Newt Gingrich Believes that Poor Children Don’t Know How to Work

4 Dec


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One Response to “Newt Gingrich Believes that Poor Children Don’t Know How to Work”

  1. pmbalele December 4, 2011 at 5:50 pm #

    I listened to Huckabee show last night. We Blacks have to be careful with Gingrich and Republicans leaders as whole. They are there to kill Blacks if have a way. Their philosophy is based on pure capitalism or capitalism unmonitored by government. That’s business should rule the country – eliminating those who cannot cope with competition. Therefore under republican or business rule, which replaces government role, uneducated, poor, old, disabled people should be left to perish on their own. The rich whether corrupt or not should survive. Such concept was tried during Reagan and Bush administrations –i.e. let people get rich and richer eventually they will give some to others- trick down economics. See what happened – in 2008 the country was bankrupt – businesses were cheating people and the government. Who survived – billionaires and corrupt people. We cannot go back to that failed pure capitalism. I love capitalism – it makes people work harder for self-enrichment. But hate unmonitored capitalism because people tend to be corrupt and bullies. Government has role to prevent corruption and bullying of the poor, disabled and disadvantaged people. Thank God Herman Cain is out. That’s why we have OWS and other Occupiers. These have had enough with corruption. OWS focus is to stop corruption. In 2009 President Obama put law to monitor Wall Street activities. But republicans were and are still against the law. To ensure Blacks, poor whites, disabled, seniors survival we have to re-elect President Obama.

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