Is This Police Officer Planting Drugs in a Suspect’s Car?

4 Jan


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One Response to “Is This Police Officer Planting Drugs in a Suspect’s Car?”

  1. WizardG January 4, 2012 at 1:13 am #

    Crooked white cops? Are you kidding me??!!??

    The way our social structure functions is distorted to say the least! African Americans have short memories about the nature of the beast our ancestors were enslaved in. All of the same psychological factors that allowed the Anglos to abuse African people are not only still in place, but quite active! We may not recognize the machinations of the descendants of our captors because we are in a highly fractured and destabilized state of existence as blacks here. Some of us are allowed to enjoy prosperity and the facade of a democracy while millions of us are treated with such disdain, disrespect, and abuse that to know the facts as they truly are would boggle the mind! That is why it is important for the Anglo-Elite to keep it all on the “down-low”. This way they can make us think that we are getting some semblance of justice and peace while they strategize and create all sorts of methods aimed at African genocide etc.

    The basic apparatus that runs this country in favor of the Anglo-Jewish elite is functioning on all cylinders, and the hierarchy from high government, court, military, and police are all still in the control of the same people who constantly leak into their media a subtle message that blacks are ugly, low-life, less than human, lazy and criminal, and that we only want hand-outs. And because the populace has been dumbed down, and are insane on varying levels they will easily believe anything the elite’s media-propaganda machine illustrates! In fact even some of us are stupid and engaged enough to believe it!

    Take another look at the amount of “blacks” in prison, and the number on death rows per capita. Take a good look again at the jobless rates, the health rates, the education rates, the economic rates, etc., etc. Are people so insane and brainwashed that they don’t see patterns? Is there anything we can do about it? We can’t even unify our ranks and support our “leaders”, nor are we allowed to! Look around the African diaspora and you’ll see what kind of respect these “whites” have for us “blacks”!

    Some blacks think they’ve got it made and they aren’t doing anything to upset their little fantasy world.They aren’t doing anything to alert the nation to the gross mistreatment, demeaning abuses, and deformation of the character of blacks! But remember that the Jews of Germany were living “high-off-the-hog” before Hitler woke them up, and even then, many of them couldn’t believe they were being slaughtered even while it was happening!

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