First Black Marines to Finally Be Recognized for their Heroism

7 Nov

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One Response to “First Black Marines to Finally Be Recognized for their Heroism”

  1. WizardG November 7, 2011 at 4:07 pm #

    From Buffalo Soldiers to Marines. This White Supremacist based Nation is still incarcerating, discriminating, indoctrinating, experimenting, drug dumping, education reducing, torturing and killing us at will. Where is the actual honor?

    Everything which makes up the basis of this nation and permeates through it in time is founded and based on lies and deception!
    The true story of all things US is that the Anglo-elite began their grand deceptions against the masses long before they began extorting the wealth of the people and colonizing other nations. The kind of people who have been running and [ruining] this land mass from the beginning are nothing short of murdering diabolical psychopaths. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who plays along in this sordid facade is either a naive fool, totally misguided and misinformed, stupid, ignorant, retarded, or unwilling/willing participants trapped in this grave fiasco with no ideas of how to correct these gross problems or how to get away from the long arm of death and deception that is hopelessly regenerating itself on a continuous basis.

    Everything that is the USA is built on a base of blood, death, evil and lies. Here everything we have been indoctrinated into either forcefully or willingly is threaded with lies and gross deception. “Blacks” of all people should be able to see this better than anyone else! But it is my opinion that we have become so assimilated “Americanized” into this madness that we are (through osmosis) part of the problem and as the case may be, we have become our own worse enemies among our worse (white) enemies. So to believe anything these evil nuts say about Osama, Obama, Saddam, Noriega, or anyone and anything is a practice in idiocy. We are living in a ‘Catch 22’ environment where it seems that we’re damn if we don’t and damned if we do on every level! Much of this will never be made clear to many who’s minds are totally distorted in varying degrees and on a multitude of various subjects. Some may catch on to this dilemma, but alas most will never get it!

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