Dr. Boyce: Tea Partiers, Skunks and a Mixed-Race President – Were they Over the Line in their Insults?

13 Dec

Dr. Boyce Watkins and Yvette Carnell discuss the recent portrayal of President Obama as a skunk (half black, half white and stinky).  

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6 Responses to “Dr. Boyce: Tea Partiers, Skunks and a Mixed-Race President – Were they Over the Line in their Insults?”

  1. Olin Ross December 13, 2011 at 6:24 am #

    You dame right they were way way over the line….They knew what they were saying….EVERYONE OF THEM BEHIND THIS PIECE OFTRASH ARE RACIST PIGS….
    These Tea Baggers are nothing but the last of the KKK…..Trying to disguise themselves as good old white boys and girls….You are living in denial…….You know deep down in your heart you are prejudice…..You are suffering from a psychological defense mechanism called reaction-formation….
    Prejudice is really a mental illness…..
    Racist PIGS Racist PIGS Racist PIGS Racist PIGS that what most of the tea bagger are………..
    But what you imbeciles don’t realized it’s all in vain….God said no weapon formed against him will prosper…
    All you nerds are below a dog……….

  2. spencer52 December 13, 2011 at 8:56 am #

    President Obama said it best the other day, the Republicans ruined the economy and then stood on the sidelines and said to themselves that what they created will get worse. And when it does we will blame Obama. President Obama will go down in history as the most mistreated American president, not because he has done anything wrong, in fact he should be counted as one America’s greatest presidents, but because of the color of his skin. However, when you consider America’s treacherous and extremely ugly racist past it sounds about right.

  3. pmbalele December 14, 2011 at 8:55 am #

    My prediction – GOP and TEA Party are finished-done. Let’s prepare for Obama re-election in 2012. American people are now for Obama following national wide union unrests. American people have learned the hard way. Before November 2010 elections, I warned friends who had joined TEA Party as follows: “.. Okay rejoice now; but you will be Soooorrie if you vote republican. …Republicans hate old and white women in power, poor Whites, Blacks and other racial minorities. ….Republicans love big insurance and companies..They get money from them…wait after electing them. Republicans will dump you as trash.” They did not listen to me. Indeed I met a few friends who had joined the TEA Party picketing pro-Unions at Wisconsin capital. I asked them if they remembered what I had written. They now regret voting republican. They are now pushing to recall Governor Walker and other elected republicans. Governor Walkers and his fellow republicans stripped all workers union rights. Many Wisconsinites who had joined the TEA Party are now crying – telling me it was ignorance. “We did not know it would be that bad electing Walker and republicans.” Ignorance! No. These are teachers, firefighters, police, iron-workers, nurses, research scientists, professors, accountants, engineers, social professionals, mechanists, computer programmers, bus drivers, etc. These people cannot say it was ignorance to vote republican. As educated people they should have known how republicans behave. Republicans always want to make others slaves. Indeed that is what happened in Wisconsin. People should have read what President Obama had accomplished during his first 2 years in office. President Obama had cut taxes for middle and low income; stopped corruption at Wall Street and in Banks; established funds for small business to borrow finance or retool their operations and most important passed health care law ensuring every American had access to preventive medical services. I have suggestion for American of all races – Join TEAMOBAMA and we will all be saved. Let’s prepare re-electing Obama in 2012.

  4. spencer52 December 14, 2011 at 8:24 pm #

    Republicans continue to hurt themselves and of course it is all good for President Obama. Many conservative Republicans are acting foolishly. Instead of concentrating on better ideas for the country, they are frenzied over the president’s birth certificate and what kind of food his children eats during lunch at school, that kind of dumb stuff. Conservatives also personally attacked Judge Sotomayor. That was dumb. You can disagree with the woman, but to malign her character offends many Americans, including the vital Hispanic voting bloc. If the Republican Party wants to regain power, it must come up with better programs than the Democrats do. It’s that simple. Ideological rhetoric does not persuade voters. It’s only preaching to the choir. When you follow imbeciles like Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Donald Trump it should be obvious that you are headed down the wrong direction. the Obama people understand that with every crazy theory, like the birth certificate deal, or demanding college transcripts actually helps the president by marginalizing his most bitter opponents. They are actually branding themselves as being extremist and extremely irrational before the American voters and for President Obama it’s all good. The GOP and tea people can continue to display sophomoric pictures of skunks and monkeys because it sure won’t help them win the White House. When it comes to the GOP presidential candidates I could almost swear that the Democratic National Committee was the one responsible for putting them together.

  5. Anonymous January 9, 2012 at 11:21 am #

    “Here is a guy who understands the world through black liberation theology, which is oppressor and victim… it’s Marxism disguised as religion.” – Glenn Beck

  6. pmbalele January 9, 2012 at 12:20 pm #

    TEA Party can say anything now. America is once again One Nation Indivisible by Race or Creed. Let’s vote to re-elect President Obama. Dead now are TEA Party and GOP. The driving force for electing GOP governors including Scott Walker last year was TEA Party sponsored by Koch Brothers. TEA Party, by its pretext, was a group of people opposed to heavy taxation (Taxed Enough Already). But actually its aim was to divide Americans between Whites and Blacks after Obama was elected as President. TEA Party attacked President Obama despite cutting tax for low and middle income earners. None of TEA Party demonstrators earned more than $250,000. That is why I was lost as TEA Party aim. I concluded TEA Party aim was actually to plant hatred into Whites to hate President Obama because of his race and those associated with him – the Democrats. You could easily see majority of TEA Party demonstrators were white people. Of course were also Blacks among them such Herman Cain, Allen West and Allen Keyes. All have lost now. Indeed majority of white people bought TEA Party lies. TEA Party endorsed Republicans for positions of governor and legislator both at state and national levels. TEA Party won. In 2010 Republicans were elected in unprecedented numbers. Republican governors, including Walker, took over states. Once elected GOP governors wanted to show people who were actually republicans: reduce government role in controlling businesses. One way was to render the government powerless. Walker attacked Labor Unions first. Once successful, he attached government and private sector employee power, pay and other benefits. Bitter cries ensued. Americans found TEA Party had lied them. This triggered demonstrations and now recall efforts. Born along with demonstrators were MoveOn, OWS and other Occupiers. But other mistakes GOP governors made was to attack Seniors programs such as Medicare and Medicaid. Young and old Americans now hate TEA party and Republicans. As a whole GOP killed itself and its supporter TEA Party. By February 2011, Americans had regrouped themselves as one nation indivisible by race. Their focus now was to regain their rights. Americans are now smarter than in 2010 when TEA Party divided them into Whites and Blacks. They again one nation. Of course we have now GOP candidates trying to infuse same hatred between Blacks and Whites. Romney as Mormon says Blacks are cursed humans from Cain (son of Adam and Eve). Santorum says Blacks are free loaders. Gingrich says Blacks are food stamp clients. We heard those lies in 2010-they worked then. Not now. They are failing to divide Americans. President Obama has vowed to restore American workers rights. The only way is to re-elect President Obama who will restore workers’ rights taken away by Republican governors in 2011. That’s why I am asking Americans of All races i.e. Whites, Blacks, young and old to vote for President Obama in November. We have suffered enough under Republicans

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