A Grieving Mother Writes About the Pain and Tragedy of Gun Violence

9 Sep

tamika mallory writes a letter about gun violence

by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Your Black World

A mother and Your Black World Coalition member, Tamika Mallory, has written an open letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, arguing that the mayor has been disappointing in his response to gun violence in the city.  Black and brown children are regular victims of gun violence, and many of these crimes occur because authorities are not willing to make the political sacrifice necessary to stop the flow of guns into our communities.

Tamika also happens to be the National Executive Director of the National Action Network.  I applaud her letter to the governor.  At least 48 people were shot in the New York City area during Labor Day Weekend alone, many of them being people of color.  I hope that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is doing all he  can to stop the problem….after all, this occurred in his own back yard.

The letter is below:


September 7, 2011

The Honorable Andrew M. Cuomo
Governor of New York State
NYS State Capitol Building
Albany, NY 12224

Dear Governor Cuomo,

When my son was two years old his father was killed as a result of gun violence and before that time and after, I watched people in my community be terrorized by the everyday possibility that someone they know might not come home because they were shot and killed.

I have watched as you have done powerful things for so many New Yorkers as Governor.  You have used your power in Albany to pass same sex marriage when others who tried before you failed. Just this past weekend you organized a successful "labor for your neighbor" program in Upstate New York to help those families ravaged by Hurricane Irene.

I guess it is because you have been so successful everywhere else that I have been so deeply disappointed at your failed leadership to date and silence on the issue of gun violence in urban New York.  While you roll up your sleeves to help Upstate neighbors repair the damage to their communities over Labor Day weekend, you did nothing and said nothing while 48 people (some reports say nearly 100 people) were shot in New York City and three people were killed over that same time period.

Unfortunately, that is hardly surprising.  While you have been in office hundreds of people have been shot, many of them youngsters and seniors.

African Americans and Latinos know you can do something here because you have done it in other areas with great success.  I am requesting that you meet with grassroots, local and community leaders immediately to present your plan to remedy what many are referring to as terrorism within communities of color. I personally urge you to be a leader on this issue since you have been so alarmingly silent up to now.

Yours in Progress,

Tamika D. Mallory

National Executive Director

National Action Network


3 Responses to “A Grieving Mother Writes About the Pain and Tragedy of Gun Violence”

  1. Anonymous September 9, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    I applaude your effort and concern. However, the governor is only successful in the efforts you mentioned because the grassroot “leaders/activitist” is/was successful, and the governor takes the bows!!

    I don’t know the name of the grassroot “leader” for the Mayors’ successfuI projects, which you mentioned in your letter, because successful grassroot “leaders” leave give their spot light to political figures, to ensure success in all their grassroot projects.
    Therefore, aving explained above, how thngs work, I suggest you contact the Black grassroot leader in your area, (whose name I do know because he is always in the spotlight talking about the needs of the people, but never getting results, because he keeps himself the spotlight for himself) Al Sharpton.

    I can’t off hand name a successful project he has conducted. He does have a nationwide (syndicated) talk show, and he does show up for as a representive of the Black Community when a “leader” is needed to show, but other than gaining a good financial standing for himself, I cannot name a successful project he has conducted for the Black Community. Please advise me of one — I reallly would like to be wrong on this issue. Gun violence and drugs (both promoted through the “rap” industry, grossing millions out of the hands of young Black people y early) is wiping out the Black race. And, if any grassroot leader has a project on the burner it should be gun & drug violence (you really can’t name one without the other)!

    I suggest you redirect your enery from the governor of New York, to the Black grassroot leader of New York — Al Sharpton. And, I further suggest you advise Al Sharpton to take the light off himself, begin a project to stop gun & drug violence, and allow every successful accolade to be given to the policital leader in the specific land area of the project’s success — then eventually there willl be true success, and then the governor will get the credit for the success of the project . . . That is how it works!

    Again, if I am wrong in my observations, please advise me, because I want to be wrong about this . . . but I know for sure, after Dr. King, Jackson, Sharpton, (et. al) are all opportuntiest of Dr. King’s dream with no dream sequence of their own.

    Leatrice Porcher-Watson

  2. Anonymous September 10, 2011 at 6:19 am #

    if people are stupid enough to not know that everyone is is the same no matter what colour or nationality they are than they cannot understand the pain that violence brings to anyone and everyone and i commend u for your approach to ending the violance.

  3. LETTLIVE September 21, 2011 at 1:33 am #


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