Dr. Boyce: Couple Who Died Fighting for Civil Rights Deserves to be Honored

30 Dec

december28.pic6 .article Husband and Wife Died on Christmas Fighting for Civil Rights:  They Deserve to be Honored

Harry and Henriette Moore were the first couple to die in the struggle for Civil Rights. 

One Response to “Dr. Boyce: Couple Who Died Fighting for Civil Rights Deserves to be Honored”

  1. WizardG January 1, 2012 at 7:49 pm #

    Can your mind grasp the magnitude and significance of this? Then good luck!

    They died for civil rights in a very uncivil society! They died in vane because almost everyone in this society is unknowingly conditioned to do, and gain for selfish individual happiness, in spite of the horrible death and destruction engulfing the world around them.

    Most people are so deft and insane that they cannot grasp the fact that everyone in this country has been, and is now, constantly being duped on every level. We (most of us), are too ignorant to realize that the game is fixed, and in service for the few (The 1 percent elite). Too ignorant to realize that many died for rights that should have been ours from the beginning, but were purposely, diabolically, and vehemently withheld and denied. We are too ignorant to understand that those same sociopaths who framed the constitution and bill of rights, etc. never intended for everyone to actually share these privileges usually reserved for “royalty”, if you will, and for most of the existence of this nation have [not] been shared.

    Today we are so mesmerized and conditioned by the fictitious machinations contrived by a ‘clan’ of sociopaths, that we “cannot see the forest for the trees” and we are literally “spinning our wheels”, and constantly trying to right the same wrongs that many have died trying to change in every decade of this nation’s existence!

    The elite maim and kill to resist sharing power and wealth with the ‘people’. They give a little after so much upheaval, death, and destruction, to appease even as they strategize to take it all back over time! And the circle of insanity continues, where, in time, more will die to attain those same rights and freedoms we should have (and some we had) and after much suffering, destruction, and death, again, in time, some facets of this will be achieved only to be taken back again, and again, and again!

    Decades and maybe centuries from now, there may be more martyrs to recognize as some of the most important individuals to have fought “the good fight”, for civil and human rights, and as conditioned as we humans are, the penchant and drive for justice, hope, peace, and goodwill toward all men, will be the rock we perch on. Our minds drenched in the particular fantasy’s of beliefs derived according to our birthplace, culture, traditions, and yet as humans we are all psychologically assimilated and indoctrinated into a world controlled by King-like ‘elites’ who’s maintenance of power and wealth depends on their propagation of ignorance, miseducation, and level of fantasies they literally impose and imprint, on the unsuspecting masses.

    If we cannot demonize these greedy power-mongering elite,( As they do the leaders and peoples of nations they use our youth to attack), strip them of their power and wealth, and place them in prisons. This cycle they have created and maintained over centuries will continue until they have murdered at least half the earth’s population, pillaged and/or poisoned our world’s natural resources, and pillaged everything they consider as treasure! Can your mind grasp the magnitude and significance of this? Then good luck!

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