Undocumented Student Kills Himself Because He Believed He Would Never Attend College

30 Nov

Joaquin Luna was only 18. The senior at Juarez Lincoln High School in Mission, Texas, dreamed of going to college. But since he was in the country illegally, that was nearly impossible.

Luna was quickly losing hope of ever going to college, his family says. The Friday after Thanksgiving, Luna put on a suit, kissed his family members, went into the bathroom and shot himself in the head, according to family members.

"He didn’t see no other way or no other option," his brother Diyra Mendoza toldCNN affiliate KGBT.

Mendoza found the body after hearing the gunshot.

"As soon as I pulled him out to the kitchen, I could see the bullet hole and there was no movement, no signs of anything," Mendoza said. "He was gone."


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3 Responses to “Undocumented Student Kills Himself Because He Believed He Would Never Attend College”

  1. Jorge A Gonzalez, MD November 30, 2011 at 3:48 am #

    I am a naturalized US CITIZEN and came to this country at age 5 legally after fleeing
    Fidel Castro’s regime. I am a physician
    Neurologist today thanks to the opportunity
    I was offered in this country.
    I do not believe we can turn our back
    To people under these circumstances.
    These are hard working people who want
    An opportunity many naturally born take
    for granted. Send those who are truly a
    Danger back to the country of origin, but
    Give an opportunity to those that work
    And undocumented the chance to earn
    rheir keep and pay Uncle Sam back for
    having entered illegally while incrementally
    Raising the requirements for those that
    Cross the border illegally more recently.
    Where will America draw the line?

    • Anonymous November 30, 2011 at 4:51 am #

      I am ambivalent about this whole “illegal crisis” in this country. I am empathetic to a certain extent, to those who are in this country illegally. However, it is totally unfair to reap the benefits, such as federal grants, financial aid, government subsidies, etc. if you are not a legal citizen. It is only fair and is justified. You say send those back who is a danger to our society. Well, until they prove themselves to be a danger, can that only happen. I feel that we have given many, many opportunities to illegals and one is allowing them to stay in this country. It is just unfair to give them every benefit that an american citizen have. You are right, there are many legal citizens who do not take advantage of many opportunities that our country has to offer. But, we have the “legal right” to take advantage of it or not. The line has to be drawn somewhere. I feel for this young man who is first and foremost a human being. This is an example of why illegals should do everything possible to gain citizenship in this country.

    • David2001 November 30, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

      Sad what happened to this young man but black Americans fought, died and paid a hefty price for the rights and opportunities we have in this country. Black Americans should not allow what many illegal immigration advocates are trying to do, compare this to our long fought battles for civil rights. The irony is that many of these illegals come to America with the same bigotry and racist views of black Americans as many white have. Black Americans have a right to the benefits of this country whether we use them or not, illegals don’t.

      What Illegal immigration does is drain limited resources in public education and medical care. Illegal immigration drives down wages and is a incentive for business owners to hire a frighten cheap work force that will do anything to keep their jobs. Union workers in this country fought and some died to raise workplace standards and pay for jobs in America. Many jobs that were once held by black Americans are now held by illegals. Not because of the popular racist rhetoric by illegal advocates that blacks don’t want to work. But because business owners would prefer to hire workers they can pay next to nothing for and use basally as slave labor.

      No matter how sad this story and others are black Americans should not be on the side of illegal immigration. I certainly don’t want to vilify the poor regardless of where they come from. Our government is ultimately to blame for this so call crisis by allowing business owners to hire undocumented workers. Businesses that broke the law should have been penalized with stiff fines and even incarceration.

      The years of allowing illegal immigration in this country is another example of our government not looking out for the interest of the 99%. From allowing businesses to export jobs abroad to displacing American workers with illegal immigrants.

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