Gadhafi is Dead

20 Oct

Libyan leader Gadhafi is dead

The Libyan dictator had a 42-year run that has now come to an end. 

2 Responses to “Gadhafi is Dead”

  1. Destiny October 20, 2011 at 6:53 pm #

    #america is kicking terrorist where it hurts

  2. WizardG October 20, 2011 at 7:05 pm #

    Can they use a “black” man to help them destroy blacks?
    Muammar is dead and so goes another African “black” man who is destroyed by the ever powerful, always diabolical and demonic Christian “white” right/left, Euro-American Anglo-Elite conquest of the world. We are following (and copying) these evil people and we sanction everything they do by merely practicing their belief systems, supporting their crooked, convoluted form of government and backing the “people” they choose as leaders and officials.
    I knew this (The demonizing and murdering of Gadhafi), was going to happen beforehand. I have already stated dozens of times that these ‘scheming’ racists in power will use anything to get whatever they want. They will kill whomever needs to be killed, tell any lie that needs to be told and place anyone they want to [use] to conceal themselves, into these ‘fake leadership’ positions. This is where your friend Mr. Obama comes into play. Because with Obama in place they can murder quicker, faster, stronger, and more deadlier, with very few people ever able to see or understand the true machinations and very nature of their schemes.

    That’s right! So our “black” president represents the Anglo-elite (one percent) of this country (He obviously doesn’t represent the 99 percent). The majority of black people are unaware of how deceptive many seemingly “nice” people are, and in how many ways we are deeply deceived. Most “blacks” will not listen and they think they are enlightened but I’m sorry they are not! There will be no decent future for our children. Most will fall prey to the powerful ‘white-supremacist’ plots. Many can’t see what is right before them for what it really is because their minds refuse to believe ‘true’ reality while continuing to accept much that is a fantasy indoctrinated by the same Anglo-elite that have strategized their power-advances since before and during slavery. Most of us are suffering “mass public delusion” at it’s greatest peak! White people in general will never do anything that favors “blacks” over them! Which means that they are (disingenuous about nearly everything) including helping African nations. They aren’t helping us here so they surely aren’t helping other Africans or ‘People of Color’. Finally. Because we have become ever weakened by our inability to comprehend what is happening around us, we are certainly doomed to fall victim to the “Super-White” children of our African forefather’s slavers. There is no waking up from this nightmare which continues, and is surely partially nourished by we ourselves.

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