J.C. Watts Endorsing Newt Gingrich is Awful Political Calculus

20 Dec

Doing the wrong thing, at the wrong time, for the wrong person requires a particular aptitude for homing in on a coalescing mix of unfortunate events and latching on.  It would seem that few people have a knack for enjoining themselves to such perfect storms the way J.C. Watts does.

Just as Newt Gingrich’s numbers begin to bottom out, J.C. Watts pulls up from the flank, almost out of nowhere, to endorse him.   We should call Watts Black Magic. Because who in their right mind would come out of political hiding to endorse a lightning rod of a candidate with no establishment or on the ground support?

Even though Watts effectively served as water carrier for Gingrich’s duplicitous leadership,  he was never rewarded with a House leadership position (although he did serve as Chairman of the House Republican Conference). He should’ve been. One has a hard time imagining a young white upstart with the particular background and talent of Watts not being rewarded with a leadership position (see the much less stellar and less accomplished Eric Cantor).

So, unless there are back door dealings here that I’m unaware of, Watts doesn’t owe Gingrich anything.  Coming out of retirement just to carry a bit more water has a kind of somber sadness to it. Maybe I’m being overly perceptive, but I just get the feel that Gingrich, for whatever reason, felt he could wrangle Watts into his corner, even though he had no real basis for such an assumption.

Either way, it worked. J.C. Watts popped out of private life to add his name to a half dead, zombie campaign. No matter how you twist it, that sucks.

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2 Responses to “J.C. Watts Endorsing Newt Gingrich is Awful Political Calculus”

  1. nojokester December 20, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    Anyone remotely aware of Watts past , will shun . him and anything he endorses . , including the triple threat BIGOT. who wants’ his(type of ) christian ‘nation back/

  2. WizardG December 20, 2011 at 10:27 pm #

    JC Watts. I’ve heard that name before, but it made no difference to me. This article does however remind me just how brainwashed, scatterbrained, and divided the so-called “black” community really is!
    Not only is Newt Gingrich a dead horse, but logic shows that the Anglo-elite chose Mr. Obama and then went ahead to bombard their media to boost what most retards would consider a phenomenon “black” presidential candidate. The elite know just how to spin a situation and tweak the mentality of this society. They know how much crack cocaine to dump into black neighborhoods and know just how to set us off! They know that if they make enough strategic moves, like getting a top black official to cry racial attack on Obama, which draws up ‘black’ sympathy, or to dig up an unknown like Watts to support a white (dead horse) retard.

    All these moves to affect the African American community and move them back into Obama’s corner. All this so as to create the facade that the country supports Obama when clearly the elite intend to keep Mr. Obama in place regardless of the number of votes he gets. People, can’t you see that the elite can tamper with voting? If they can send troops to other countries, demonizing and murdering their leaders, and stealing their resources. They steal our resources! Then surely they can pick and choose our swizzle-stick leaders and make us believe we still have democracy and freedom, while attacking and abusing us in the streets and on camera! Why can’t others see that we are living in the midst of the biggest scam known to man!

    Some of us say we must vote for one of these scoundrels wallowing in a pool of slithering snakes and scoundrels because our ancestors etc., were beaten and killed to win our right to vote, but they fail to see that if these ‘whites’ were so vehement about keeping us from voting then, they haven’t changed now! So even if we do vote, our votes don’t count for much because the elite and their cohorts have already changed the game! If they can’t stop us from voting they just change the way voting works! If they can’t stop us from voting they just make sure they choose the people we are left to vote for. If they can’t stop us from voting they make our lives so insufferable that most of us have no reason to bother anyway. In every scenario we lost then and we lose now! You can continue to live in fantasy land if you want to, but please remember exactly where you are and what kind of people we are living amongst!

    You really don’t have to remember anything much, because their white-supremacist activity and machinations are right in our face! Many of us are so blinded by the hype we have been plied with decade after decade that we literally can’t see the forest for the trees! Finally. Again I will tell you that we may think we chose and voted for Obama, but that’s what the elite counted on.The elite are notorious for making a population see things that are not there, and believing in things that are fake! It doesn’t matter who we vote for in this vile social structure because the “black community” is screwed! The whole African Diaspora is screwed!

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