Wyclef Defends Charity After Being Accused of Squandering Millions

30 Nov

wyclef jean is being accused of mismanaging funds in his foundation

A lot of folks are asking Wyclef – where did all that money go? 

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One Response to “Wyclef Defends Charity After Being Accused of Squandering Millions”

  1. WizardG November 30, 2011 at 7:39 pm #

    The work Mr. Jean has been trying to accomplish is sure to be scrutinized by the bigger charities and Anglo-elite owned media, that everyone knows are run by execs making millions at the top. If I donate money to any of these huge charities my phone begins to ring off the hook with their hired guns begging for more money. What starts out as a humanitarian effort on my part quickly becomes a recognized ponzi scheme on theirs! Every corporate entity in the West is corrupt, and every charity the so-called “good” people constructs finds grifters making millions at the top! Greed is one of our major foes in this world and the greediest of all have been proven to be of European heritage! Remember what slavery must have been like for our ancestors and understand that we are being herded back towards that era religious beliefs intact!

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