Dr. Boyce: Why All Poor Black Kids are Stupid

15 Dec

Dr. Boyce Watkins takes issue with the column “If I were a Poor Black Kid” written by Gene Marks at Forbes Magazine. 

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One Response to “Dr. Boyce: Why All Poor Black Kids are Stupid”

  1. WizardG December 16, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Some “blacks” will receive just enough education to help the Anglo-elite hurt us all!

    Black people in general have been caught up in a sick society that not only preys on us but continues to thwart our attempts to make ourselves a better community of socially conscious, intelligent, and strong people.
    We live in a white-supremacist dominant society which portrays us as only being able to entertain and play their aggressive sports. Some believe that our people are dominant in sports because we are physically superior due to slave inbreeding or whatever, but the truth of the matter is that “whites” are just as physically capable in sports, but when “blacks” were [finally] allowed to play, whites refused to stay in the same organizations and moved on to “greener pastures” as they usually do when we move into their neighborhoods. They probably became stock brokers or some job description which has few, if any blacks. I digress. As for poor black kids etc. Some poor among us can succeed best if their guardians or parents help to guide them or they have focus on a role model of something like a sport which is helping them, and if they are not victimized by their peers or the environment. They can succeed even with all of the many pitfalls if they have a well balance brain, which is a tall order giving the fantasy and painful psychosis many of us are born to suffer, as our parents suffer. While most of our parents never finished high school let alone college! Yet, there will always be a few whom will succeed under almost any circumstances (eventually), but as with every issue concerning blacks caught up in this lopsided psychosocially inadequate and unhealthy existence in the US, some will succeed, but many will fail and many will die early deaths for a modicum or reasons, One of the main reasons is because we are still a people suffering many slings and arrows of a country burgeoning of white racist abuses and discrimination, that leaves many black families ignorant, in great pain, fantasies, and constantly functioning in denial of the broad and blatant abuses of a white racist society! It appears that most humans mature with age. Scientist have even found that the brain isn’t fully developed until around the age of twenty! But for many of us by the time we have figured out how to cope with or how to understand this society we have become too old and feeble and or negative circumstances have already swallowed us up! A few children will excel while the masses will be lost. Some athletes will make it to college most will make it to war or prison. Some young ladies will make it in college some will be prostitutes, military or prison. Many will die. and finally some of those who make it will thank the wrong ‘Thing’ and some will go on believing that if they did it everyone else could do it. That is always an unwise thought process. because everyone’s brain doesn’t process information etc., in the same way and some cannot process at all! Also those who do make it must remember that they will still generally be working for the betterment of the same white dominant society that enslaved their ancestors, experimented on some, sent some to fight wars of pillage, and as an ongoing trait continue to harm, abuse, and murder African people across the diaspora! Some will receive enough education to help the Anglo-elite to hurt us all!

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