Mississippi Tries to Argue that an Egg is a Human Being

28 Oct

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One Response to “Mississippi Tries to Argue that an Egg is a Human Being”

  1. WizardG October 28, 2011 at 9:37 pm #

    Anglos uber alles!

    In this Anglo-dominant white-supremacist society the basis of all religious and fundamental right-to-life arguments are based on preserving the white race! They see their numbers diminishing over time and they will do anything to keep ‘their’ women from aborting babies! Anyone who goes along with the program is ignorant to the fact that the religions and morals they follow are built on an Anglo white-supremacist base. People of color should understand that the white population could care less whether the “black” or “brown” or “yellow” have children. They should understand that their participation in all this is supported by happenstance and afterthought. In the struggle to continue a strong Anglo base,”The more of ‘others’ participation the merrier”.

    We (some of us) witness what happens to African-American “black”, and Hispanic “brown” children every day! The rates of children falling into poverty and death are astronomical compared to those of whites. We must remember that there are 200 million whites in this country, compared to approximately 45 million “blacks” and 40 plus million “browns” and lower numbers for the rest. This maintains the Majority/Minority ratio that whites must maintain to keep this country belonging to them!
    So again. The main issues concerning childbirth are about the numeric accumulation of “white” children. Everything in this country (just as all mainly European based countries) revolves around the survival and domination of whites over all others! Anglos uber alles! You’d better ask somebody!!!

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