Michelle Obama Tired of Being Labeled an “Angry Black Woman”

11 Jan

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2 Responses to “Michelle Obama Tired of Being Labeled an “Angry Black Woman””

  1. WizardG January 11, 2012 at 7:20 pm #

    What is wrong with “black” people? To start with. Blacks do not and will not listen (which is not exclusive to our people but hurts us most) Blacks have no concept of our true beginnings and the relation between our religious beliefs and European slavery!
    We (most of us) will not allow ourselves to understand that there isn’t a “god” and that Christianity (among other religions) is a the concoction of opportunistic Europeans based in the dark ages.
    The Western world:{Wikipedia}
    Western culture originated with Greece and Rome. Over time, their associated empires grew first to the east and south, conquering and absorbing many older great civilizations of the ancient Near East; later, they grew to the north and west to include Western Europe.

    Historians, such as Carroll Quigley (Evolution of Civilizations), contend that Western Civilization was born around 400 AD, after the total collapse of the Western Roman Empire, leaving a vacuum for new ideas to flourish that were impossible in Classical societies. In either view, between the fall of the Western Roman Empire and the Renaissance, the West experienced a period of considerable decline,[5] known as the Middle Ages, which include the Dark Ages and the Crusades.

    The knowledge of the ancient Western world was partly preserved during this period due to the survival of the Eastern Roman Empire; it was also greatly expanded by the Arab World,[6] and mostly by the concurrent ascendency of the Islamic Golden Age.[7] The Arab importation of both the Ancient and new technology from the Middle East and the Orient to Renaissance Europe represented “one of the largest technology transfers in world history.”[8][9]

    Since the Renaissance, the West evolved beyond the influence of the ancient Greeks and Romans and the Islamic world due to the Commercial,[10] Scientific,[11] and Industrial Revolutions,[12] and the expansion of the Christian peoples of Western European empires, and particularly the globe-spanning empires of the 18th and 19th centuries. Generally speaking, the current consensus would locate the West, at the very least, in the cultures and peoples of Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, the United States, Canada, and a great part of Central and South America. There is debate among some as to whether Eastern Europe is in a category of its own. The argument supporting Eastern Europe being a part of the west is that Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Romania are now a part of the European Union, which mostly comprises western countries. However, there are distinct cultural differences; the impact of Communism on these cultures in the 20th Century was great. Although geographically not located in Western Europe, Greece and Cyprus are usually considered a part of the Western World. This is partly due to political and economic reasons and partly due to western culture having Greek roots. Some people[who?] assume developed countries in Asia, such as Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, are a part of the western world, because of their strong economic, political and military ties to Western Europe, NATO or the United States. However, while there are Western influences in their cultures, they nonetheless maintain largely different and distinctive cultures, religions (although Christianity is a major religion in South Korea), languages, customs, and worldviews that are products of their own indigenous development, rather than Western influences.


  2. pmbalele January 12, 2012 at 4:13 am #

    First Lady Michelle Obama is correct the right-wing media especially FoxNews tries to paint her as angry Black woman. I have been following FoxNews since Obama announced his candidacy in 2008. Since then FoxNews started digging into his background. They found nothing bad. Then FoxNews started following Obama and his wife speeches to make case against them. This was effort to derail Obama for President. I was there at Madison Rally when she said was proud of America then. FoxNews, especially Hannity ceased on that – painting First Lady as angry Black woman. Despite painting Barack and Michelle as unqualified for the WH, McCain lost. President Obama was elected. FoxNews people mourned for two weeks on McCain loss. They could not believe an African-American was President of the US and the World. FoxNews is owned by bigots, hypocrites, liars, Blacks haters. One of FoxNews objective is to make sure Blacks and Whites hate each another. It therefore hires rejects to spread hatred. Look at people hired at FoxNews: Sanford, Morris, Karl, Megan, Rush, Varney, Sean, Bozell, Michael Forman and their friends like Rush and people at Heritage. All share the same values – love for evils. They are adulterers, corrupt, shoplifters and haters of Black. FoxNews has another purpose – have in the WH a White person who shares their evil values. Romney with multiple mistresses, as Mormon refused to release his tax returns; hates Blacks – thinks are descendants of Cain. Perry had stone with N at his house. Santorum painted Blacks as free food free loaders. Gingrich said Blacks are welfare clients. Ron Paul gets money from KKK groups. FoxNews loves such candidates and pumps them to separate Americans into Blacks and Whites. They failed in 2008, but succeeded in 2010 with their weapon, TEA Party. But they are failing this year. American people discovered TEA Party and FoxNews lied them to elect radical GOP governors. These are now abusing American workers. TEA Party is dead. GOP candidates have eliminated each other by exposing their present and past evils. People have said- No more. American people cannot have evil leaders. FoxNews people know are bankrupt after November 2012 election. Nobody, including me, will turn-on FoxNews after November elections. I watch FoxNews now to see how they are lying to American people. This gives me weapon to combat their lies. Let’s vote for President Obama family and Democrats in November.

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