Black Scholars Disappointed with Black in America 4

15 Nov

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One Response to “Black Scholars Disappointed with Black in America 4”

  1. Axiomatic November 15, 2011 at 9:41 pm #

    What? Just what is it the scholars propose for us to do? Maybe we should ‘keep hope alive’, or believe that ‘change’ for the betterment of all is coming? This wicked spell our people have been spoon fed, over the past 50 years is indeed the same ‘bad check’ marked ‘insufficient funds’ as our beloved MLK Jr. Has informed us. All this hoopla about an “Arab spring” and concern over Europe’s economy means as much to our children as the ‘NBA’ becoming dismantled (it is no more than a tool to block their own depth and perception involving their real futures), absolutely nothing!
    This whole system of “capitalism” could not possibly last as long as, say, that “slave system” which gave this united European group their advantage over the world economy in the first place.
    Question is, how long will the fate of 40 million non whites (Asian, Indian, and Arab included in that equation) hang in the balance? They need to knock it off with their ‘talented tenth’ bull and get going with some exclusive Trades institute for all our sons and daughters who have grown weary with this whole diabolical scheme called America.

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