Dr. Boyce: Did You Know that Newt Gingrich’s Middle Name is “Leroy?” No Kidding

11 Dec

Newt Gingrich's middle name is Leroy

Wow, who would have thought that the first president with the middle name “Leroy” would actually be a white guy? 

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3 Responses to “Dr. Boyce: Did You Know that Newt Gingrich’s Middle Name is “Leroy?” No Kidding”

  1. pmbalele December 11, 2011 at 5:34 pm #

    With Newt as nominee, Republicans chance for the WH is nil. People are angry with and fear republicans already. Now GOPers are bringing in Newt factor with his past baggage. This is another Herman Cain – only white. This makes American people view Republican Party as party of sinners, cynics, liars, inhuman and outright irresponsible people. Even some GOP and TEA Party members are now switching to support democrats and President Obama. The whole country is now waiting 2012 for revenge against republicans for enslaving workers after 2010 elections. Believe it or not – no republican will be elected as state or federal senator or congress. With Newt, republicans are in a “black hole” – they won’t get out. Welcome President Obama for another 4 years

  2. WizardG December 11, 2011 at 10:35 pm #

    Mr. Obama is their choice not yours! Can’t you see the con?
    Okay I’ve stated this before but in a different way. We are being played like the children we are! This whole social stratus was created in a way that dumbed-down the people and makes us believe in the constant bombardment of nonsense we are subjected to. Our minds are so warped by decades, no centuries, of constant secrets and lies, that we can’t see or tell, or comprehend what is fake and what is fiction, what is real or fantasy, lies or truth. We follow the lead of the overall status quo with everything from eating and clothing to religion and beauty etc. We are fools to believe anything about a society that once outwardly raped our women, beat, burned, and hung our men, and traded our children and wives. Even today our so-called “black” community top the polls in all of the most negative traits of this society which we are left to copy for lack of retaining our own languages and cultures.(They probably beat that out of our ancestors, but ‘Americanization’ does it’s damage even today!) Hell, we don’t even know where our individual ancestors came from and we think our slave names are a natural thing or something. One of our own had to even invent a new holiday to stead the Eurocentric Christmas!

    All this to say that the country is run by the ‘elite’ of the 1%! And it appears they have been at it ever since they left the UK! They determine who and why they choose someone to pretend to be the “leader” of the country and they make us believe that the democratic process and all of it’s trappings are real. None of this is real and we are so confused and misguided that we can’t see this. In fact we are so twisted that our children join to fight the elite’s neo-colonial wars and our children learn the same crap in the “white” owned, white-education based colleges. They do this so that they can contribute to the same society that burns us every chance they get while twisting and denying every thing they have done, are doing, and will do to us. (Some of us are so confused that we help them with their notion of reverse discrimination and other twisted ideals!) We are so twisted that we cannot see through the facade of such madness and we cannot see how much we are deceived and how much we help them to deceive our children, and how completely insane the whole of the US populace truly is!
    Now try to understand that the elite chose Mr. Obama not you! Understand that he serves a purpose that you aren’t seeing and he is the choice of the next term. So once you understand this you should realize that the elite put all of the dingbats and idiots out front to put on a show to make us believe that there is a chance for someone else when there clearly isn’t! Okay????

  3. WizardG December 11, 2011 at 10:56 pm #

    Also. Leroy is a European name of Irish-Scottish heritage. African Americans, “blacks” must remember that most of us are using slave names and even our first names are basically European in concept. This should give some an idea of just how much our minds have assimilated to a “white” psychosocial structure! Plus scientist have found that the brain doesn’t fully develop until we are around twenty years old. Imagine the kind of fiction and fantasy people can be (easily) made to believe during our developing years and how difficult it is to dump the bad faulty info. It appears almost impossible considering the numbers caught up in religious superstitions!

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