Is Cain Still the Frontrunner?

4 Nov

People are still questioning whether Cain is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination? Well, for my part, I never bought into Cain’s frontrunner status to begin with. Rush Limbaugh, take it away:

To paraphrase Limbaugh, Herman Cain hasn’t been “that good” from the get go. The Right has been “desirous” of matching the Left, of one-upping President Barack Obama, and seeing a black Republican do well for a while now; first with Michael Steele, and now with Herman Cain.

In the 2008 campaign, Barack Obama was a well-studied, consistent, sharp, and ferocious competitor.   In the run up to 2012, Cain can’t even manage literate.  Barack Obama challenged the perceived inevitability of Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee. He took on the Clinton machine – and won.

Meanwhile, Cain can’t even get out of the gate, even though his main competitor – Mitt Romney – has become a parody of himself. Sure, Cain’s leading in the polls, but he’d be running away with this thing if, say, he knew where he stood on abortion, what the Palestinian right of return was, or that China already has nuclear weapons.  Sexual harassment allegations or not, Cain is not now and has never was ready for a Presidential run. Give up on this guy already.

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One Response to “Is Cain Still the Frontrunner?”

  1. Olin Ross November 5, 2011 at 6:10 am #

    This guy never was in the running…..Because of his skin tone(BLACK)………GOP isn’t ready for a Black to be president of the USA……….
    This is a charade directed & produced by the Koch Brothers & the dimwit repubs…All this hue & cry over Cain sexually harassment was staged in order to divert our attention from Obama going public on these stupid repubs obstruction of everything he have tried to do….And the Occupy Wall Street….The media did everything they could to down play these events as insignificant …..This is real and going to get bigger and bigger as time goes on…..The repubs are in serious trouble….Most people are hipped to what they are up to,,,,,,,to make Obama a one term president……They have obstruct and high jacked everything Obama tried to do……
    Obama public appeared have open the eyes and ears of many people….This is why Occupy Wall Street came out of the closet…….

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