Mitt Romney Says He Would Deport Pres. Obama’s Uncle

22 Dec

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One Response to “Mitt Romney Says He Would Deport Pres. Obama’s Uncle”

  1. WizardG December 22, 2011 at 7:06 pm #

    People like Romney are racist, bigots etc. I continue to stress to those ignorant of the fact, that these are politicians and ‘American’ politicians are untrustworthy liars! It takes a certain type of human-being to excel in this political structure, and those who excel have literally sold themselves to the devil! The few people who genuinely want to be of service to the public are swept up in a burgeoning pool of scoundrels and snakes. Some are much worse than others and some are downright evil! Romney appears a smiling friendly harmless sort to his peers I presume, but he should not be allowed to be a janitor let alone a public figure!

    We are victimized by these people, but most of us have been too conditioned and assimilated into this highly corrupt, vile, and racist social-structure to recognize how it harms us and how we are literally contributors to our own demise, because we participate in this hoax by default!

    We are all caught us in a sort of catch 22 environment. The total population is ignorant for various reasons and those who see this madness as it is and wish to change it are unable to, because of the overwhelming numbers of the ignorant who are voiceless, uninvolved, passive, stupid, retarded, brain numb, etc., etc. The reasons why the masses are powerless are as vast as the cultures, traditions, religious beliefs, and numerous types of mental psychosis. Mitt Romney is a seriously convoluted mental case. The very mentioning of his name gives him status he shouldn’t be allowed to have! Actually he should be imprisoned along with all of the other politicians who have committed treason against the populace, war crimes and genocide against other nations! At the very least these people should be excommunicated!

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