Roll back the Reagan tax cuts and tax the Rich again at 72% or higher thus preventing bubble economies and providing money to restore Americas infrastructure to the best in the world. We can provide free education from pre-school through doctorate simply by making the rich invest in America through our tax policy. Bet to force them to invest here than continue to allow them to invest in China.

    2) Pull out of GATT, NAFTA, and the WTO and put high Hamiltonian style tariffs on all imported goods and services (at least 50%, 100% for all goods and services that should be made in the USA). This will force the return of high paying jobs to the USA. “Free Trade” is a marketing line and a marketing lie. Throw these bad deals in the trash bin of history where they belong. These deals only serve to undermine all governments democracies and dictatorships alike by refeudalizing the planet along trans-national corporate lines. They turn everyone into refeudalized corporate peasants – the new slavery.

    3) An Import unemployment benefit tariff is a great idea
    4) An import medicare tariff is also a good idea
    5) An import social security tariff is yet another good idea
    6) Eliminate the cap on Social Security taxes so that the government can permanently fix social security as well as immediately double social security payments to all recipients making social security a real pension that all Americans can retire on.
    7) Pass Medicare for All.
    8) You want to spur entrepreneurship then Medicare for All and Social Security doubled as a real retirement pension will allow people to safely quite their corporate jobs and start new companies. Now one should have to give up their first amendment rights in order to make a living, but that’s what happens when you work for a corporation.
    9) Enforce the Sherman Anti-Trust Act and the Buy American Act.
    10) Restore to Wagner Act to Law to strengthen and restore our unions. Unions are democratic institutions. Their strength is needed to counter act against autocratic wealth otherwise we are simply refeudalized corporate peasants.

    Basically we need to restore the FDR Social Contract with all American People. That contract being that every American is entitled to a 40 hour week job that provides a good middle class salary with paid vacations, a good middle class lifestyle, good healthcare, and a comfortable good retirement pension plan, as well as significant protections against the over-priveledged economic royalists of today.

    Ronald Reagan broke that contract and started this country down the road to refeudalized trans-national corporate slavery. The new Republican social contract is simply you are entitled to be the working poor, that is when you can find work, and so what if you have to compete with Asians making 50 cents a day; that’s the free market. Screw the free market. I believe in promoting the general welfare and securing the blessings of liberty for me and my fellow Americans. Obama needs to act like FDR instead he is the best Republican president since Eisenhower.

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