Why Herman Cain’s Weird New Ad Makes Sense

25 Oct

This Herman Cain ad is not a fake, not an Onion parody, it’s real.

And since cigarettes haven’t been cool since the eighties, a few things jump to mind here,  the first of which is that my suspicions about Cain were true. He’s an unserious candidate with little genuine desire to secure the Republican nomination.

For Cain, this sort of political adventurism seems more about securing the good graces of the white electorate (and a place on FOX News)  than actually going for the big prize. This might also explain why Cain’s usually dressed like Mr. Rogers, in sweater vests, rather than the usual Presidential uniform of a blue suit and crimson tie.

When Cain initially emerged on the scene, I immediately proclaimed him the second coming of Alan Keyes; the black man who every white Republican says could’ve been President, and whom they supported wholeheartedly. Damn shame he didn’t win right? Right.

If Herman Cain wants us all to believe that he’s in it to win it, he could start by creating serious ads based on serious issues. Having his smarmy campaign manager Mark Block take a toke in an ad as a way of vouching for him just doesn’t pass muster.

Compare Cain’s ad to Rick Perry’s ad below.

The real difference here; one man’s running for President and one man’s not. Care to guess?

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