What Would Malcolm X Say about the State of Black Athletes in America?

28 Nov

what would malcolm x say about the state of the black male athlete in America

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3 Responses to “What Would Malcolm X Say about the State of Black Athletes in America?”

  1. Charles November 28, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    Slaves on Willie Lynch’s plantation-or that of Nick Saban, Joe Paterno, Les Miles, Mike K, Jim Boheim, Roy Williams, etc., and unknown Black agents.

  2. WizardG November 28, 2011 at 10:05 pm #

    Let’s get it all straight people. Here in “America” the platform has been greed for power and wealth since the very beginning! Millions upon millions of lives have been lost to fuel a greedy Anglo-elite cabal with it’s various (Jewish) collaborators and other various ‘colorful’ types.
    Surely you have all studied enough history and watched enough movies etc., to help you understand that if you try to get in the way of those robbing the masses of the world you are possibly going to seriously suffer in one way or another and in some cases you could be completely eliminated from this earth along with the millions of innocents which continue to perish!
    What Malcolm would say, what Martin would say, or what any “good” person would say has gotten, and will get them killed! The powerful machine that is running and ruining the world is in reality, [unstoppable]! If this wretched machine were stoppable it wouldn’t occur without causing the loss of [billions] of lives. What was the yell heard just before Malcolm’s execution? “Get your hands out of my pockets”! We know that wars are generating big profits for the 1 percent. ML King was speaking out against the Vietnam war!

    Football on every level feeds most of its wealth to the top ‘1 percent’. That top (secret echelon) in the upper levels of the one percent have mighty forces within their control and some of these forces are quite colorful and function because of a myriad of psychosocial ideals and concepts. Meaning they all have their own brainwashed and greed driven reasons for doing what they do and some will even refer to the [fake] religious belief concept. Many know that religious belief has caused millions of deaths but it doesn’t deter them from continuing this infected psychosis!

    All this to say that there will be many deaths and downfalls before the elite give up their cash cows and various machinations of greed driven ‘world’ slavery. Be it college football or other types of corporate human abuse! Wealth all blows upwards and crumbs trickle downward like snowflakes. Imagine that Joe Paterno had been trying to push for change. Could that have been the true secret behind his destruction? We don’t always, or never see the hidden secrets behind the big stories the corrupt elite-owned media portrays for the masses. They keep too many secrets!

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