Obviously, We are the 1%

25 Nov

…..As evidenced by today’s Black Friday violence:


The 99 percent can’t assume to hold the one percent accountable for their greed or the violence they use to maintain it if we’re no better than them. Already today, people have been shot and pepper sprayed in a melee of Black Friday foolishness. And all for what? A bunch of stuff? People are fighting for plastic trinkets that are totally devoid of any value outside of what we assign them.

As the top one percent fights over the right to maintain their designation as a privileged class, average Americans are fighting over scraps.  As the top one percent battles with the 99 percent to ensure that their billions remain untaxed, average Americans pummel and spray each other over toys and flat screen televisions.

I’m willing to bet that there are more people Occupying Wal-Mart today than there are  Occupying Wall Street. What does that tell you? It tells me that most Americans would much rather wade in their own nihilism than emerge from it. Anybody can talk about the big bad one percent, but actually working to curb their capacity at rendering us helpless, that’s another thing altogether. That requires that we be conscious consumers instead of Pavlovian drones. Obviously, we’re not there yet.

There are occasions in human history when people are just beyond help. Occasions when people  are their own worst enemies. I find myself wondering if I’m now in the midst of just such an occasion.

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3 Responses to “Obviously, We are the 1%”

  1. carol November 25, 2011 at 9:42 pm #

    Well said!!!

  2. WizardG November 26, 2011 at 1:03 am #

    The 1 percent own at least 85 percent of the wealth! So don’t let the lunacy of the masses get [your] focus twisted.

    Everything that we think, say, and do speaks to our level of sanity (or insanity as it were). We are animals of grandeur, and what others haven’t convinced us about ourselves we convince ourselves. We are convinced that we are special and placed here by an omnipotent being, and that we are designed in his likeness. We are convinced that we are lords over all over species on the planet and some of us are convinced that they are more entitled to greater things in life than others, and in fact, most others deserve just what they get, for one odd reason or another. All this to say. Of course we will have some fighting over material things. Greed and hoarding has been thoroughly programmed into our consciousness as well as our unconsciousness and it is very difficult for some to fight it, if in fact they can even accept the concept! It should also be very obvious that we all have some level of lunacy and some of us have taken our brand of lunacy to stellar proportions. That said. We are not the 1 percent. Do not get it twisted, or do not try to twist it! The one percent are descendants of a long line of very diabolical, deceptive, and maniacal wealth/power hoarders. They have mastered many tools of ‘The Art of War’. Perpetuating psycho-biologically inbred greed and hoarding is merely an offshoot of other more vile tools such as ‘divide and conquer’ and the dispensing of propaganda and misinformation etc. They (The Anglo-elite) realized long ago that it doesn’t take much to manipulate already twisted minds to attack each other and fight over childish things. If they can already get our children to join forces with them and help them to attack us and other nations for the purpose of pillaging their resources etc. they can do a great many unorthodox and barely noticeable other things. We are victimized in many ways and we are made to victimize and blame each other as well. So understand the many frightful facets of what we are up against. Try to inform others, and if you can, try to stay away from mindless consumption and the psychological will to believe half the BS we are plied with daily! The one percent is constantly plotting against us, but we are not plotting against them many of us don’t even acknowledge their existence! Many of us do, however, acknowledge the existence of an entity they introduced us to!!!

    • Olin Ross November 26, 2011 at 2:39 am #

      The mind is a very potential & kinetic powerful mechanism…..

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