I’m Not Always Proud of My Country, Either

13 Dec

When Michele Obama remarked during the 2008 Presidential campaign that, for the first time, she was proud of her country, she was largely discredited by the Right for not having met the patriotism quota. By their estimation, if you’re not oozing the red, white and blue or pinning old glory snug to your lapel, the terrorists win. Except that, black people have existed for far too long at the receiving end of both state and federal government malfeasance to slurp down that falsehood.

The New York Times reported on Friday that North Carolina ran a eugenics program, whereby “oversexed” and supposedly unintelligent people were sterilized by the state. And this was not some flash in the pan that can be written off with the trite “mistakes were made” line. This largely subjective and well-funded program lasted from 1924-1974. For fifty years, a pet project promoted by wealthy interests took away reproductive rights of young people, and not surprisingly, minorities were disproportionately impacted.

I was saddened, but not shocked at the NYT article and I’m sure that if you shared these revelations with Michele Obama, she wouldn’t be shocked either. The idea that North Carolina, California, and Virginia sterilized people – most times accompanied by the threat that if they didn’t have the surgery their welfare benefits would be revoked – is not news to us.

It is the Right wing who, on one hand pretends to fear big government, but on the other, views any politician who refuses to boast an extreme brand of American zealotry as treasonous. There’s a contradiction in that political philosophy that black folks recognize.

It’s simply wrong to characterize black folks as unpatriotic because we know this country – the good, bad and ugly –more intimately than you do. As more and more of these stories of state and federal government agencies behaving immorally begin to emerge, the more I think the Right owes the First Lady an apology.


11 Responses to “I’m Not Always Proud of My Country, Either”

  1. spencer52 December 13, 2011 at 10:39 pm #

    Actually Ms. Carnell, I believe that whatever the Obama’s say or do (now including their two innocent daughters) will not pass the muster with these people from the right. What Mrs. Obama said was taken out of context, but for as far as I am concerned blacks have nothing to feel patriotic about. When these right wing nuts attack the Obamas they are essentually attacking you and I. How can I be proud of a country that is the birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan. How can I be proud of a country with a political group namely the Republicans that are willing to let the nation go down in ruins just because they are so appalled and shocked that the American people actually elected a black man and his family to occupy their precious White House? God has pulled the curtain from over them ever since the election of President Obama and has shown us that America the so-called land of the free is still not free and is just as racist now as it was back in the days of Ol’ Jim Crow, the days when they used police dogs to put us back in our place and hung black men for simply looking in the direction of a plaed-face white woman. I can’t be patriotic, because they won’t let me. If I sound bitter, it just may be because I am bitter and tired of their racist nonsense.

    • WizardG December 14, 2011 at 3:40 am #

      @spencer52. I’m sorry but the thing you still don’t get is that nobody can reach the facade seat of ‘President’ without the well wishes and intent of the Anglo-elite 1% and their collection of cohorts! They have been very wicked and conniving all of these centuries since they murdered their way into power and prominence! We have read stories or at least I have, of the ‘House N’s’ and the “Black Overseers” who beat and corralled other slaves into obedience. This is what we are seeing with the Obama choice. The elites reasons for putting Obama in place is obvious to those of us who are playing close attention to every little nuance in regard to the way the Anglo/Jewish alliance run this country!
      You should know that they are vile, vicious and downright evil, and they do not play, that is, unless they have all the cards stacked in their favor, and when something goes wrong, they put the most brilliant people the can buy into action figuring out how to solve it.

      Mr. Obama is their creation, just as the Democratic/Republican facade and they have their privately owned conglomerated media to constantly brainwash everyone with half a brain, into believing the ongoing claptrap, hype-filled foolishness that they put out for our consumption.

      It’s all an elaborate con, the whole political, patriotic, who’s got the power con. The true power sits unrecognized and unrevealed by their own media, of course. From their ‘King-like’ positions they determine who’s who and what’s what. They determine what weaker nation’s people will starve and what nation of people will die! Mr. Obama would have to know a few of the details as to who’s in power here, but not all.

      He and his closest family would have to know that they are hurting the common people and those of the world but agree to be complicit! Nothing these people say is to be accepted as truth because the truth is kept secret and the lies are spread across the globe with ease by way of their self-serving media. So many people have been brainwashed and assimilated into this astounding freakish hype that they are willing to die for lies they are unable to see through! An elaborate and continuous con that flows outward like the great net of a giant spider! They know that if they lie to people enough and make it seem believable it will soon be as a truth. They realized that before they even left Great Britain to build this country! This whole social structure is built of blood, death, and lies! We are fools to believe and follow behind a people who clearly must be sociopathic. Look closer at what is going on! Read more relevant books, and mostly listen closely to these idiots the elite use as their flunkies. Insanity rues the day!

      • spencer52 December 14, 2011 at 1:09 pm #

        I don’t understand one word you are saying, you are probably just too deep for me WizardG.

  2. Axiomatic December 13, 2011 at 11:54 pm #

    Historically speaking, these united European states have not really given the descendants of it’s millions of former slave population any tangible reason to be ‘proud’ of anything it’s government ever done – on its own initiative – to right some of the evil their citizens done over the centuries.

    Quite honestly, outside of JFK, I don’t have any non – Negro (save John Bowne and the like) whom I can say had an ounce of integrity where truth, justice, and equality is concerned.

    Proof of american bigotry can be noted in the actual existence of entire communities of various Asian, European, Hispanic, and Indian and even Arab, which are completely dominated by ‘each groups’ own vine and fig tree’.

    Whenever this sort of unification develops for “Blacks”, it is immediately set upon, as if to say, “Black people can’t be trusted to take care of themselves”. That same thing applies to the continent of Africa.

    We come from a people who were enslaved for three hundred years, and treated less than dogs by this country, what thanks do we owe them?

    I don’t think the ‘stolen people’ should have never just stop any attempt at procuring our own niche on this Earth, rather than stay on forever the brunt of every other nation right here in America. One old lizard said recently that “palestine’ is an invented nation”, on the contrary, America is the greatest invented place in all of history (out side of israel).

    • WizardG December 14, 2011 at 3:08 am #

      @Axiomatic. I couldn’t have said it better myself! The saddest thing is that we cannot get out of this mad house of white-supremacist dominant monsters. They murder our leaders and destroy our brothers all across the African Diaspora! And more sadder, some of us are so brainwashed and assimilated that we help them do it! Decade after decade we help these vile ‘white’ people to treat us like trash and to kill those who are our closest families! Generation after generation we help them cause rape, pillage and murder all over the world. It all seems as if “blacks” have been caught up in some insane loop that we cannot get out of until the Anglo-elite and their minions decide to finally wipe us off the face of the earth! And if anyone is willing and capable of doing so, it is them, and they could probably enlist the help of some of us, and surely the Jewish community to help them!
      Some of our people have become so deranged that they love “white” people and hate, I mean HATE blacks! Some have become so deranged that they actually believe the whole false story of how and why this country was created, and cannot see that the stories and patriotic clap trap was never meant for them but if it works for them it’s all for the better of the “white race”. We’re all doomed and are too stupid,, ignorant, insane, and so forth, to see it!

    • Otis L Griffin December 14, 2011 at 5:59 am #

      understanding your pain , BUT PLease , Do Not Return ‘the Hate. Hate destroys the vessel . Dr. MLKing has shown the way, this era is just a chapter in the long Journey, With focus & reason ‘We WIN.

  3. WizardG December 14, 2011 at 2:52 am #

    The right nor the left owe Mrs. Obama an apology. The criminals created this government structure, it’s corrupt functions and the psychosis that forces everyone else to believe the hype. Those who play along in this overwhelming ultra-con called the US are either ignorant of the situation, stupid, foolish, evil, insane or all of the above!
    Contrary to the crap the elite and their mad minions fill our heads with, there is nothing here to be proud of, and their is much to be wary and even afraid of. The people who have brainwashed most of the populace are diabolical sociopaths. The politicians whom serve them are just as evil. Note that I stated ‘Politicians’, but not just politicians, because everyone who claims to be serving the public, or the people and still allow the unbelievable treacherous activity against the people to continue, are just as complicit, and that includes wives of politicians, such as Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama and all of the rest! We are caught up in a climate of lies, deceit, pillage and genocide which is being committed with the help of these ‘terrible’ people who appear to be nice ordinary people but are far from such!

  4. giftnappyabyss December 14, 2011 at 6:40 am #

    The most atrocious tragedy about this story is that it is an exapmle of white supremacy’s repugnance using its political leverage to committ covert genocide on people of color. This woman’s peril is the reason why black people dont trust government no matter who’s in office because the unspeakable tragedies that many have wantonly experience have been at the behest of governmental appropiation. The process of sterilization is no different than the type of genocide that the Aboriginees were subject to in the late 18th century where they were tortured and expiremented on my savage Europeans who sought to take away theri lives, and dignity through the inability to procreate. In slavery, during lynchings the called Negro barbecues racists would cut off the testicles of black men for this same purpose, Mary Turner’s fetus was cut from her stomach to have its head stomped into obliteration before she was shot and burned. The stories of savagery and genocide are too numerous to indulge, yet we question whether the compensation through reparations is constitutional. This womans crisis happened 50 years ago under the government who authorized this heinous act. Reparations is something you give to repair a wrong, but we also need a prevenative assurance to deny things of this sort from happening again, call it “Preventations”

  5. spencer52 December 14, 2011 at 1:33 pm #

    Forced sterilization sounds like something out of Nazi Germany, this story needs to be broadcasted and written about even moreso. In these times where the Republicans are trying to bring back voter suppresion and attacks on the very poor, this story along with other racial atrocities through the years that have never been told like the destruction of “Black Wall Street” in Oklahoma http://www.blackwallstreet.freeservers.com/The%20Story.htm. It all needs to be told and then what Mrs. Obama said would make perfect sense to those that have so quickly judged her. I for one am glad that President Obama will be re-elected in 2012 and that I have no doubt.

  6. Otis L Griffin December 14, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    assuming , logic will turn a’ bigot’s mind’ is to defy logic. Hate knows no facts except hate.

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