Is Ron Paul a Racist (Part II)

3 Jan

Ron Paulby Yvette Carnell

Over the past couple of weeks, two distinct memes about Ron Paul have grabbed hold; 1) Ron Paul is racist 2) a racist should never be President. I submit to you that even if both these suppositions are true, they still don’t matter, certainly not in any meaningful way that actually matters to African Americans.

Firstly, I would like to fundamentally change the definition of racism:  To the extent that policies target and do damage to the African American community, they’re racist. So being a racist and behaving as a racist isn’t solely a function of calling a black person the “N” word, making demeaning or disparaging comments, or harboring bias. It’s much, much broader than that, and it extends to all Presidents and public officials who marginalize the core issues impacting the African American community.

So please, stop thinking that the worst thing a white politician can do to you is call you a nigger, because it’s not the worst by any stretch of the imagination. The worst thing any politician can do to you is refuse to take your demographic seriously and thus, recapture and neutralize your political power. The worst thing a politician – any politician – can do to you and me is saturate us with symbolism and starve us of substance, as is the case with our current President who sends us Christmas cards showcasing a beautiful black family, with few policy initiatives that actually support any black families other than his own, to match the card.

This is politics people. It’s a tough game. Get your emotions out of it. It’s not about cute kids, cute families, or a dog named Bo’. It’s about the Deal. It’s about the Exchange. Many people have attributed racist views and comments to both Presidents Nixon and LBJ, but we still extracted a good deal from their administrations. We made mutually beneficial deals which were free from emotion and sentimentality, something the African Americans electorate has been utterly incapable of achieving during the era of Obama, the defining aspect of which is the foil of imagined post racialism.

Would Ron Paul make a good President? I’m not sure, but he’d certainly make an effective Republican nominee for President. I wholeheartedly believe that having a Republican nominee in the fray who has real policy differences with establishment politicians would be superior to having Obama face his slightly more evil twin – Mitt Romney – in the 2012 election.

On most issues, Romney and Obama are in close alignment and so a race between the two of them would be a Presidential campaign in futility, without any meaningful distinction. This would not be the case for Paul candidacy. An Obama v. Paul race would force Obama to clarify, defend, or maybe even change some of his most heinous policy positions. These are issues we should all take into consideration before bashing Paul. In fact, I would encourage AA’s to stop reacting as Pavlovian dogs whenever the issue of race is injected into the national conversation. Right now, black writers and commentators are being dispensed by the establishment media to take down Ron Paul, and although they may get rewarded with extended contracts and higher pay packages, bashing Ron Paul won’t get us any closer to having our needs met or having our issues heard by the current President.

It’s time to cut a deal. The Wall Streeters cut a deal to ensure that they weren’t held accountable by the Obama administration for engineering the second Great Depression. Hillary Clinton cut a deal that netted her the position of Secretary of State in exchange for the women’s vote. Even Al Sharpton cut a deal to defend this President in exchange for a national television show, so the only question is; where’s your deal?

If I can cut a deal with Ron Paul whereby I exchange my vote for an end to the failed War on Drugs, a war that has unfairly imprisoned far too many of our young black men, and put an end to a War on Terror that has redirected tax dollars from our communities to drone attacks, then I’ll consider it. It’s not personal. It’s business. It’s politics.

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8 Responses to “Is Ron Paul a Racist (Part II)”

  1. David2001 January 3, 2012 at 3:11 pm #

    IMO Ron Paul should not be considered a viable candidate by black Americans for president. Paul’s most damning position is STATES RIGHTS. This is the main reason he gets so much open support from white racist supremest groups. These are whites who didn’t like the “interference” of the federal government on the states during the civil rights movement. Paul doesn’t support the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Paul states “the United States would be better off without government intruding on and policing personal lives”. Where would black Americans be if the federal government did not get involve during the civil rights movement? I have no faith in southern states to uphold any black persons rights in America. In many states, especially the south would roll back whatever progress blacks have made in favor of the white majority. IMO the so call Tea Party who supports Paul was nothing more than a racial backlash of whites due to this country electing a black president. There is still a enormous amount of racial animosity among whites towards black Americans. Ron Paul has tapped into that with his close associations with known hate groups.

    As far as the war on drugs Paul claims he would end that would be meaningless if he gave states the right to enact whatever laws they deem necessary to control the problem, including incarceration. All Paul is saying is that the federal government is washing it’s hands of the problem. Incarceration has become big business in this country. I for one don’t beleive the states are going to show any more compassion to drug addicts and the crime that comes from them. Whatever Ron Paul is offering black people on one hand he’s taking away with the other with his support of “states rights”.

    I agree black people can’t take a knee jerk emotional reaction when it comes to dealing with white politicians who may not particularly like us or found to be liars. IMO neither republican or democrats black or white respect black people. The democratic party was at one time the party of the Klan. The republican party has always flirted with white racist groups, the tea party is an example of that. But Ron Paul is not just flirting with them, he’s in bed with them. From David Duke to the founder of StormFront and former KKK Grand Wizard Don Black to Neo Nazi’s. Making a deal with Ron Paul is making a deal with the devil. Black Americans would be worst off with a President Paul.

  2. spencer52 January 3, 2012 at 3:53 pm #

    Ms. Carnell, I respectfully disagree with a few of your points, electing a president with so many racist ties would be extremely hazardous to blacks. However, I would love for Dr. Paul to be the Republican nominee. Why? Because it would all but assure another four years for President Obama. I also realize that Ron Paul is not the only alledged racist bigot in the race at this time. Mitt Romney with his currently undisclosed Mormon beliefs concerning blacks should be of great interest to us. The former U. S. Rep. J. C. Watts a Gingrich supporter, recently had to place Mitt Romney in check concerning his entire campaign staff being lilly white. Romney’s response should raise some eyebrows because he said that “…he only wants the best” so far the media has not bothered to actively report this. Still as far as Ron Paul and the black vote is concerned, I say that if the American people are VERY uninformed about Congressman Paul, then black people in America are quadruply uninformed. the Republican label attached to Paul and his campaign scares many blacks, who have for generations voted Democratic, but by no means is he a traditional conservative. The news that Paul is an overt racist began circulating after The New Republic published a series of newsletters allegedly written by Paul in the late 1990s which include rants against the Israeli lobby, gays, AIDS victims and Martin Luther King Jr., whether true or false will forever hinder Dr. Paul from ever receiving even a few black votes. Ms. Carnell, you say, “This is politics people. It’s a tough game. Get your emotions out of it.” Well at the risk of not sounding too stereotypical myself, blacks are traditionally emotional people. Not to say that we think with our emotions, but our emotions have developed over the years and I don’t think that I have to explain why. Didn’t you notice the tears that flowed down millions of black faces back in November 2008 when President Obama was elected? We are emotional!! Even if Hillary Clinton, a white woman had won instead of Barack Obama, blacks would still vote for her and not for Dr. Paul. Simply because blacks generally vote Democrat, although I will concede that younger black voters have been edging away from the Democratic Party in recent years. But for the last 3.5 years we have sat back and watched Republicans (which Ron Paul identifies with at this time) continually attack President Obama, his wife, and even his two innocent daughters with extreme racist taunts and please don’t think that the majority of us will not take this into account on election day because I assure you that we will. Dr. Paul’s alledged racist
    newsletters surely won’t help him with the black vote. Most whites to some extent harbor a few racist views and this is understood. With most whites, if Charles Manson and Barack Obama were not notable would rather invite Manson to their dinner table than that of Barack Obama. Why? Because like likes like. Vote for Ron Paul? I don’t think so. Now, concerning the first family’s Christmas card. I really don’t understand why you and people like Sarah Palin are so offended by it? Almost every first family in recent years have released a presidential Christmas card, why is it now an issue when President Obama releases his? Can you please, please explain this to me? Because there must be something I am missing.

  3. kazvorpal January 3, 2012 at 9:06 pm #

    Read this collection of the actual facts in the racist articles controversy, and THEN decide if Paul is racist:

    Spencer: Why would you bother wanting Obama to win again, when he’s governed like Bush III for the past few years?

    Bailing out big business and banks, passing stimulus plans for the top 1%, extending the PATRIOT Act, adding new police state powers with the NDAA, assassinating Americans without trial, keeping Guantanamo open, being even more secretive than Bush, including prosecuting government whistle-blowers all the way back to 2003 (that Bush had not)…I don’t see why anyone, from either party, would support that.

    • spencer52 January 3, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

      If Mr. Rockwell is the writer of the racist newsletter with Ron Paul’s name listed as the author is still doesn’t change anything. Ron Paul is guilty by association, the reason I “bother” wanting President Obama to be re-elected is because he unlike the Republicans is concerned about middle-class America. He is NOT for making the rich even richer. He has repaired some of the damage left by Bush?Cheney, the damage was so great it can’t be fixed in four years and this is one reason he needs to (and will) be re-elected.. You can’t repair eight years of mismanagement in half the time.. Given the alternative I could not vote for anyone else but President Obama. There is no way on God’s green earth that I would ever be inclined to vote for Ron Paul racist or not. His ideas are far too whacky for me. In fact, if somehow he is elected president (I doubt it) America would immediately be in very great danger.

  4. WizardG January 3, 2012 at 10:24 pm #

    The “King-like” rulers have our number and they psychoanalyze everything!

    I understand that many “Blacks” have not read or heard any of the works of Mr. Tim Wise. Maybe you have never heard of him. Tim Wise is a “white” man who tries his damnedest to make people, both white and black, understand that all white people are racists whether they realize it or not, but he doesn’t stop there, he explains why this is so and what damage it does, not only to our people in this white dominant racist society, but also what negative affects it has on whites too!

    I don’t know what nationality Mr. Ron Paul is, although his sir name suggests that he’s Jewish. Regardless of that, Mr. Paul has a great number of negative issues surrounding his abstract, rhetorical and insane train of thoughts. Secondly he is a politician, and as such, is a liar and is not to be trusted! His thoughts about the US social climate and world affairs move from one extreme to the next.

    African Americans, or “blacks”, should understand that we live in a very white dominant and highly racist society, regardless of what advances some of us have made and regardless of how many deceitful examples the Anglo-elite/Jewish-owned media televises as propaganda in which to sway our minds, the minds of the general public, and the world! What they would have the society believe and what is actually occurring will always be contrary. We are fools to believe that we are living in a free democratic society which is protective of our well being, human, and civil rights. Some of us have done quite well, but for every one of us who has done well there are thousands who are suffering the effects of an actual racist, discriminatory, vile, and dominant white-skin based society. A society which is actually preying on our people and is bent on destroying our community in numerous ways! We have been made so confused by the machinations of this whiteness, religious, capitalistic, pillaging social structure, that we are unable to understand where we belong here, why we cannot succeed as a community and why our individual black members are struggling and failing at such a scatterbrained-insane rate!

    Ron Paul’s mind is not only just as scatterbrained, insane, and racist based as the rest of the people living in this ‘Americanized’ conditioned society, he is a part of the political-scoundrel machine which was created to work against the ‘people’ and for the ‘elite’! Everything these politicians say is orchestrated to woo the public into a trance we seem to easily slip into, because we are preconditioned to accept the constantly flowing, outrageous tons of BS! We were born into a propagandized BS driven society and we are plied with the fantasy and falsity of social BS every waking day of our foolish lives! We are so engulfed in socialized crap that we cannot but help to indoctrinate our next generation with it, and of course, gladly with the assistance of the ‘Government’. A government which even a fool should recognize to be totally corrupt and completely controlled by people we would label our enemies if we weren’t so engulfed by the secrets, lies, deception, propaganda, miseducation, misdirection, cons, shams, spins, fantasy, false tradition, superstition, etc., etc.

    This “society” in which we try to live, excel, grow, and function in, is such a major con on us, and has been for so long, that we are molded into it and see it as normal and basically a true and believable environment, but which couldn’t be further from the facts or the truth! It would take more than a “wake-up” to fight our way out of this mental maze! It is difficult to break through the multitude of conditioned minds to try and show them a reality that they have never known or seen, which is why, no matter what I say, very few will understand.

    All this means is that a person like Ron Paul is part of the vile machine we are mentally trapped into, just as all politicians are! Mr. Obama is part of this same machine and the controllers of this vile machine we’re trapped in, actually dictates who we are to believe run the country and who they want to use as their “front-men”! It really doesn’t matter who we vote for, what we fight for, or how many times we have to fight to regain what others have fought and died for in the past. The “King-like” rulers have our number and they psychoanalyze, manipulate, and control everything!

  5. Anonymous January 4, 2012 at 5:35 pm #

    Very fair and wholistic outlook on today’s political scene by Yvette Carnell. Bottom line is if you get all of your info from mainstream media you will jump on any buzzwords the elite throw out there to throw us off. Truth is I was leaning toward Ron Paul in ’08 until Pres. Obama started surging and I switched my registration to democrat from independent to vote for him in the primary and I campaigned for his presidency. I have since switched back as nothing has changed as promised by the President. If there is a race between Obama and Paul, I won’t make the same mistake twice… Black and Independent…

  6. patrick January 11, 2012 at 5:19 am #

    Any African American vote for any these republican racism get what they derserved. First of all, they need to do their home work, read what they siad abour African Americans. If the federal governments did not steps to the states black wouldbein slavery. Beside it the foundations whose create the federal governments to began with. Why they belive that no states should the rights to violate the peoples. Remeber they said that the states should no rights to violate the peoples rights. I have this in the constitution, and yes i have study law. I do have a book called understanding the constitution the basic of human rights. Black peoples you need to get this book understanding the constitution it will you stand for your rights against the states.

  7. mike January 21, 2012 at 12:37 pm #


    Google/ RP&A Paul’s publications. He himself stated he made money of the news letters in the 80 and 90
    RP&A was solily owned by Paul and his wife. He equated that blacks are monkeys. and Martin Luther King day was Hate whitey day.
    Paul is a dangerous man, not just because he is a racist his foreign policy is to hand over the US to our enemies. Cut the military and give Iran Nuclear weapons. Paul is not electable!!

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