Yvette Carnell: What Would the First Lady Want for Her 48th Birthday?

17 Jan


3 Responses to “Yvette Carnell: What Would the First Lady Want for Her 48th Birthday?”

  1. WizardG January 17, 2012 at 6:07 pm #

    There is truth to the saying “Ignorance is Bliss”!

    The populace has yet to recognize the facade of ‘American’ politics. Whether we are naive, ignorant, improperly informed, retarded, living in fantasy, or any number of other reasons, we have been led down a dark path of believing in whatever “whites” or the Anglo-dominant society puts out there for us to consume.

    We have assimilated with the Anglo populace even thought they refuse to accept us as a community of equals, and in fact blame us for nearly all of their problems and woes. In their world we don’t even count. You can see this in the way they leave us out in practically every media barrage of public fare. If they hadn’t finally allowed our athletes to indulge in professional sports with them, or our other entertainment fields like music, and comedy we could possibly be totally invisible to the rest of the nation (accept when it pertains to crime.)

    They have kept us down ever since they brought our ancestors here for slave/sex trade. Some of us have been so assimilated and conditioned that we believe their “God” and religious machinations were always our own, and some of us accept such non-sense regardless of the origins.

    All this to say that it really shouldn’t matter to the abused populace, what Mr. and Mrs. Obama do or say, because the political structure which is totally dominated by the Anglos is pure non-sense and structured to serve whites! The political structure is corrupt and structured to serve the Anglo-elite and the wealthy, at the expense of the populace. Which means that the Obama’s are a willing party to the blatant corruption and theft of the peoples freedoms, rights, taxes, and national resources. They are also, now a part of the wealthy elite-class! A class which generally fakes caring and sharing so as to not draw too much ire and angst about their extravagant living in the face of world poverty and starvation.

    Personally I could care less about people like the Obamas! It took me decades to understand the true nature of “our” society and I have been studying it very closely ever since. What I see is a horrible picture of pillage, lies, secrets, greed, hoarding, and a populace living in fantasy and superstitious “God” beliefs, and I can see that these negatives were introduced to the populace purposely, and it serves the Anglo-elite and their cohorts well.

    There is no waking up from these horrors because common people’s minds have been brainwashed and conditioned into this madness and they live it without the slightest willingness, and ability to find enlightenment and clarity. There is truth to the saying “Ignorance is Bliss”! The commoners caught up in this dilemma of ignorance and passivity, will forever find themselves fighting, and suffering, and dying in the attempts to be treated justly, fairly, equally, and properly as the elite and their cohorts constantly continue to lie, connive to steal our wealth and resources and abuse us on every level! While most of us will continue to live in complete denial and ignorance.

  2. pmbalele January 17, 2012 at 7:43 pm #

    As her Birth Day gift, I am promising First Lady Michelle Obama, I will vote for her husband, President Obama, on November election day. Their performance as First Couple, have made my life meaningful.

  3. ICADATRUTH January 18, 2012 at 2:18 pm #

    She would like those goofy-azz republicans (among others) to stop swinging on her bra-strap and let her husband run the country!

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