New Book Reveals that Mrs. Obama Was Frustrated with President Obama’s Team

7 Jan

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2 Responses to “New Book Reveals that Mrs. Obama Was Frustrated with President Obama’s Team”

  1. WizardG January 7, 2012 at 9:15 pm #

    Thanks to their “Anglo-Elite” handlers. The Obamas are neither friends to the “black community” nor the African Diaspora!

    African Americans “blacks” have forgotten the exact type of country this is, and the kind of people who continue to dominate and spread anti-black psychosocial “racism” ,hidden agendas, and hidden discriminatory measures on every front! Our [purposefully] watered-down “black community” is poorly educated, unwise, unenlightened, misdirected,misguided, and literally crippled, along every step in the machinations of a society many of us are unable to cope with for a myriad and multitude of reasons. Reason and measures that most of us are not, and could hardly, be privy to! We have also forgotten how easy it is for the Anglo-elite/Anglo-American status quo, to persuade those whom we recognize as part of ‘our’ community to betray us! We have recognized the “house niggers” and black-overseers of our history as fact, but most of us find it hard to recognize those same types today! Those names are no longer appropriate for these changed times, but that doesn’t mean that those same kind of blacks no longer exist! In fact they are all around us but hardly recognizable in their [decorative] newest forms. In fact they have blended into this white-dominant social structure so well, that to the most mentally handicapped, religiously numbed, and ignorant among us, they appear as heroes and great role models! While our real heroes are demonized and/or shut out of the “limelight” by the overwhelming all encompassing elite-owned propagandized media!

    Ordinarily It would be strange to me that black people (and others) cannot see these “black” culprits and traitors to the “Black Community” as they are, but I have been studying and observing the many levels and forms of insanity that has befallen our community (a community which is a carbon copy of the “white” community, in “black-face”, for lack of having our own languages, traditions, cultural norms, religions, creeds, and roots, as it were). Yes, we have assimilated into a culture and peoples which rejects us and stealthy attacks us on many fronts!

    What’s more, many of us cannot grasp, or encompass the understanding that our ancestors were captured from different nations and areas of Africa, so many in our ancestors so-called “community” were more than likely unfriendly to the other’s “tribes” before and after they were all (herded) together to serve “the white man”! Who knows what bio-psychological affects have taken toll on us now because of the forms of emotional hatred and disrespect, etc., engaged in prior to their being preyed on, attacked, raped, murdered, and captured by whites via slave traders. There is so much that we don’t understand about ourselves which has added to our inability to not only cope in this racist white-dominant, xenophobic, highly violent, and volatile community, but also unable to mentally break through centuries of brainwashing, insane religious conditioning, and miseducation if any, to honestly and lovingly cope with each other!

    Many of us cannot see the sort “catch 22” environment we live in, and we have surely lost the ability to use proper logic when reading and understanding the machinations of the constantly plotting descendants of our former captors! They are much more conniving and scheming than we can imagine, and their psychosocial misdeeds are too atrocious as usual, to comprehend or believe! This makes it just that much easier for them to introduce all sorts of retards, con artists, and thugs into our already crippled social consciousness as the only choices we are to accept as our political leaders! Most of us do not (or cannot), recognize the fact that, because the elite own the media (and everything else that is significant in this country), that they promote their thugs to us as [people] legitimately honest and caring for the common citizenry, and block out the well intentioned good people! The same way they use our taxes and resources to form economic blockades to impoverish whole nations of starving people and use our tax wealth to help bolster rogue nations they choose and profit from!

    I say this in an effort to try to jump-start the African-American mindset into realizing that Mr. Obama is NOT our friend, nor is his wife or family for that matter. They have their agenda and it doesn’t involve working to better the condition of our citizenry and it definitely doesn’t involve helping to right the multitude of wrongs committed every century against “blacks”!

  2. jermaine January 7, 2012 at 10:09 pm #

    I agree 100000000%. Theres nothing like the truth to set you free great post. Wizard G

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