Donald Trump Says that Black People Have No Role Models

6 Dec

Your Black News: Sharpton Invites The Donald To The Hood To Prove Poor People Have Role Models

Donald Trump seems to believe that black people have no role models.  Just a reminder of how intelligent he is. 

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3 Responses to “Donald Trump Says that Black People Have No Role Models”

  1. ICADATRUTH December 6, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    Really? ….I mean REALLY!! does anyone care what a billionaire racist who does’nt realize that that crap on his head moves when the wind blows? The man is totally irrevelant outside of New York!

  2. pmbalele December 6, 2011 at 5:32 pm #

    Trump’s role model concept is false and therefore stupid. Trump should know from now on my role models were 1st my father and mother; and then older relatives who were around me. I did not have to look at anybody else as role model. And indeed these people were proud and encouraged me to succeed. And indeed I have told my children the same. I am their role model. Of course I encourage them to pursue whatever they want to be. However, they have to look at me as basic role model. I had experience with people – come to my house and ask if I would allow my kids accompany them and look at them at role models. These have included athletes and affirmative action officers etc. I would not allow such nonsense. I am my kids’ role model – period. And in fact they are successful. One is telling me he thinks he will eventually be a millionaire. So I am telling Trump, his concept of role model is misplaced, false and dumb. Role models should be parents and close adult relatives.

  3. Olin Ross December 6, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    @@Donald Chump
    Trump the chump…….You have falling to the bottom of the cesspool…I hope you come up to the top to get some fresh air….

    Chump …and I guess some silly ignoramus white folks see you as a roll model…You mean a loser is a good role model….Newt was given the correct name because he act and look like that little animal, newt….except for his big hog head….Him and rushy limburger aka humpty dumpty are twin parasites….Humpty Dumpty and Porky Pig….lolololololol
    You two are small time nobodies…

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