Yvette Carnell: President Obama Says He Kept His Campaign Promises – I Disagree

4 Jan


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2 Responses to “Yvette Carnell: President Obama Says He Kept His Campaign Promises – I Disagree”

  1. WizardG January 4, 2012 at 6:14 pm #

    Let’s just call Mr. Obama exactly what he is. A Big Fat Liar! He disgusts me personally and his obvious representation of the ‘Anglo-elite’ is becoming more obnoxious than that of Bush!

    Who could think that his fake leadership and suave overseer style for the white-power structure would out perform ‘Bush the Clown’??!! He has proven that a “black” politician can hurt us worse than a “white” politician! He has proven that an African-American can still serve the white slave-masters with competence and zeal!

    The whole country is in peril because the 1% is robbing the 99% at an alarming rate. The whole world is in peril because the 1% is attacking, pillaging and draining the nations of the world in ”Black Face”!!!

  2. pmbalele January 5, 2012 at 7:56 am #

    This posting may appear at another site: “I cannot believe some of us Black leaders are unaware what President Obama is doing, has done as his accomplishments. I have been following President Obama presidency from day 1 and therefore I know what he has been doing, the hurdles he faced and is facing, the insults he got from GOP and TEA Partiers and right wing media such as FoxNews. But also I know some of us Black leaders are jealousy such a young man, not them, is the President of US and of the World – most powerful man of the world. I know quite a few such as Allen Keyes, Michael Steele and Herman Cain who falsely claimed Obama was not African-American born here. Some even called him “N” from abroad. That was a shame. But President Obama put up with all those insults. Obama did not run for WH job for money. He wanted to serve and save us as American people and the World as whole. Thank God he has a wonderful loving First Lady Michele Obama. I believe she calms him down every day. They are a team. Obama had gone through the same racial discrimination like most of us. At least he won good relationships with people of all races and creed. Whites, Blacks and other racial minorities love President Obama. Now without wasting time, let me summarize what Obama has accomplished in the last three years. He appointed first Black US Attorney General. CEOs fear this guy. CEOs know if a discrimination case comes to his desk he takes action. Some GOPers and TEA Partiers are calling AG office as Harlem. Too bad. But little people like me are now safe we have tough US AG. Obama appointed quite a few Black federal judges. We have a Black woman at United Nations and several Black ambassadors. Now if those complaining want a job, should simply apply to President Obama. Without application, President Obama won’t know all Black people wanting to serve in his administration. President Obama got “A+” on the Health care law. American people, including us Blacks should appreciate that insurers cannot deny covering pre-existing conditions – good for Sarah Palin down-syndrome child, prolonged stays in hospitals, covering your kids in college; if you lose your job, and you can keep your doctor. President Obama fought back Ryan-Care which was intended to allow doctors to let seniors die if they exhaust $5,000. Ryan is now struggling for re-election for palling with Insurance companies. President Obama is with seniors now. President Obama reduced tax for low and middle income people. I have met people saying their payroll checks are bigger than before Obama became President. That’s why Labor Unions, OWS, MoveOn and other Occupiers are supporting President Obama till Election Day. President Obama ended the war in Iraq and is phasing of that in Afghanistan. Some troops are coming home. President Obama got A+ for restructuring Wall Street. In fact today he appointed Czar to watch Wall Street and Banks. No more cheaters and corruption there. President Obama got A+ for reforming the banking system. Banks cannot hit you with fees you do not authorize. President Obama got A+ for establishing business funds to help businesses retool their businesses. President Obama used his muscles to easy loans for small businesses. Banks were sitting on their big money and are reluctant lending it out. President Obama got A+ for restructuring student loans. Loans can now be processed at colleges instead of giving bank CEOs undeserved bonuses. Now you can send your bright Black child to college and get grants and loans easily. Now we will have more black doctors, professors, engineers, nurses, lawyers, etc. President Obama is getting A+ for rejuvenating the economy. Jobless now is at 8.5%. The economy is growing and creating jobs although at slower pace. Private sector is now creating jobs again. President Obama got A+ for urging homeowners to refinance their mortgages. Banks have been complaining but he is on top of cheaters. We, as Americans, can now go overseas: India, Malaysia, China, Egypt, Libya, other African countries and be received as friends. This was not the case during Bush era. In fact does anyone know why Egypt, Libya, Syria, Morocco, Yemen and other African countries want democracy? It is because American people elected an African-American President. People of the world have seen American people, regardless of race and creed are now politically and culturally matured enough to elect anybody they like regardless of race. They elected the first African-American as President. That is why they are demanding democracy. President Obama got A+ for getting Bin Ladin, the Yemen guy and their followers. Now we can sleep better without Bin Ladin and Yemen guy nightmares. TEA Party and Republicans were jealousy President Obama getting Bin Ladin and the Yemen guy. Let me not forget one thing: President Obama is easily accessible with Black leaders. I remember NAACP leader made a call to see President Obama. NAACP CEO Mr. Jealous expected his appointment would be in a week. But President Obama agreed to meet him the same day. This had never happened with any president before. Therefore we should stop whining. Instead we should focus helping President Obama re-election and in race relations. Let’s fight TEA Party and GOP. Look at what some Black leaders are doing now. Each is creating new black organization: 1 mil Black-Men; 100 Black men; Urban League; Black World Coalition and now The NationalConversationonRace.com. These and many others weaken the impact. We have NAACP that effectively addresses and even confronts racism and other issues involving equal rights. I am paid NAACP member – so is President Obama. Membership is only $35. Can’t we black leaders simply join and work with NAACP leadership? The more Blacks split the less we are effective dealing with race issues. Republicans cannot even find a candidate to challenge President Obama. I wouldn’t vote for Romney, a Mormon and bigot who believes women belong to the kitchen as baby-factories; thinks Blacks are cursed from Cain (Adam and Eve son). I would vote for Santorum who calls us Blacks welfare free loaders. I would vote for Gingrich, an adulterer, bigot and inhuman toward his wives and children. I would not vote for Ron Paul who is sponsored by KKK groups. I would not vote for Herman Cain who thinks us Blacks are brain washed and that he is smarter than us and his wife Gloria. What jerk! I am asking people of all races to join me in effort to re-elect President Obama in November.

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