Herman Cain Says the Liberals Killed Jesus

19 Oct

What The Hayell?!: Herman Cain Accuses 'Liberal Court' of Killing Jesus

Herman Cain is back in the news again with yet another interesting and controversial statement.  Is he truly presidential material? 

2 Responses to “Herman Cain Says the Liberals Killed Jesus”

  1. Anonymous October 19, 2011 at 1:36 am #

    People who believe in Jesus, God, the devil, ghosts, angels, and demons are very insane without ever recognizing it, and then there are those who believe these things and are able to wield power over other people. They are the worst! Those that believe but have no power inadvertently support those who have power. These two groups combined are the source of mankind’s greatest problems. They are insane to believe that they are innocent of any wrongdoings, and they are naive to believe that they are good people. The so-called good are as guilty as the more selfish, diabolical and evil by association. All throughout history the naive worshipers have supported the deadly diabolical worshipers by fundings and religious propagation among many other connects. People like Herman Cain are very dangerous, but there are those connected and higher on the elitist ladder that conquer and destroy whole nations of people while teaching the survivors to believe in God!

  2. Anonymous October 19, 2011 at 1:51 am #

    Herman Cain is another lost soul who has know idea about anything least of all JESUS if he made a statement like that.Jesus died for the sins of the whole world including his.

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